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Good day,
I'm a new member of GoodLife and enjoy the all the program offered. Unfortunately today I was disappointed with with the "Jump " Membership. I drop in to check on my son, (approx 11am) and noticed that the person in charge was alone with 7 children. 3 which were under 1 years of age. When ask the attended, she has told me that she had call for back and had not receive it. This is no fault to her, but is there not a stardard in how many children per staff member? I went to the main counter and asked for a manager, I asked the manager to come to the "Jump" area and ask how is it possible to only have one staff member watch over so many children? I had in the pass expressed my concern about the number of children per staff member. ( she had told me before that they are in need of volunteers )What is GoodLife policy? The reply from your management was that she was in a meeting with the sales staff and wasn't aware of the problem. She ended up bringing some in to help.
I do realize that this location is busy, and getting new membership might be the corporate priority.
If a paid service is provide to your members "jump" but it is not fulfilled. The Safety of our children should be the most important to your company.

Please let me know what will be done to rectify this problem.
Jenny Genty

May 04, 2017

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