Gold's Gymcrooks, liars, thiefs, corp bullies

Don't ever sign with golds gym! There are plenty of other fitness options in austin to choose from. Golds gym cares nothing about you as a person, even if youve been there for 10 years! Like I was.

They ran a promotion for $50 that came with personal training and a gym back with accessories.
I paid the $50 and did what I needed to do. I emailed my schedule and my exercise. Eating habits to get started.
I was dropped off altogether. I told the general manager, who passed me to the manager, who threw me back in with a trainer to get taken care of.
It happened again! The same way. Just left in thin air, like I was invisible. I told again, and then it happened a thirda time.
This was a 12 week program, and now 6 weeks into it, my chances are over. I tell them to cancel me, give my money back, and cancel my membership altogether because ive never been treated like such crap in my life.

They call me to collect dues two months later, saying I didn't pay. I said..See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Austin, TX I canceled my membership and where is my $50 refund?

They pushed me all over the place and still demanded I pay these two months after I canceled my membership, which they simply didnt cancel me. And they see that I haven't been in the gym for two months, since I canceled!

I've given $350 a year for over 10 years now. I would have gone another 10, maybe 20-40 years with them. Im only in my early 30's and ive been there since I was 20 years old. What does that tell you?
All that for $50?
Gold's doesnt care about you.. How ignorant of them in business to lose so much for only $50!

Corporate has treated me like some kind of scammer who doesn't like to pay. Please! 10 years, folks, 10 years! Auto pay. I've never missed a payment.
I eat lunch that costs me $50 a meal. The money isn't the problem here. It's being treated like trash. Like my time isn't worth something. Over and over again. It's disgusting. It's inhumane the way ive been treated and the frustration ive been through. Drug through this process of going nowhere, over and over again, and then to be spit on with disrespect, not acknowledging how i've been treated, and now sending me to collections before ever following up with me after we left off from a corporate call that she would do some research and get back to me.

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