Globe Telecomold broadband connection with a/c no [protected] & [protected]


Please check the msg below that i received from your end showing again so unprofessional behaviour.

"Hi, Sandeep. Your Globe Broadband account number [protected] has already been endorsed to one of our collection partners. We hope that you can settle your overdue balance of 18190.16 immediately. If this remains unpaid, we may disclose information about your account's credit standing to institutions that provide credit reports. To help you settle your balance, we've prepared several payment programs. Please contact DOS1 at [protected] to learn more. Kindly disregard this message if payment has been made. Thank you."

I already informed via trailing email dated April 7th 2017 that i have only one active account with globe details [protected].
My all previous accounts should be suspended based on the dates mentioned below in the trailing email itself. However, you are continuing charging me for the same every month which lead to the due amount of 18190.16 php and which i wont settle since that's mistake done at your end not mine.

Kindly show professionalism here and stop harassing a foreigner again and again by sending such emails and making calls.

Appreciate your cooperation here. I am also attaching the previous emails that I have sent to globe telecom on April 7th 2017. After checking with customer care executive this morning she also told me that she have a record for the transfer of my A/C no [protected] to my new mailing address which globe didn't transfer and instead give me new account [protected]. If globe didn't act on customer request then how you can charge me for my old accounts. I will assume that all previous accounts will be terminated.

Please do the needful here and wipe us this mess.

Sandeep Singh Negi

Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom

Aug 23, 2017

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