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promise of $ and 2019 mercedes

I have been contacted numerous times by Mr. Nelson James who told me that I had won Millions of dollars and a 2019 Mercedes. I told him I had been scammed before and he assured me he was honest and was not a scam. He said that he was working with Homeland Security in Nevada who were in the process of checking the former scammers. He asked if I would testify against these people when they were arrested by Homeland Security. He told me I would have to pay taxes of 1% of the money I was to receive to Homeland Security. I told him I had no money and would not pay anything. I asked him to email me the name of the Agent he was working with so that I could confirm his story. He was adamant that I trust him and believe what he is telling me. I know this is a scam but wanted to get as much information as possible so that perhaps someone would apprehend these people and stop the scams.

threatening phone

Received call from hidden, unknown caller claiming I had won $350, 000 and a Mercedes. He said I would need to get a postal money order for $350, and hold it until the "guys" arrived at my home today with a cashiers check and the car. I told him was not going to give him or them any money, that he was a liar and a thief. Then he said "I'm going to come over there and kill you, m f." Then he hung up the phone.

Winners International Companycalling me to say I had entered a sweepstakes at either walmart or walgreens and won.

John Fisher called saying I had won $679, 000.00 and a 2019 Caddillac. Verified my name and address. Didn't ask for any confidential information. Gave me all kinds of info to write down. Who was coming here to my house to present me the cash was the Co. Representative Nancy Allen, and Attorney Mary Washington. For 30 minutes he went on and sounded very sincere, right up to when he said he would need me to go to Walmart or Walgreens and I would need $299 to get a registered receipt. I would need that and my picture ID to claim my prize. He had waisted over 30 minutes of my life trying to build me up into thinking I had won money, a new car, and Gas cars. When at my age I'm looking at Social Security, that's not enough to secure anything. I didn't bother fussing at him, I was too tired and disgusted. He called back. I never answered. His number was [protected]. I truly hope there's a place for scammers like him, a very Special Hot Place, you know in the afterlife.

the man said that I won 450,00 and a black mercedes benz

The first initial call was made on 7/16/2018 at 5:55 p. M and then he turned around and called right back at 6:08 p.M. Then he called 7 more times after that. He also have me the package number, the registration number, and the check number that's at the bottom of the check. How do I know that this real. I was also told that my check has my name on it that's inside the car, how do I know that to be true. I play about alot of things but my money, my time and my life is not one if them. I told him that I felt like that I was talking to the same person but he assured me that I wasn't. They are using the text now app so that way the number can't be traced. My husband entered me into a drawing and I was told that I won because of it because my name and number was chosen at random but has yet to receive anything. He lost money behind this because he himself was assured that things was going to go accordingly but they haven't. He keeps calling me to tell me that he's trying to help me but I can't tell because he's still trying to get money our of me. First he told me that I needed 600.00 to send for the shopping and handling fee but I told him that I didn't have that much money at the time. He then asked if I could 500. 00 then 300.00 I was like sir I am not a bank. I then asked him if he could take it out of the money that I supposedly supposed to be getting. His voice changed several times as well. What makes it so bad us that we even went to look at a house and picked out the appliances and furniture to go in the house. Something needs to be done about theses scanners because alotof people deserves this but can't get nothing because if it. Scammers are not people to believe real s*t.

Winners International Companypromises that I won all this money because I spend more than $10.00 at walmart and I take care all my bills on time.

02-28-18 @2:27p.
A man just called with a heavy accent and tries to speak very slowly saying that I won $950, 000.00. He gave me a phone number [protected] and a serial number to a certified cashiers check of the amount of the money that I won. While he was talking I googled up their name and read all the comments on here and the part of the federal identification number was mentioned so I used that to ask him questions that he could provide me that number so I can look up the information he told me to calm down that he's just doing his job, I explained that every company has a EIN (employment identification number) my company has one as well as every other company I know of so if he could just provide me with it in 10 seconds then I will continue to carry a conversation he got upset again telling me to calm down. I just laughed and said now you got 7 seconds he told me he can't provide me with it cause he doesn't know it so I told him that when you do find that number let me know and I hung up. I'm pretty sure I won't be hearing back from them!! Thanks for the info on the FEIN it was very helpful.

beware!!! scammers!!!

My husband and I both received calls to our cell phones this past friday 6/2/2017 informing us that we had won $850, 000.00 and a 2017 mercedes benz. The calls came from these numbers : [protected] and [protected] two different men, one claiming to be a stephen miller. Instructions to receive our sweepstake prizes were to go to our nearest walmart and send $399.00 to a walmart in birmingham, al to a christina corcoran. They would call us back within an hour and meet us at our home with our "check" and the car. Of course, we knew this was a scam, so we called our local police department where we were informed that this was out of their jurisdiction, that it was definitely a scam operation and not to wire any money to anyone or meet them and give them money. We then notified our local walmart that they were using them as part of a scam operation. The scammers called us a total of 15 times the rest of the day, and of course I did not answer. Then on the following monday, they tried it again, this time changing their names, we informed them that we had contacted the police and our local walmart. The idiot still insisted they were a legit operation, located in jamaica, new york!!! The numbers are listed for kingston, jamaica. So... People be warned! This is a scam!

won prize from publishers clearing house

Received call at 6:36 am pacific daylight time (PDT) on my personal cell from [protected], caller ID showed the call as coming from Jamaica. When I called back from a land line a man who stated his name was David Johnson started to tell me I had won a prize from Publishers Clearing House. I asked him who the President of the his company was and he said John Grant. He then started to tell I need to go buy a gift care and then provide the information to him so they could release my prize to me.

I told him that this was the 7th time in the last 2 years I've contact about this scam and that I was now going to start legal action against him, John Grant and Winners International, he hang up (needless to say).

  • An
    Anne Becker Jun 07, 2017

    I got a call from first a Bobby Turner jamica no. 876 503 9622, then a John davis no.876 857 4349 both tell me I won 2.5 million and a Mercedes Benz, fell for it at first but then I googled it up and Bobby Turner 's name came up for a simular scam having people send money to theDominican reputable, then yesterday Bobby Turner call on a whole new no.805 706 8169. John davis stared calling me at 7.30 this morning, they also somehow got my home phone number i'very had to disconnect my home line and keep my cell off.

