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Complaints & Reviews

renewing urls

To begin, I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran on a heavy drug regimine. I used your site to renew my URLs. A...

website cancelled official complaint against godaddy

my name is seema barua. My account number with Go Daddy is [protected]. I had a Birth Doula website with go daddy, website builder. It was due to expire around October 2016. I was in India on holiday at the time. I called around mid October to subscribe to a monthly package. As part of this official complaint I would like this phone call, which should have been recorded to be listened to. I clearly stated on the phone that I would like auto renewal monthly, I gave my card details and I was reassured that this was done. A few days ago I went to log into my account and add some content to my account and found that it had disappeared. I was really surprised, I then called Go daddy and was told that auto renewal was never on and that my sight is not up and I only have 30 days to restore it!!! . I understand that I have been sent emails regarding this however I have no reason at all what so ever to need to acknowledge these emails because I was told by Go Dadddy that I am on monthly auto renewal. when I called and asked how I can get my website back I was told I will need to pay a fee of £108 but that you can half that. Given that Go daddy had already told me on the phone that I was on autorenewal I do not understand why I would pay to get my site back. I am 7 months pregnant, a single mum, with a two year old, struggling to get my business up and running. Without my website I am unable to advertise myself and get clients. I work part time and am a part time stay at home mum because I cannot afford to put my daughter into childcare full time. I am emailing to ask that this be looked into urgently, that the fee for getting my website back up be completely removed. Honestly speaking I just do not have £50 to pay for my site to come back up. I have no clients as its Christmas time, no income and am financially very strained. I will not be able to come up with £50 to restore my website. I also need to advertise, please can somebody help me urgently?
Thank You

unethical behaviour

At the end of 2015 I was sold a product (search engine viability) which does not work with the online store (number [protected]). It was not until I contacted GoDaddy about the renewal that I was advised that it would not work with the online store. I was promised a call back on 2 occasions. No calls. On the 11th of December at 1615 I then called again spoke with adviser, the adviser put me through to a supervisor Chris Schreiner who talked over me when I explained the problem, supervisor was then dismissive & unhelpful. I asked to speak with someone who could something about the problems and I was told I could not speak to anyone else. He was the highest person I could speak to.
I have been sold a product that does not work, if I had not questioned the product I would have continued to have been billed for a product that is useless.
The offer made to me was to credit my account with the amount I had paid to my GoDaddy account. I should not have been sold the product so I said I wanted my money back. I was told that he would not be willing to do that.
Terrible service.


I12/08/2016 Customer #[protected]

I received a donation of a website from GoDaddy through TechSoup I didn't realize at the time that a website was all that I got and that everything else, like SEO and email, was an extra charge. The cost of email was more than I paid for website, SEO, email, and additional services through my old provider, thus negating any savings through the donated web hosting.
I purchased 3 email subscriptions because email is a necessity. Once the email was active, GoDaddy took over my Office 365 subscription and all of my online apps disappeared. When I called customer service I was told that there was nothing that could be done about it and that I could purchase the Office 365 through GoDaddy. I already have a subscription and do not want to pay for it twice. The rep interrupted me frequently and kept saying there was nothing he could do unless I purchased Office from them.
It now appears that the donated web hosting is nothing but a scam to get you to purchase (at full price) all of the services that at other hosting services are included.

unauthorized charges and selling hosting packages not required

I am writing this letter to address my horrible experience with godaddy. I had called on Nov 30th (5 day...

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godaddy sucks top to bottom

I have had GoDaddy for ten years
consistently complained about problems
no help from Customer Service
a month ago wrote the five top execs with this letter
no response whatsoever

November 1, 2016

Dear Ms. Rechterman,

I’m a Voiceover Guy—for commercials, narrations, promos for radio and TV stations.
I worked with GoDaddy ten years ago to build a website and included audio demos
of my work for prospective clients.

Over the years I’ve had people tell me they couldn't hear my demos when they clicked on them.

I’ve called several times over the years asking what could be done about it. I’ve been assured that your tech folks would fit the problem. The last call was August 10, 2015. The advisor told me he had a team that would see the problem was fixed. I assumed it was.

