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GoDaddy Operating Company / bait and switch scam/ selling products that have known issues

1 Pure Paws Products USSan Antonio, TX, United States

I will apologize in advance because I am very angry with GoDaddy right now. I called and spoken to Tiffany J and spoke for close to 2 hours asking every question I needed an answer to before deciding to purchase a website with Go Daddy. My customer number is [protected], my account number is [protected].

I was told that because I needed 3 tiered pricing for my store that I would be required to buy 3 websites : pure for retail, for wholesale and for vendors.

I asked questions regarding realtime shipping as I use UPS and USPS, I was assured there would be no issues at all and that I had chosen the best company to go with.

Since that first phone call I have spoken to 13 different people regarding my purchase. From day 1 UPS shipping did not work, I was told 3 times the problem was with UPS not Go Daddy. I called my rep at UPS who came to my office with her head of tech support who found the issue to be on the Go Daddy end.

I then called again and again asking why my shipping was not wasn't until and spoke to Tommy G that I found out that this was a know issue and he assigned an incident report #[protected] telling me tech support was working on the issue and they were aware of the problem.

My annual Black Friday Sale took place at12:01am on 23rd and because the issue still had not been fixed I had to resort to guessing approx shipping costs. I was assured the techs were working 24/7 and it would be resolved asap. I was told I could use another form of shipping, but no you do not use Fedex on your websites. so what options did this leave me, USPS will not ship orders over certain weight so I as very limited to what I could do.

Today is December 10th and I'm still getting the run around. after finally admitting they didn't know if or when the issue could be resolved with the UPS coding and my 2 websites, I was offered the opportunity to redo my websites, which could now be combined into 1 instead of the 3 (which I was told originally could not be done so I had to purchase 3 separate sites), using Wordpress. and I was told all they could offer me for a month of waiting and getting no answers was to credit the money I had already spent purchasing the websites and domain names was a free year of hosting...but I would have to pay an additional $3000 and with the money I had already paid it would be $2496. to have the website built for 15 items and additional items would run me $100 per hour for the tech to add them.

I had already spent $600 having my 2 websites built plus lost almost $300 in shipping because guessing on shipping is in no way even close, although it was my only option as my sale was taking place in less than 48 hours.

The last person I spoke to was Kristy Zimmerman who told me this was the best offer I would get from Go Daddy or I could just get a refund. She stated it didn't matter how much money I lost or paid to have my websites built. I asked for her supervisor and was told she was the only one I could talk to and her boss did not take calls.

Is this how your company operates? Bait and switch, sell one thing and then say it doesn't work but for additional funds you could give me something better? My business attorney said this amounts to fraud and I should pursue this issue...I just want my website to work and give correct real time shipping, is this too much to ask? Just in case you are interested here is a list of the people I spoke to at Go Daddy trying to get a straight answer.











Jenny (supervisor)


Kristy Zimmerman (supervisor and the last person I spoke to today)

Kristy told me that I had 1 week to decide if I wanted to cancel, and she was going out of the scope by offering me this since my 30 days was up yesterday. quite generous don't you think?

Is there anyone in your company that actually cares about customer service and customer retention? if I treated my customers like I have been treated I would be out of business.

I am seriously considering if I need to take civil action or just blast your company all over social media, and since I have emails and names of everyone I spoke to I can back up the terrible service and treatment I have received from Go Daddy

I can be reached at [protected] cell number

[protected] office 10am-5pm CST Monday - Friday

I will be waiting for a response to this email for the nest 48 hours. I am truly hoping that the issue can be resolved to everyones expectations and I'm not talking about being offered a free month at the end of my contract or spending an additional $3000 to redo a product that I was originally told you didn't offer.

Valerie Polychronopoulos

Valerie Polychronopoulos

Authorized Pure Paws Distributor

[email protected]

[protected] cell

[protected] office

Dec 10, 2018

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