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Global Winners International$250,000.00 Scam

BEWARE!! This man called me from "Global Winners International" ph# [protected] name Mr. Cooper, claiming that because I shopped at my "favorite grocery store" which he did not know the establishment name that I shop at which is Albertsons and because I pay my bills on time and have good credit (which I don't have good credit and cannot pay my bills on time, I am a student and work as well, I knew right then and there that he was lying) I was a top 10 winner of a payout for $350, 000.00. I asked "is this for real?" because little did this man know, I had just received a different scam that came in the form of a facebook message from one of my face book friends that they had "attached" themselves to, saying I had won $200, 000.00 and for that one I was supposed to wire $850.00 for admin fees and insurance etc it was complete with a breakdown with policy and fed policy code numbers, to send to Grants, NM. I looked up the person's name I was supposed to send it to, and that person is actually a 2013 Miss Teen Navajo and is a navajo singer, and public figure who I am sure would not be part of a scam and she actually lives in Grand Canyon, AZ, not Grants, NM. (which is where I am originally from, before moving to MT, which is very strange because it is a tiny little NOTHING town. Certainly not anywhere that FB would operate from!!) This FB one has been messaging me attached to my FB friend's messenger for days now, but when I send back personal questions about her that I already know the answer to, they do not answer them. So I called her employer to speak with her here in my town. Back to this guy today, I told him of this scam and he said "oh we are not asking for no $850.00, just $150.00" and we will have your check at your door tomorrow at 2pm. Then he put me on hold, said he spoke with his boss and can have it to me today at 4pm, the sooner I wire the fee, the sooner I receive my certified cashiers check! Asked me how far away from the Walmart I was, etc...He swore on his life, his wife's life, and his 2 kids lives. I told him, he is going to HELL if he is lying and scamming people. I told him I am going to check this out online before I send anything. He asked what he could do to prove to me that the company is legit. He even so much as said that they were a franchise company of Publishers Clearing House. He told me to please check everything out online and he would call me back within the hour. As soon as I typed in the name Global International Winners, My computer exploded with all the scam information. then the guy Mr. Cooper called me back and I told him of all the info I found and he told me to go straight to the publishers clearing house website and I would see that they are a franchise company, which I did and it also "exploded with scam info on this company." He then stated that the internet is full of scams too and that that could possibly be untrue as well! Which is true, not everything on the internet is legit info, but when you find nothing legit about this company, you can pretty much bank on the fact that they are illegitimate!! Do not trust these people, if you truly won money from PCH, they would be at your door with an oversized cardboard check, balloons, cameras, etc and would never ever have you wire any money up front, which I told him, I said when you show up at my door with this check and go to the bank with me to cash it, then I will believe you! This man had to put me on hold after he told me the "delivery guys" are in my city and so I asked him what city I'm in, so while I was on hold, I'm sure he googled or FB searched me, he came back on and told me I was in MT but could not provide my city!! These people are going to rot in hell and should be struck by a lightning bolt from the Big Man up above for what they have done to our elderly and our people that work hard for their money and barely make it as it is!!Today was my once a week payday and I only have that measly part time $140.00 check and imagine if I sent it all to them today. I have 2 kids and husband and Christmas is right around the corner. This makes me so sad and disgusted with society!! I don't know how they can sleep at night!! I informed him I will be calling my uncle with the ATF and report them. He said "ok" is all he said, and I just hung up!!

winners international sweepstakesHaving to buy a $3oo american eagle stamp in order to collect my millions $

A Mr. Cobb Stone called [protected] stating I had won several millions dollars, a new Mercedes Benz and a large sum of cash money but needed to purchase a $300 American Eagle Stamp to seal the deal! He gave me the name and number of an official that would verify it: Jeff White at [protected]. This is another untraceable Jamaican phone number. He claims this is all coming from Winners International Sweepstakes. When I looked this up on the computer it showed up a major scam operation. Is there anything I can do to help shut them down? Also I am getting calls from a Mr. Washington :[protected] and a Mr. Cooper Jackson [protected]. Then of course there is Larry Ziggler at: [protected] or Tom Waltamer : [protected]. I hope this helps.


Nr. James Carter calling me telling me that I won $17.5M and to do all the same things they are telling everyone else, wire $25, 500 to them. Interesting how they say that you have won the money from a company called Mega Million they say it's a Donald Trump company. What is hysterical is that they show winners holding Mega Million Lottery winnings! They need to be caught. The number they are calling from is a Jacksonville number although I am sure they are using a computer to scramble where the call comes from. [protected]

  • Jo
    joycea Apr 27, 2016

    On 26 Apr 16 I received a call from Michael Anderson (foreign accent) stating that I had won five million dollars from Mega Million. I had to go to either Bank of America or Chase Bank and purchase a "declaration stamp" for $650 maid out to Danielle Panebianco (Queens, NY). On 27 Apr he called and said I was to go to a Wal-Mart and purchase Government Stamp ($650). I later got a call from Michael Benjamin (Badge #USA 704), phone numbers (423) 289-4278 and (876) 846-0878 (cell) who said he was from Winners International. Benjamin was meeting with David Inwood (accountant) of Washington, MI who was handling the transactions. Now Benjamin said that I was to receive $750, 000 plus $25, 000 in addition to seven million. All the winnings were to be delivered to my home the next morning between 8 and 9 a.m. But I had to pay the $650 before they could proceed. When I told the firs caller that I was going to the police he got agitated, asking if I did not trust him. Oh, I was also told that I had won a 2016 white Mercedez Benz. I did not send any money.

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Winners International and audit commissionsTelephone scam

I received a private call from a man calling himself George Freeman, informing me that his call was not a joke or scam, I had officially won $2, 700, 000 and a new 2015 Jeep. I was surprised to say the least. I assured Me. Freeman that I would absolutely not be sending him a cent to claim my prizes. He asked me some strange questions, my age I declined to answer, my marital status and if I wanted my prize made public. When I asked for the name of his company and told him I would immediately check it out with the better business bureau. He told me that he would have to get further instructions from his manager as to the shipping instructions. He did not call back. Be careful Seniors, DONOT SEND ONE CENT to these crooks. They are targeting Seniors. It sounds wonderful as they describe the money and cars, but remember, it's just a pipe dream.

asking to have money wired

I received a call from a man with an African accent initially referring to himself as "Charlie Beckford" who claimed he was from a company from Long Beach, CA (he gave me the professional address of 111 Collies Drive, LB CA) and that I had supposedly won $85, 000 dollars because basically "I am a great citizen and pay my electric bill." LOL He then preceded to say that all I would need to do is wire him $278. through Money gram, and that my check would be delivered to me today by their deliveryman. I did not have a good gut feeling about this whole thing, and he then proceeded to try and sweet talk me, lol. I then became a bit angry because when I did some investigating about this so called "company" I had found that there were others who were taken advantage of. So, I gave the man some course words for the people in which he essentially stole from, in which he replied FU. Very professional indeed. Just a heads up guys! Love & Light <3

Winners Merchants International LPTheir offer and check were fakes

I received the email from the company Winners Merchants International LP. They informed me that I was selected randomly, and they offered to participate in their program. I received the check for sum of $4, 000. When I tried to take money from this check, it turned out that the check was fake. I was a little bit shocked, but decided to reach the rep. But his phone was switched off. Please, help me to solve this crap.