I’ve had a few more calls recently from prospective clients saying they couldn't hear the demos. And I am about to ask tech support for help in uploading new demos I have just completed.

So I called and spoke with some of your tech people tonight, explained the history and the problem, spent half an hour while that rep consulted with her colleagues. She said th problem was that people responding had to have the latest version of FLASH on their iPhones, iPads or computers. Ten years after building the site I hear this.

She then offered the following:

I should investigate websites which could convert my MP3s so they could be used on my GoDaddy website.

Upgrade to Version 7 because Version 6—which I’ve had—does not support MP3s.

A three month extension of my contract with GoDaddy.

Completely unacceptable to me. I paid hundreds of dollars over the years assuming I was getting complete web hosting and assuming that my demos would play for clients who went to the site and clicked on the demos page.

Who knows how many of those years have passed and how many prospective clients have
simply not considered me for their job because they couldn't hear samples of what I’ve done.

I have not gotten what I have paid for. Regardless of the number of phone calls. Or the number of your tech reps I’ve spoken with. Again, I have assumed the problem has been fixed. I’ve stuck with GoDaddy all these years.

I believe you owe me.

I believe GoDaddy should upgrade my website to Version 7 and include my demos as MP3
at no cost to me.

And I believe GoDaddy should extend my agreement for at least two years at no cost to me.

I have believed GoDaddy’s commitment to make the world better, one domain at a time. I have believed your motto to hustle, adapt, listen and repeat. GoDaddy has failed to deliver on its commitment to me.

I believe Go Daddy is better than this. And I am counting on you to make it right.

Richard Klinger

web builder

I canceled my service in 2015 and then received a bill on 12/1/15. When I received my credit card bill I called to complain and I was promised a refund. In June, after not receiving a refund for 4 months I called again. I was told that it was to late to receive a refund and denied any record of the earlier complaint. He assured me that Go Daddy would not be contacting me again as the account was closed. Guess what, on 12/1/16 I received another bill and again I have been told that nothing can be done. This person eventold me that there were no records of previous contacts. My advise is to run fast if you ever hear their name,

website builder, email and hosting


I got the services for a year and didn't intend to renew however, I get charged for renewal and up on calling I was told there is no way to get a refund.

I am pretty confident I have cancelled my services before it is due for renewal.

The interesting thing is that the website builder which is the most expensive of the tree, is what you wouldn't usually need it except the first time you build the website and even that one is setup for auto renewal without me being prompted.

I called GoDaddy and it seems like they don't even have a complaint department.

not authorized transaction from my personal bank account

Dear sirs,

I would very much appreciate a detailed information regarding illegal money transfer from my personal bank account to the account of godaddy.com.

2nd november 2016 there has been made a transfer - 101.49 eur from my personal account (Swedbank) godaddy.com account. I assure you that, this procedure happened without my permit or any initial action.

Furthermore, please note, that I did not use the services of godaddy.com, neither intended to do so when the transfer has been made.

Kind regards,
Sonata serpytiene

web hosting support

Concerning your web-hosting support team:
I would like to recommend investing in a Industrial Organizational Psychologist. Two very indecorous individuals attempted to provide support for importing a locally developed Wordpress site. Rather it be that the individuals themselves lack interpersonal skills, or the training program is not built to enforce interpersonal skills, your support has fallen short in this area. Their ability to solve issues that are not encountered often, seems to be a problem as well.(An aspect often applied in well designed training programs, commonly referred to as over-learning.) It seems that these two individuals felt the appropriate response to unfamiliarity, was to belittle and question my decisions. Frankly, I felt as if personally ability was displayed, rather than support. As a female, this is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last. I am more than happy with the functionality of Plesk Hosting, this is purely an HR issue. Thank you for your time.

everything, your customer services

Jeremy Botting
October / November 2016
Talk to two people, the latest (Keli K Bowery)

I would really like someone to take control on this and get it done, it's been over a month, and I would like to be funded for domain and costs up until this point. I have not even had a courtesy email from anyone to tell me they are working on it. If this is not fixed by close of play tomorrow I'll have to swap providers. God knows how you guys got a reward for customer service - it just seems no one is interested and people shuffle problems to someone else, who don't even communicate. Frustrating start. I would like an answer on getting reimbursed please - just not ignored.

