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Loveland, CO, United States
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I recently was on vacation in Loveland, Colorado and we stopped in the Golden Corral off of Sculptor Dr. We ordered the buffet for all five of us. We had sodas with our dinners.

The salad bar was good, however the Prime rib and Steaks were horrible. When we asked for Medium well pieces we received medium rare or rare pieces and our meat portions of the meals were not great at all. I don't have my receipt at this moment, but for a $75 meal for 5 people I expected my meat to be cooked right and my family to be able to eat without wanting to get up and leave.

I would have spoken to a manager, however this location was super busy and I never even saw a manager come around. At every other location a manager has always checked with us during our meal. I was very disappointed and this was a our first night of our vacation in town. It was very disappointing.

I would have asked for a refund but really that doesn't change the fact that we ate a very sub par meal that was horrible. We could have bought any other dinner for that same price and it would have been better then what we ate that night.

Jun 16, 2017

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