About a year ago I was contacted by a mr. John fernandez saying I had won 2.5 million and car. Yeah I was stupid and listened to him. He was very very convincining so yep him and a kemar rhodes in st marys jamaica got me for 4, 500. I supposeoflly talked with the pres of this company ad was told that my 4, 500 would be refunded to me and that mr. Fernandez would be fired right away I hope this is true. If these men contact you hang up mr. Fernandez has to be the best con I have ever ran across. Again winners international in los vegas

phone scam

Received phone call from a Mark Ashley from "Winners International" that I won a large amount of $$$ (I was unable to understand what was being said… the person mumbled; background noise). The number Mark wanted me to call back is [protected]. Sounds like a "SCAM" to me…. I recommend everyone to give "Winners International" the respect you would give a "rattlesnake"!!!

  • Ma
    Marja Lawrence Jan 13, 2014

    My call was from Robert Goodman and the first call came from the number 876-381-9852 and I had to call 866-996-5997 to enter my package code then I had call him back ASAP and tell him what they said when I enter the package code. They called my cell phone at that!!!

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American Winners InternationalLottery Winner

I'm writing a complaint for the first time. I've been harrassed for the last several hours by a company calling themselves American Winners International. They called and told me that I won the first place prize. A $5 million dollar cash prize and a 2013 Mercedes Benz. They even asked me to pick the 'color' of my new car. Several men called me, but the most persistent was 'Jackson'. He said that he is a Christian. This is not a scam. He told me that I'm a rich woman now, to keep my winnings private, because I was so lucky. Like others reporting this fraud, they gave me a password and told me to go to Walgreens for a Green Dot Money Pack Scratch Card. When I asked how my name was entered into the drawing? They responded that I pay my bills on time and I recently shopped at WalMart. Finally they said that I must get my Scratch Pack (it would cost me $250.00) so that they could drop off the car/my winnings. I told them that I wasn't interested, but the calls kept coming. I'm very glad for this site. I checked this website and saw similar scams with other people. I told Jackson I would not pay for a card, without seeing my car. He turned from very friendly (calling me sweetheart) to extremely angry. He called me a skeptic. I reminded him that the reviews of American Winners International, are reporting fraudulent behavior. Until I get my car, I don't get the money pack from Walgreen's. The call ended abruptly. He called me a f'ing idiot. Please folks, be careful here.

Winners International Corporation18.5M if I pay $5,000 up front

I was contacted by Dave Paskey and told I had won 18.5M
The email he sent me started with:
It continued as follows:
international sweepstakes. Along with Reader’s Digest, the UPS delivery service, Federal Express, Cit.
Financial, Money Gram, Western Union, Wal-mart, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and other fine sponsors, have
come together to help us celebrate our 10 year anniversary by having our monthly cash & cars
giveaways. We are happy to inform you that you have emerged a winner under the First Category, which
Is part of our International promotional draw. The draw was held on the 25th of June 2013 and results
were officially announced 31th of July Participants were selected through a computer ballot system
drawn from 15, 000, 000 names of individuals from America, Canada, and Europe, as part of our
International Promotions Program. Your file has been transferred to our West Indies department for
processing by your brokerage lawyer. Your funds are deposited in Cit. Financial Bank and we have
attached the personnel manager (Mr. Dave Paskey [protected]) as the company manager liaison he
will personally handle your file to ensure all processing, licensing, taxes, documentation signing and
state lottery commission approval are taken care of. If question arise please feel free to contact him
immediately for he is control of your file.
I checked the number and it is a cell phone in Kingston, Jamaica
Then they unveiled the catch:
Now in order for you to claim your prize you have a 1% surcharge for your processing, insurance, local taxes,
stamp of approval & delivery charges.
Processing fee $ 999.99 Pending
Insurance fee $ 999.99 Pending
State to state tax $ 1000.00 Pending
Stamp of Approval $ 1000.00 pending
Delivery Charge $1000 .23 pending
Total charges due $5000 .23 Due


As previously reported here this company purports to have a $2.5 million prize they wish to deliver to you. All you have to do is buy a Money Pak card, which is a loadable cash card, load $75 into the card, and then provide them with the code number of the card. When I went to the store to look at this card the instructions say that the company that issues the card is not responsible if lost or stolen, or for losses due to fraudulent prize or sweepstakes promotions. They warn that the card should be treated as cash and to secure it as such. I asked the store clerk how this card works and they pointed out to me that it would normally be used to load cash into a prepaid Visa card, called a Green Dot card, that then could be used for purchases or money transfers, just like a normal Visa card. So providing this company with the card code allows them to take the money out and you would never see it or them again. Don't fall for this scam. BTW there is no police department that will assist in catching these guys if you should be a victim. I tried to set up a sting but my local PD wouldn't touch it.

  • No
    Not Gonna B. Scammed Aug 08, 2012

    we also just got off the phone with our local police district and they said that there really isn't much they can do to stop it. we offered to set up our delivery guy and they just don't have time to deal with it. our caller's name is Mr. Paul, same story except all they want is $150! his number is 876 584 1957 and he said if we called him back to set up the delivery (of $8.5 million, cash, in a Brink's truck!), they might answer the phone as Old Navy. Huh? I got a call on my other line and had him hold on. when I came back he asked, angrily, "who was that on the other line?" I explained I am taking many phone calls and cannot get to Walgreens until tomorrow. he threw a fit. I feel like setting him up just to make his lackey look foolish.

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avoid dealing with this ppl

I was told by a Michael Turner at [protected], 64 Ramond, St Louis, MO 63130 that I was a $2.5million winner in the recent Publishers Clearing House and that I needed to arrange a charge of $375 on a credit card for cost of handling and then come up with $500 to send them to a Annrell Benson by Western Union this morning. I haven't sent the $500 yet but may be out $375. I am trying to catch at least one of these scammers.

