Global Winners International / $250,000.00 Scam

BEWARE!! This man called me from "Global Winners International" ph# [protected] name Mr. Cooper, claiming that because I shopped at my "favorite grocery store" which he did not know the establishment name that I shop at which is Albertsons and because I pay my bills on time and have good credit (which I don't have good credit and cannot pay my bills on time, I am a student and work as well, I knew right then and there that he was lying) I was a top 10 winner of a payout for $350, 000.00. I asked "is this for real?" because little did this man know, I had just received a different scam that came in the form of a facebook message from one of my face book friends that they had "attached" themselves to, saying I had won $200, 000.00 and for that one I was supposed to wire $850.00 for admin fees and insurance etc it was complete with a breakdown with policy and fed policy code numbers, to send to Grants, NM. I looked up the person's name I was supposed to send it to, and that person is actually a 2013 Miss Teen Navajo and is a navajo singer, and public figure who I am sure would not be part of a scam and she actually lives in Grand Canyon, AZ, not Grants, NM. (which is where I am originally from, before moving to MT, which is very strange because it is a tiny little NOTHING town. Certainly not anywhere that FB would operate from!!) This FB one has been messaging me attached to my FB friend's messenger for days now, but when I send back personal questions about her that I already know the answer to, they do not answer them. So I called her employer to speak with her here in my town. Back to this guy today, I told him of this scam and he said "oh we are not asking for no $850.00, just $150.00" and we will have your check at your door tomorrow at 2pm. Then he put me on hold, said he spoke with his boss and can have it to me today at 4pm, the sooner I wire the fee, the sooner I receive my certified cashiers check! Asked me how far away from the Walmart I was, etc...He swore on his life, his wife's life, and his 2 kids lives. I told him, he is going to HELL if he is lying and scamming people. I told him I am going to check this out online before I send anything. He asked what he could do to prove to me that the company is legit. He even so much as said that they were a franchise company of Publishers Clearing House. He told me to please check everything out online and he would call me back within the hour. As soon as I typed in the name Global International Winners, My computer exploded with all the scam information. then the guy Mr. Cooper called me back and I told him of all the info I found and he told me to go straight to the publishers clearing house website and I would see that they are a franchise company, which I did and it also "exploded with scam info on this company." He then stated that the internet is full of scams too and that that could possibly be untrue as well! Which is true, not everything on the internet is legit info, but when you find nothing legit about this company, you can pretty much bank on the fact that they are illegitimate!! Do not trust these people, if you truly won money from PCH, they would be at your door with an oversized cardboard check, balloons, cameras, etc and would never ever have you wire any money up front, which I told him, I said when you show up at my door with this check and go to the bank with me to cash it, then I will believe you! This man had to put me on hold after he told me the "delivery guys" are in my city and so I asked him what city I'm in, so while I was on hold, I'm sure he googled or FB searched me, he came back on and told me I was in MT but could not provide my city!! These people are going to rot in hell and should be struck by a lightning bolt from the Big Man up above for what they have done to our elderly and our people that work hard for their money and barely make it as it is!!Today was my once a week payday and I only have that measly part time $140.00 check and imagine if I sent it all to them today. I have 2 kids and husband and Christmas is right around the corner. This makes me so sad and disgusted with society!! I don't know how they can sleep at night!! I informed him I will be calling my uncle with the ATF and report them. He said "ok" is all he said, and I just hung up!!

Dec 02, 2016

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