Golden Corral / everything in this store is motivated by evil

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Golden corral franchise in Florida City Florida Exit 1 for starters the establishment has roaches, recently it was closed for a day by inspection for this filth. The employees are not allowed to have cell phones inside because management feel that the nasty unprofessional treatment would have them to take pictures and report and expose this filth. The GM Jim Feliciano cares nothing about his servers or any other employees he has working in his establishment all they care about is making their money at the door and they can care less about gratuity for the employees or even if they get tipped on the table whatsoever this is the only establishment that I have ever seen as far as having servers and the most people don't leave anything on the table how are these people supposed to survive and take care of their families. One of the kitchen managers by the name of Michelle who was also a manager previously for Walmart and was terminated for theft, is by far one of the rudest managers I have ever encountered and I have seen some things in my days on this Earth. she has no professionalism and she is a bully and whatever she goes through at home with her girlfriend is displayed when she gets to work on all of the employees sometimes even customers she has caused so many people to either get fired or walk out altogether on their job because of her actions and the unprofessional treatment that she uses and gets away with. She has even done this so much that one of the other managers Ralph who is over the front line or servers has sent her home for harassing his employees, everyone in that establishment is miserable and unhappy they smile in each others face and talk about each other behind their backs especially management. depending on the cooks in the kitchen determines if the food is going to be good or bad. The employees are overworked and underpaid and the managers are lazy they don't do anything besides count the money and make sure that the employees are on their shifts so they don't have to do anything if someone calls out or is running late. The GM manager Jim Feliciano hires cute little young teenage girls because he likes them and even if they don't pass any of the personality test he would also make the management I guess Who game something personal in return even though his wife works there and is a manager as well her name is Ellie Feliciano. Recently an employee was asked by Michelle to do something I guess that wasn't in her job description so she refused and let that manager know that's not her job so the manager asked her to leave for the day the employee also refused to leave ending her shift early and ultimately was terminated and escorted by police. and this was approximately two weeks ago. when customers get upset or scream from finding roaches near their stations or tables management gets upset and belittles that customers saying that they act like they don't have roaches at home. On holidays they up the price from their regular Sunday meal to gain more money from customers because they know it's going to be a higher volume because it's a holiday and people don't want to cook, another manager by the name of Steve comes off in your face is nice but really he's Prejudiced and does not like black people. the only people he Associates with are the ones that speak Spanish, this place is evil and motivated by the devil if you even speak of the higher power and that plays they automatically cut you off and keep it short because they do not serve God. They tell you to say do an act a certain way but they do not lead by example as managers and it is very sad how can you tell someone to do something but not sure that example of yourself and your in a higher position of them? The only person associated with this establishment that is very decent and in good standings is the boss that's over the GM which his name is Jim Brown but he overseas so many different establishments even out of state in North Carolina that is difficult for him to know when what and everything that's going on but I believe if these things were brought to his attention he would get rid of the entire management and replace them. Recently this year line and server manager Ralph and also GM Jim Feliciano were almost in a physical altercation inside the establishment during business hours with customers present and Michelle the other manager of the kitchen had to get in the middle of them and take her outside to cool down because he was overwhelmed with everything that is being put on him and not giving a chance to get days off or breaks or even vacation time. And this establishment does not give their employees breaks they go sometimes over eight hours if not more without eating anything or even allowed to grab something from the bar of this Buffet, which is against labor laws. I hope someone in a high position of authority can investigate these allegations and talk to each and every individual employee as well as management to see what comes up some of them might not be truthful because of afraid to losing their job but I'm sure the right ones would tell the truth even if it meant their jobs or being terminated. but in the event that that does not happen I'm sure God my higher power sees everything and if things does not change and his rant like an establishment should be it will be run down or even shut down sorry to say.

Mar 10, 2017

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