  • Ak
    akalaura Oct 23, 2012

    Watch out! These people are very charming up front and gently lure you into this scam
    At 10:30 PM the home phone rang, I stupidly looked at the number and saw it was from Nevada. I thought I better take this as we have friends that live in Nevada. His name was Charles Harper--must watch Two and A Half Men, and I had won third prize in the amount of $750, 000!!! He told me to take down this number 888609285. He would be coming from Las Vegas the next day to deliver the money at 2:30 PM. Ok, I thought, I will play along and see how far this would go. He had not yet asked for money so I knew there was more to the game.
    The next morning Charles called again to remind me of the terms of the prize- upon delivery of $750.000 of cash, in a wrapped package, he would need the claim number he gave me, my drivers license and a utility bill. That almost made sense.
    Later he called to tell me he had landed at the airport and was on his way to the State Auditor to discuss my prize money. By this time I had already gone to the Internet to research this company. Winners International from Las Vegas. I had already done the research on the company but I wanted to see how long it would take before he would tell me to get a money card. Let me tell you he was persistent!
    An hour later he called to say the 'Auditor' determined I had to pay $999.00 in order to get the prize money but Charles quickly told me that that money would be refunded.
    He went on to give me instructions to get a Green Dot money card from CVS or Walgreens, load it with $999 and then then call him back with the tracking number for the 'auditor". He reminded me once I received my prize, this money would be refunded to me the next day through a bank to bank transfer. Hmmm I asked" What bank are you using?
    He replied "Bank of America."
    I questioned "' Then I would have to give you my bank account numbers? '"
    "No they will be able to transfer without it." ( really- that bank is magical!)
    Then he told me if I did not want to use the transfer of funds it could be mailed to me but it would be much easier for me if I would do the bank transfer. I told him I would prefer the mail. He went on to say, "We can not deliver your prize until you get the card loaded with $999 and call us with the tracking number for our auditor. I finally told him I did not have the money to put on the card. He had to speak to his manager ... Upon returning to the phone "Charles" told me that his manager said I only had to put $300 on the card. I told him I was not interested and hung up.
    He called back and acted quite offended that I had hung up on him. I told him again I did not have the money unless I borrowed it, so I was not going be able to collect the prize.Then the fun started, he became angry and told me how I had inconvenienced him and I was not living up to my end of the deal. ( Funny how he did not tell me up front about the Green Card, that needed to loaded with $ so he could give the tracking number to the "auditor"... before he could deliver the prize.) I again told him I did not have the money.. He suggested I quickly go borrow the money as it was almost time to deliver the prize. Funny the prize was supposed to be delivered at 2:30, he slipped and said it 3:12 now. ( guess we are not in the same time zone! ) Finally, my son got on the phone, played along and then proceeded to tell 'Charles what a horrible person he was for spending his days scamming other people- well that is the G version of the conversation!!!

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  • Pe
    Peter Preiswerk Aug 05, 2014

    Got phone calls for the last two weeks, sometimes two or three per day, some as early as 7:45 am. The person usually mumbled his name such that I could not get the whole of it, but they left me several times a phone number to call back: 702-420-3460 (Las Vegas). 876-875-3469 (Kingston, Jamaica), 206-376-5317 (Seattle). All callers had either an accent or sounded like having a speech impairment. They insisted that I had won a car and $5, 000, 000, sometimes they mentioned Publishers Clearing House; but they never came to the point of asking for money. I told them that our phone number is a no-call number and that I had reported them to the FCC. Nothing has stopped them, so far.

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  • Ke
    kevin231 Dec 05, 2014

    Same as others, but I only win 1.2 million. I feel like a 2nd place prize. What a rip off, and david barnes what a dumbass. Nobody should fall for a very poor contrived idea that you win even if you never played. call 480-525-4269 for a good time.!---- Mesa Az.
    Hey maybe we should call him anonymously and tell him he won .

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winners international, is an obvious phone scam

Winners International, is an obvious scam. They called me when my mom wasn’t home and asked for her. I said she wasn’t here, and the man asked where she was. I said she was at work and then he started mumbling. he told me to wright down his number. he mumbled so much that after him repeating it several times it was the only thing i heard. I said I would try to have her call him back. I told my mom about it and she wasn’t happy. The next day he called back and asked for my mom, i once again said she wasn’t home, the man yelled back “Well Where is she?” With that kind of attitude i was ready to hang up.

But then I remembered about week earlier the same guy called saying i won something. knowing it was a solicitor i said i was sorry but I wasn’t interested. he called back and was yelling at me saying why did i hang up. I told him i wasn’t interested, he asked why and i said because I’m not. I had to tell him over and over again not to call me because i wasn’t interested. Knowing it was the same guy and he would call back I said she was at work. He yelled again and said i needed to wright down his number and have her call him as soon as she got back.

I still had the number and just told relayed it back to him. He yelled again saying to have her call him back as SOON as she got home, I said “I’ll try”, knowing it was a scam. He tried to hang up but I asked where he was from and then he mumbled Winners International. I’ve told them to stop calling and it wouldn’t be so bad if they were nicer, but they have been calling back again ruder and ruder every time. I can tell you this, we aren’t calling back, and if they keep calling back after told to stop calling, I won’t talk as nice either.

I have had a number of calls from Winners International Payout Service saying I have won 17.5 million dollars and a car. I was concerned about this because most of the messages were hard to understand because of the accent. One even said he was in Tennessee affiliated with Bank of America, I became very suspicion when all the calls were from Jamica, from different people and these following numbers– [protected]-562-6584 and a couple of others I did not keep. I have not returned any of these calls and I do not plan on it. I just need them to stop calling with false information.

These people called ME, told me I was eligible to be in Madison’s Who’s Who of professional’s. Said all I had to pay was 110.00, and my name would be included in there book. A few weeks later, I received another email from them telling me, that if I paid another 110.00, I would receive the book within 4 weeks. It has been 3 mos. and still no book. WTF????? Sorry, I am on a fixed income, and I just wanted some recognition for my 28 yrs. of service in black and white, so my son might be proud of me. Suckered again! OMG! Not only once, but TWICE!!! God Help Me! My husband is disabled and I work 1 day a week. May God have mercy on those involved in this fraud.

  • An
    Anna Pierrain Aug 07, 2014

    I also received a call today on my cell phone from a man named Mr. David Thomas from Winners International!!! He also so spoke in a heavy thick accent. He informed me I had won 9.8 million dollars and a brand New Mercedes. He kept asking me why I was not excited and did not believe him. I informed him that I had not entered any kid of sweepstakes and I did not believe him, that this did not happen. He became very rude and asked if I did not believe in miracles and I stated he need to change his tone of voice and I did believe in miracles but not this scam. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted Cash or a Certified Check, and that the US Government would want their tax money the amount of $300, 080, 000.00 thousand dollars first before they could mail me my check and could I send that to them today so they could get my check in the mail. I informed him I did not have that kind of money and he then asked could I not get a loan for it... I at this time stated NO and would like a phone number to call and speak to someone that could verify that he was with who he said and that this not a scam. The number he called from was 876-559-0517, the number he gave me to confirm was 1-876-362-4000. I hope No One falls for this and I hope they are caught this is terrible and I am sure they have scammed innocent people!!!