(I am trying to validate my domain .cn, and the validation online method is broken.)

email server

I'm Harshavardhan, representing Techurate Systems Private Limited (Customer ID - 370 610 17), a Company based in Bangalore, India. None of our emails sent to Clients at foreign countries are getting delivered. There was huge opportunity lost since one of the important proposals which we sent didnt get delivered to the Client.

When tried contacting Godaddy customer support the response was " we cant do anything about it" and when the issue was escalated one gentle man Mr.Manish advised to inform all our clients to white-list our IP. It is practically impossible to call every customer (since emails are not going through) and advise them. We wanted to escalate the issue to the next level, however the gentleman on call said he will arrange a call back with in one hour and no one called us back. Today is the third consecutive day we have followed up with customer care. The response is completed unsatisfactory.

Hope you understand our critical scenario.

We request you to treat this address complaint with high priority and prevent us from any further losses.


My website builder was set on auto pay for almost 10 years. Recently, the year on my credit card changed and the autopay this month was declined. I logged onto my account, fixed the credit card info, placed the website builder product in my cart before I went to sleep. I woke up this morning to an email from godaddy that was time stamped 12:40 am, saying my product is in the cart and ready to be paid for. So I log on and go to my cart and website builder is nowhere to be found. I call godaddy c/s who informed me that along with my renewal fee I would have to pay $60 to have my website restored!! This company is HORRIBLE and they don't care about their customers. I've done business with them for almost a DECADE and this is how I am treated.

godaddy india — godaddy is fraud company

I am running a organisation, abaeen.com. we use to provide many opensource service. and name was api.ababeen.com. from last 1 month server is down. it will open, if you connected through godaddy internet network and if you connect to 3G or any network then not loading.(using ssh connection getting content.) Today by mistake i deleted my all domain/subdomain and recreated. now also same problem and my die situation is i have lost my all the date. backup folder also got deleted . CLOSED my business and dream

domain renewed without my authorisation

Good Morning,

You have renewed a domain without my authorisation (mftiling.co.uk)

I didn't receive confirmation of the renewal as I no longer use the email address associated with that domain, in fact I haven't even accessed the website for over 2 years and completely forgot about it.

The only way I knew that the domain had renewed was via payment from my paypal account of just over $30. I sent a request with GoDaddy to cancel the domain and get a refund.

I received an email on 20th October (after locating my old old email address account details) saying that I am not entitled to a refund as the domain auto renewed, well I wonder how many other customers you are ripping of due to the auto-renew feature, I guess at thousands!!!

To say that I am outraged is an understatement, surely you must know that peoples circumstances change and 5 years is a long time! maybe you should review your auto-renew policy!!

Should I not get my refund I will be taking this further until the issue is resolved as I don't see why I should have to pay for something that is no longer required, especially for the next 3 years which is what you have now charged me for.

Rest assured I'll be making sure that none of my future clients will be using your services and I'll ensure that any of my customers that are currently using your services, move at renewal and also remove the auto-renew from their accounts so that you don't rip them off as well!

I want the domain cancelling and I want my refund..I have also already logged the issue with Nominet and will continue to pursue this matter until the issue is fully resolved.

I look forward to your prompt reply.


workforce email service

Worst email service for the last 5+ months!

We are unable to send any emails from our mobile phones . . and the SMTP options regularly require changes on PC and Mac devices. Right now I have spent over 60 minutes talking to Go Daddy's Customer Support in India, person named M Mujeebuddin . . and the technical team failed to resolve the issue.

We waited for 15 minutes for Go Daddy's email servers to respond and we received the "The connection has timed out" issue on all domains held with Go Daddy.

How does Go Daddy expect its customers to use their service and continue to renew / repay for such poor experience?? Go Daddy is hurting our business as we fail to connect internally and externally with our stakeholders and clients.

Finally the customer care has asked us to check the problem with the internet service provider. WHAT?!?!?!?! IS THIS A JOKE? Unbelievable!

workforce email service
workforce email service
workforce email service
workforce email service

did not get refund

04-05-2016 Order Refund - 704437058R N/A ₨ 22, 316.78
08-05-2016 Cashout Debit - CASHOUT 1379608 N/A ₨ -9, 428.67
08-05-2016 Cashout Debit - CASHOUT 1379608 N/A ₨ -12, 888.11

I did not get any refund cheque.

