Globe Telecomunethical behavior of customer service representative / request of internet upgrade not being attended to

1. Today january 17, 2017 I called your 181 number twice and I was passed on to a hotline customer service representative also twice. The first one, a woman, did not entertain me well and put down the phone. I do not know the woman's name since she did not introduce herself. The second was a male representative whose name is "ron". He also disconnected me. My discontinued conversations with these undisciplined personnel of globe happened today january 17, 2017 between 2:45 to 3:10 in the afternoon.
2. My wife requested for an upgrade of our internet speed the other week. The reference number was qmp17010004292. I called yesterday and learned that it was not attended to. The person I talked to yesterday gave me another reference number pqc17010009814. And today I learned that it was still unattended again. Why is this?
4. Our account number is [protected] under maribelle dimpas miraflores, my wife. We are in davao city. Our address is 586-6 quirino avenue, davao city.

I am enrique miraflores, in behalf of my wife maribelle, we are complaining with your poor service and ill mannered personnel.

We expect that this issue will be given attention by globe management..

Thank you.


Jan 16, 2017

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