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Global Winners InternationalScam about Winning

12/12/11 I received a phone call from man with a heavy accent for whom English was obviously not his first language. He advised me that I had won $50, 000 as a result of a drawing of receipts for sales made at Walmart, KMart, or some other similar place. In order to claim the $50, 000, I was instructed to send $299 via Western Union to an address the caller provided. I immediately exclaimed the call was a scam and I was not going to participate. I hung up. Seconds later the same man called me back, still trying to explain it was not a scam. I again told him I wasn't interested, and I hung up. My phone rang once again a few seconds, but I didn't answer and it only rang once this time. Caller ID revealed that all three calls came from the same phone number - [protected]...and the Caller ID showed simply as JAMAICA.

obvious phone scam

Winners International, is an obvious scam. They called me when my mom wasn’t home and asked for her. I said she wasn’t here, and the man asked where she was. I said she was at work and then he started mumbling. he told me to wright down his number. he mumbled so much that after him repeating it several times it was the only thing i heard. I said I would try to have her call him back. I told my mom about it and she wasn’t happy. The next day he called back and asked for my mom, i once again said she wasn’t home, the man yelled back “Well Where is she?” With that kind of attitude i was ready to hang up.

But then I remembered about week earlier the same guy called saying i won something. knowing it was a solicitor i said i was sorry but I wasn’t interested. he called back and was yelling at me saying why did i hang up. I told him i wasn’t interested, he asked why and i said because I’m not. I had to tell him over and over again not to call me because i wasn’t interested. Knowing it was the same guy and he would call back I said she was at work. He yelled again and said i needed to wright down his number and have her call him as soon as she got back.

I still had the number and just told relayed it back to him. He yelled again saying to have her call him back as SOON as she got home, I said “I’ll try”, knowing it was a scam. He tried to hang up but I asked where he was from and then he mumbled Winners International. I’ve told them to stop calling and it wouldn’t be so bad if they were nicer, but they have been calling back again ruder and ruder every time. I can tell you this, we aren’t calling back, and if they keep calling back after told to stop calling, I won’t talk as nice either.

I have had a number of calls from Winners International Payout Service saying I have won 17.5 million dollars and a car. I was concerned about this because most of the messages were hard to understand because of the accent. One even said he was in Tennessee affiliated with Bank of America, I became very suspicion when all the calls were from Jamica, from different people and these following numbers– [protected]-562-6584 and a couple of others I did not keep. I have not returned any of these calls and I do not plan on it. I just need them to stop calling with false information.

  • Re
    reddyss Feb 17, 2012

    i agree with you, i received call from winners international and guy name steven peterson. he said i am the winner for prize money $2.5 millions and benz car. he rushed to gave all the information and asking me to pay 1700 money pak reload from walmart. i asked him couple of questions and i can't do it right away and then he started mumbeling un-understandable language. His number is 876-467-2177 scammers please informed to your friends, co-workers and loved ones too.

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won 2.5mil an mercades red

got a call 2 days in a row. First one from winners International in las Vegas Nevada. from John Peterson. I won 2.5million dollars, and a red Mercedes. wanted me to get a green dot money card put 299.00 on it or make payments and it would be delivered by ups. gave me a number and code only i would know the number comes up private. then calls back to see what i say. Now today I get another call from Raymond Nelson the number comes up Kingston Jamaica. He gives me his cell number [protected] and business number [protected]. They are from United Postal Service and also won Black Mercedes and 2.5 million. I am not falling for this. Just cause I pay my bills on time. Have no bills in my name. So don't fall for this.. an they will aggravate you to no end, they do not know what NO!!! means

  • Va
    valerie a mcintyre Feb 01, 2012

    yesterday i got a letter about this telling me I won money and keep on harassing me to put the check in my account and the check is for $4, 000 and keeps on calling my phone every miniute so dont fall for this cause I investigate it and it is a scam.

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  • Jo
    Joe from Philadelphia Feb 16, 2012

    I got the same phone call basically. they told me that they were from California. The guy said his name was Jack David with a heavy accent. Told me I won 3rd prize $1.4 Million and a Mercedes. I told him I worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that he just made the wrong phone call. I think he crapped his pants. Put your name on the Federal DO NOT CALL list at 1-888-383-1222 only takes a minute and also block the number by using *60. As soon as you see a strange number on your caller ID wait until it stops ringing then push *60 and hit send on the phone. this blocks the number from getting through.

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  • Ra
    RatSlayer Mar 10, 2012

    Got a call today from 876-381-5405. He instructed me to go to a pay phone ( do they still have those) and call to receive my 2 million bucks. Bahaha, I told him to just cut me a check and mail it to me...He hung up. Bahahaha BTW he had an India type accent.

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  • Yu
    Yulis Jun 16, 2012

    I got a call today from a Michael Anderson from Jamaica, he claims that his office is in Knoxville, Tennessee. He said that since i shopped at Walmart, my name was chosen to win 1.7 million dollars. All i had to do was got to walmart, get a green dot money card for $499. At my choice a police would come to my house along with the UPS person to present the money to me. I asked what's his supervisor's name, he said Mary Willis. He claims to be working with Winners International. I called Walmart and spoke the assistant manager, he did say that the green dot money card is real, but knew it was a SCAM right away. I give him all the info and the regional manager is looking into it. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS, IT MIGHT SOUND LEGIT BIT IT'S NOT!!!

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Winners International NetworkI will not send them any cash no matter what they say

On July242010 I called back a message that was left on my home phone from a Scott Wilson calling from US Customs regarding my package of certified CASHier check that needs to be delivered by ferdal express and US Marshals From a [protected] and they told me to call back at [protected]. When I called the [protected] I spoke to a Frank White From winners international network which is in Las Vegas Nevada that I was a first prize winner of $850, 000. He told me that I had to pay $375.00 as insurance, shipping and handling to get $850k. When I told him to take it out the check he told me I would have to send CASH by CASH gram or western union to Peter Henry at 68 Bransi ave St Catherine, Jamica WI and calle him back with receipt number to get the $850k. It is a scam from the information I read from different sites and I will not send them any CASH no matter what they say!