Called many times on cutomer care.

Worst support.

Scamming innocent people .Everytime i call them they play tricks.
This is what they say when i call them in india
1) Please send us your address at the email
I sent them
2) again after 15 days, Please send us your address,

I sent them again.


Called usa helpline from india

3) You will get every penny of refund of Rs 22316 but this has to be from india so please call godaddy india

4 ) We will call back you in 10 min
after 7 days

5) We will call back you in 10 min

On chat
6) Did you contacted godaddy india on phone.Your refund is withdrawn so nothing pending.

I am forced to write here.

refund policy is not good. I lost $18. I need my money.

It is useless refund cheque. I cant deposit this cheque because it is in $ amount ( I meet my Bank branch Manager He awarded me about clearance process if I deposit this cheqe I will payable International cheque clearance charges around Rs.1600=00.)

I wrote following complain again and again but still I have not got any reply from Godaddy and not solving my problem so I found you and now wrote this later Please get action, or. Forward to concern department.

Godaddy (Godaddy domain name registrar)
Contact No:040-[protected]

Sub: I must need my refund amount Rs.1188=00 in Indian rupees in cheque. Or Deposit this amount in my Bank account.
I don't want deposit cheque No:[protected]/23/2016, Invoice No: IFC2016033902593)Please cancel this cheque.

Customer No:[protected]
Receipt No: 827770789R
Cheque request ID:[protected] on dated:21/03/2016, 4-16pm.
Payment information: Store credit Rs.1188=00.
Cheque No:[protected]/23/2016, Invoice No: IFC2016033902593)

Per my refund request, I got refund cheque $17.94(Seventeen Dollars and 94 cents) on dated 7/08/16, Cheque No:[protected]/23/2016, Invoice No: IFC2016033902593)by currier DTDC.

It is useless cheque. I cant deposit this cheque because it is in $ amount ( I meet my Bank branch Manager He awarded me about clearance process if I deposit this cheqe I will payable International cheque clearance charges around Rs.1600=00.

I must need my refund amount Rs.1188=00 in Indian rupees in cheque. Or you can deposit this amount in my bank Account.

I mention here my account details.

Name : Mahesh C Pardeshi
A/c No: [protected]
Bank Name: Bank of Baroda
Branch Name: Ushmanpura, (Ahmedabad, GJ, India)

Please get back or do cancel. I want to back this received cheque to you. This is my bad experience from you also you will be pay currier charges, Please Call me urgently.
I required urgent action from you otherwise I will share this experience to peoples.

Mahesh C Pardeshi
Email: [protected]@gmail.com

refund policy is not good. I lost $18. I need my money.

unlock request for domain

GoDaddy does not unlock my domain even when I provided all the details. Company suggested me to wait for 60 days. I would like to enforce that I did not changed the contact details. Please see message below.
The transfer you requested has been declined because you opted-in to a transfer lock for 60 days when you agreed to the GoDaddy Change of Registrant policy.

For security reasons, when you change the registrant's first name, last name, or organization name, you consent to a 60 day lock on transferring the domain name. Because you have provided your consent, Section 3(6) of the ICANN Policy on Transfer of Registration between Registrars permits us to decline your transfer request.

godaddy.com services

We have purchased email services from godaddy.com, but now we have incurred so much loss because of their services. we are not able to submit our bid and proposal on time. due to which we have got 1200000 INR in four days.

so how going to take responsibility for this.. i need my loss to be paid by godaddy.com .

Deepak Sharma

  • De
    Deepak Sharma Sep 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    godaddy is fraud company .. they Just make money without serving their customers. Even their incompetent technical team not able to resolve the issues . i have been using godaddy.com services from past 5-6 years . and year by year i am discontinuing their services.. I would suggest no one take any services from godaddy.com . batter go with other service provider. i will spread this news at all the social platform soon. My issues are still not resolved by godaddy team.
    My Customer ID 50352653
    Deepak Sharma,
    Director :- Telko Info Solutions Pvt Ltd
    and Tech Kings


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