  • Da
    dalil Feb 05, 2012


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Global Winners InternationalSCAM

I received a phone call from this number [protected]) showing up on caller ID as a cell phone number not even a legitimate company business number. A woman with a heavy accent using improper English tried to inform me I won 2 million dollars from paying bills on line in a timely manner and for shopping at Walmart. I knew this was a scam because I do not pay bills on line and very rarely shop at Walmart. I researched the information given ( Global Winner's International and this website along with other victims complaints appeared. Thank you for posting all complaints and I do hope sharing my experience will help someone else be more wiser and aware of the scams out there.
God's Grace and Peace to All!

never recieved any money

Kept saying I won 3nillion dollars plus a car after I sent over 2184 I havent recieved anything they kinda get mad if you say you arnt going to send any more money

Winners International Networktold me I won 7.5 Million$ and a 2011 Mercedes

Was called from [protected], Named David Sayer, told me I won 7.5 million dollars and a new 2011 Mercedes. Kept talking to me, I told him I will not send money to get money...he kept talking...told me I needed to send 500.00 to cover the cost of delivery. Asked me did I have access to CVS Pharmacy, Bank of America, and Cocoa Beach or Walmart...said I was to get a gift card from 1 of these places in the amount of $5oo.oo, and send it to him...this is when I began to laugh over the phone, told him to learn how to speak english, told him he was very good at his deception, and hung up on him. He called me back 20 seconds later and told me "[censored] You"! He actually called me back to tell me that! Please, remember, I told him I was online and I was going to look up this Winners International Network online, and he said "oh, so U don't want the money..." RED FLAG!!! Please be care ful of this person. thank you, Mrs. Beverly Lacey

phone call

Received a phone call saying I had won $3.5 million. Gave me a phone # to call. She said her name was Spalding Jones and to call her at [protected]. I reported this already to [protected]

  • Bi
    Bill Flannery Jun 11, 2009

    I was contacted on my cell phone by a man named James Miller from an outfit called Winners International on 0611/09. He told me that I had just won 2.5 million dollars from a lottery and that I need- ed to write down a check number and a serial number so that when the check was delivered I could compare those numbers with the ones on check to make sure it was real. I was walking to work from the bus stop, so I didn't have a pen and paper to write anything down on and told him so. He stayed on the line with me until I got to work, all the time assuring me that this was indeed legitimate and that I had nothing to worry about. It wasn't until I got to my desk and started writing the numbers down that he gave me that he informed me that before he could send out the peaple with the check, I needed to wire $2500.00 to a "Pansy Powell" in Jamaica. I told him I did not have $2500.00 to give him. He tried to put me on a "payment plan" saying that I could send him half of the $2500 now and half later. When I suggested that I would be happy to escort anyone who showed up with a 2.5 million dollar check to my bank to verify that it was indeed authentic and NOT stolen, and that I would glady give him the $2500.00 he needed to cover the "fees" after the check was deposited
    and cleared, he responded " I can't do that, the people with the check are waiting for me to give them the reciept number of the wire transfer before they come out. He added " if you dont want the money I will just move on to the next person. Interestingly enough after I reported the incident to the FBI, I called him back on the number that he gave me - 1-876-859-3516 (different than the one he called me on) he actaully answered the phone, again identifying himself as James Miller .I Informed him not to bother me any more and that I had reported the incident to the local police and the FBI. Any one who has a simlar experience with these ### should do the same. There is a web site you can go to to register a complaint with the federal authorities. The website is
    DO NOT give these people any money it is a SCAM!!!

    - Bill-

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  • Kr
    Krystal Haynes Nov 12, 2010

    Yes., The same thing has happened to me today. Winners International has stated that i had won 1.5 million dollars and a mercedes benze but i wasn't dumb. See the thing is he didn't even know my address and my name what a shame. He also told me to wire 400.00 dollars so i can have a reciept to give to the lawyer when he gets to my house with the check. This is a complete scam and i hope and pray someone gets these Jamaican people and lock them up. The mans name is James White and his phone number is 1-876-375-8859.

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  • Me
    M. Evelyn Jul 14, 2012

    I've just received a phone call from Winners International stating I'd been chosen to win several million dollars. I said 'no thank you" and hung up. the phone rang again--same gentleman with speaking in very broken English. He asked why I had hung up since he was just trying to deliver me a very large sum of money. I asked if who he was with and how was I 'chosen" when i had not entered any contests. His name was Robert Canoile. His company gives away several millions of dollars each year to senior citizens only. Since I pay my bills on time my name was in a large draw of names as the winner. I was asked how close I lived to a Walmart (40 miles). He said he was sorry that it was so far but wanted to know how long it would take me to drive to the Walmart and get back home in order to receive the prize. It seems I was required to "purchase" a $400 scratch card at Walmart and receive a receipt that would verify that I'd purchased the receipt to be presented to him when his photo crew and himself arrived at my home to give me my prize (he confirmed my exact address without my aid in doing so). He gave me his Batch # ID 3708 that I would need in order to purchase the card at Walmart. I asked him where he was speaking from and his response was he was in a vehicle in route to our home. Then when I asked later why he could not come to our home first and proof himself he stated he was at the airport. I asked for information on how his so called prize could be verified and gave me his manager's name and phone number to call. I did not call and stated that I was not interested in his offer and to have a good day. That's when I got the call from his so called manager Mark Von who's phone # was 876-434-8482 (I did not try this number at any time). Mark also spoke in very broken English. He stated about the same as Robert Canoile. All I had to do, if I did not have the required $400 to meet the percentage of tax requirement in order to deliver the millions to our door step, I could ask a friend or family member to front me the money. As soon as we received the millions they would be paid back. I told him I would do no such thing and that we were not putting out any funds what-so-ever. When I suggested he present the millions up front and I'd then give him the required $400 he had an excuse why this couldn't happen either; a fellow employee had done so and ended up in jail for his actions. Anything I said he had an immediate answer as to why I "had" to come up with as much money as possible to meet the $400 before we would win the big prize. Mark Von said time was running out for them to be able to deliver the prize that had to be delivered today. I asked if where he was and why the rush. He stated he was with his film crew at the LA Airport and that it is required they give the prize today. I was to keep my claim ticket private and not tell anyone that I'd won such a great prize. It was at this time that I asked him if I looked up Winners International on the internet that it would confirm his agency. He said absolutely. I did not wait and kept him on the phone as I did my search. When I found the information and it indicated that he was a scammer he asked me to read what I'd found. He said that could not be so. I let him to know he could give his millions in prize funds to someone else and to please not call back; which he did and I stated in no uncertain terms he'd best not call again. I pray this write up will assist another US citizen not to be scammed by anyone.

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won $2.5m and a car from publishers clearing house and would have to come up with about $875 to have it wired to my bank

I received a call from Michael Turner of Winners International located supposedly at 64 Raymond, St. Louis, MO 63130, phone [protected]. Told I had won $2.5 Million and a car and would need to get to them $875 to cover expenses of wiring the money to my bank. As an attorney who has become a scam specialist I am intent on catching at least one scammer.

  • We
    Wendy E Jun 28, 2011

    I hope you get him/her.. please update us

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Global Winners Internationalscammers

Very friendly, and then a small request time, next time more, next time more-its a scam!There is always a story why they need more money! Continued unkept promises! all for an elusive 2.5 million! Don't believe it!The gentlemen call themselves Mr. Williams and Steve Meyers

  • Co
    complaints Board1 Jun 29, 2011

    Dear Complainant,

    We have received your complaints and queries.We have gone through your complaint and after contact with The British High Commission.The donor companies; we have understood that there is a series of LOTTERY and giving Out of CASH reward from The United Kingdom.This series of LOTTERY and sweepstakes are being conducted for the upliftment of the people in the developing and under developing countries to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. We have verified and clarified from the United Kingdom Financial institution bodies that the only legal and authorized body responsible for all forms of LOTTERY and sweepstakes being conducted in the United Kingdom is.The WPC ([email protected]), London. Any other means apart from WPC is not legal and been approved by the Great Britain Government.In this regards, we have forwarded your complaint to the Winning Processing Centre through Email.We request you to forward your complaint and queries to the WPC. Their contact details are given below. We assure you that they will assist you to know the fact of your complaint and to solve the issue. Do not contact anybody else there is a lot of fraud and only WPC and HMRC can pay the money to you if it is truth.

    Kindly contact the WPC:-([email protected])

    Admin Team

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  • Ra
    Rawrgothedinosaur May 09, 2012

    My elderly sick father received a call from A guy with this company who promised him cash, vacations, and a new car!! All he had to do was send them $500 Western Union to cover the international shipping and customs. They have probably called over 40 times in the last week and wont stop!! I finally called the phone company who was nice enough to put a trace on their number and refer me to the FCC and FBI so I turned the numbers they gave me over to them =)

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3rd place win of $395,000

May 31, 2011 I received a call around 11:30 AM that I was a 3rd place winner of $395, 000 from Publlishers Clearing House/ Winners International. The check would be delivered to my door at 1:30PM CDT. To receive this check I would have to pay Custom andRegistration Charges of $ 255.00. I said I did not have the money than he reduced it to half amount $127.50. He said I could take it from my Social Security check. I told him NO. His name was Vurchel Whiteman and he was calling from 303 Carson St, Las Vegas NV. He called from [protected]. He than asked me to verify this with the BBB. Their number is [protected] and ask for Billy Anderson.
This is the fourth call I have received in 10 days from Scam artists.

  • An
    Andy Mills Jun 08, 2011

    June 7, 2011 at 8:46 pm MST. We just recieved a phone call from a person by the name of James White. This individual asked for my wife by her first name. told her he needed to talk with her at her phone where she is located. He said to send $600.00 to Addonijah Miller, JAWI, Montego, BY at Western Unin. A package #001367 needed to be referenced. His phone number is 1-876-410-6705. While I was talking with this individual I was checking online for this information. I figured it was a scam, but I wanted to find as much information as possible. I just want to know what we can do to help prevent this from happening to naive individuals that might not have the knowledge or computer tools to find out information. Anyone have any ideas?

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Global Winners Internationalrepeated phone calls

My mother has received MANY calls from men, with strong accents, advising her she won $2, 000, 000 and all she had to do was . . . . (it kept changing). Today she needs to go to Wal-Mart, CVS, or Radio Shack and purchase something (I cannot remember the name of the packet) for $150 and get right back to John Fisher in Las Vegas [protected] and give him the code off the money packet. He would then begin processing her prize which is to be delivered to her home on Monday. When asked what proof I had that they were legit I was told ALL the conversations were recorded and that the BBB, IRS and Chamber of Commerce were all listening in. "Okay, Sweetie?" My Mom has the sense to recognize a scam and did not do anything but listen to them and ask some pretty good questions. BUT THEY WILL NOT STOP CALLING!!! I will now be making one more call to 'John Fisher' and tell him to back off, that I have reported this scam and will be calling the phone company and the police if they persist. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ba
    B.Alves Dec 27, 2011

    Thanks for sharing I was just about to go out and send a money order but something told me check this out and see what everyone is saying about this "winning"

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  • Ba
    B.Alves Dec 27, 2011

    Thanks for sharing the complaints I would have given the western union $ for registration and after reading about the scam I won't be going out to give away hard earned money to scam artists

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  • Lu
    lu-mom May 25, 2012

    I just received a call from "Tony Brown" who he said works for Wells Fargo in connection with Global Winners International in Las Vegas, Nevada. He did not say how much had been won, but I would need to get a registration form to receive the money. It turns out it was a green dot card from any Walmart or CVS in my city. The caller id showed the number to be 876-460-9996 simply from Jamaica. He gave my daughter's name, but was only too willing to say that I could get the form as he would need it before the time that she would be home. He would call back and then "two men" would come to the house to bring the winnings. I am not stupid. Oh yes the amount to be put on the green dot card was 125.00. I am deciding if I should notify Wells Fargo that their name is being used in a scam. This guy was inept and is either very dumb or very new to this game. I just hope they don't start calling a lot. By the way, I had no intention of going to Either of those stores.

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Winners International Companyscam

I was contacted by WI today by a message on my voice mail. "My Name": Sir you have won $2.7 million USD and an new Mercedes Benz automobile. To learn about how to collect your winnings you must call [protected] which is an Las Vegas number. The call came from
[protected] Jamaica. I did not follow through on this as it is obviously is a scam.
What is worrisome is that it seems a lot of information seems to have been hacked or there are illegitimate contest sites online designed to extract this information. The caller did give his name but it was muffled/mumbled. (not that it would have made any difference)
It amazes me that these people are allowed to operate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

threatening phone calls

A man with an extremely thick accent (possibly Nigerian) claiming to be from Winners International called my home in Colorado, asked for my daughter, and proceeded to indicate that a package would be delivered today containing $1.5 million. When I indicated that I knew it was a scam the man asked me if I would be home all day. I told him it was none of his business. He told me to go to the window and "look across the road and you will see a man with a high-power sniper rifle aimed at your window and things will be bad for you if you don't listen to me." The telephone number that showed up on my caller ID was [protected] and said Jamaica. (I think it was New York.) I contacted the FBI but they said that they do not investigate these things.

  • Co
    Concerned Citizen74 Oct 13, 2011

    I received calls over the past few days from several different people claiming that I won 2.5 million, a lump sum of cash and a brand new 2011 Mercedes S coupe. Well what is funny is I got caught up in this scam, but then realized that why would I pay money for something I have supposedly won. Well the calls are endless but I turned off my cell phone and plan on changing my number. These scammers need to be stopped and arrested for the crimes they are committing. Needless to say, ripping off innocent people of their money. Oh the government doesnt investigate these crimes, that's a load of BS. Well one thing is for sure I am not gonna fall for this anymore and nobody else should.

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Global Winners InternationalPhone calls

I'd just like to add that I also received repeated calls from Global Winners International telling me i'd won 2 million dollars, if only i sent them $299. even though i told them i was not going to send them any money, they keep calling claiming to be legitimate. I called the police in the town they told me to send the money to, but the police felt the scam was untraceable. Is there no relief? I worry for the aged and inferm who may actually take this seriously. What to do?

  • Si
    six30 May 13, 2011

    Tell them to send you the 2 Million dollars and just deduct the $299 from it! Kidding aside, tell them you're interested only to find out more information on them. Ask for corporate papers, where their business is registered, how it works and all the good stuff-Either they will be dumb enough to give you clues how they can be caught OR they will stop calling you.

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  • Ga
    Gary McCoy Nov 09, 2011

    I just received a similar call telling me that I just won 2 1/2 million dollars and a new mercedes from having my name drawn in a second chance drawing. All I have to do to collect my winnings is to send $250 (to cover incidental expenses in getting my money and new car to me. I'm to use Western Union and provide the 10 digit control number that Western Union will furnish me to Mark Meyers on 876-456-7792. Mark originated the call to me and was amazed that I hadn't already received the official notification that I had won the money and car. My $250 is to go to Kissiant Grange in Hanover, Jamaica, W I (with "W I" indicating whcih contest I won, meaning second chance in the Winners International drawing). I did ask for some official notice of my winning the contest, which I don't remember entering? Mark said that would be furnished as soon as he had the Western Union control number. Wednesday 11/9/11

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  • Na
    natalie959 Sep 21, 2012

    I am currently a student in a university in Canada. Today I received a call from a woman who had a strong Philippine accent and I will admit her English was not easy to understand. She told me that I am eligible to $ 300, 000 so I automatically thought that it came from the financial institution that students use a loans and funds. When I asked her about it she simply agreed that it was it, however the amount seemed way to high to be true She also said that she is working with CIBC channel and film crew would come to my house to video tape my excitement over the package containing the money. Then she started to sound too trained in a way that in every two sentences she will add "trust me please, I am a 32 years old mother, it is true" and "I have no time to waist or games to play ". Every time I would ask her a question she would repeat her "trained mode sentences ... trust me ! not playing games with you!". Then when I asked her again about the company she said she is from Global Winners International and she simply wants me to exclaim my money. And all I had to do is send her $200 through money order or Western Union to the address of her main offices in Jamaica. she failed to explain to me why I need to pay 200 for the package, so I told her to subtract 200 from my price but she failed to explain why she cant do that. all she could do is tell me how I should trust her and that it is not a game. After eleventh call she stop trying to convince me. These people need to start working instead of stealing the money from poor innocent people. How annoying it is that there are always those who try to cheat everyone and make money easy while other suffer and sweat to support themselves and their families.

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  • Go
    Gordon Wayne Apr 10, 2018

    I received a call from "Global Winners Sweepstakes" saying I had won 2.5 Million and a new car Mercedes Benz. I was to send them $825 TO COVER REGISTRATION AND MISC. CHARGES BY MONEY ORDER to someone in New Jersey then they would deliver my winning immediately.

    Gordon Crawford Utah

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My mother received a call from a Jason Baker at [protected] claiming to be from Winners International, who handles the check distribution for Reader's Digest. He told my mom to send a $100 money transfer to a lawyer named David Ramsey who was currently in Jamaica for business. I asked why an American company would need a lawyer in Jamaica and continued to grill this bag of douche until I got sick of his liews and told him to never call my mother again and slammed the phone down. BEWARE of these dirtbags.

  • Kh
    Khad Jan 26, 2015

    I now received a call from Winners International claiming my mother to be a winner of a new BMW S Class 2015. They then request for her to wire $10, 000 for shipping and handling and claim that if the car is not delivered in 7 working days, the company will reimburse her and cover all expenses. Automatically, I knew it was a scam because when I questioned James O'Connor about how she won the vehicle. He told me was from a raffle of 40, 000 people which my mother never entered. So PLEASE be wise and ignore these scammers.

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gobal winners internationalsscam

I recently received a phone call from([protected]) a Mr. Lewis Morgan in regards to a sweepstakes winning claiming that I am the winner of 500, 000 dollars and in order to receive the funds I need to send them 250 dollars in order to get may check delivered to my house by ups . He went on by saying I need to go to western union so that I could get a receipt with a conformation number that would be needed upon delivery of my certified check. He also stated that the manager of a bank in Jamaica named Patrick Robinson [protected]) is whom I would be sending the funds to . The address is Momtego Bay St.James Ja-wi . As our discussion continued he informed me to contact himself or Mr. Robinson if I have any questions .Now after going on in detail I stopped him to say I don't have that kind of money. He stated when do think you could get a hold on that 250. I stated maybe by april 30, . He stated thats when I will give you a return call. Wow! if i hadnt check the web site I would have probably been got by this scam.

ripping off the disabled

My girlfriend who has a learning disability was called several times yesterday regarding her alleged 4.5 million dollar lottery winnings. All she had to do was send Damion Webster at 7 duke st. Portland, Jamaica first $99 then because she didn't right away $199. I have been back and forth to hospitals for a terminal illness, and all she cared about was winning this money to pay for my life saving medications that I need. She was devastated to learn that not only was she not a real winner, but that they had tried to take what little she had been able to collect in donations towards this. He also claimed the team was ready to leave and would bring her check within 30 minutes once the payment was made. The cell # he gave for himself to attempt to prove it wasn't a scam is [protected] About 10 minutes later he called back to see if she had already run off to get the funds to send the money western union to them, I answered and he said it was about some college books she was interested in when I attempted to take a message for her. I called him on his BS and told him she isn't in nor is she planning on going to college. When I demanded to know what they really wanted from her he first played stupid and I could clearly hear someone whispering to him in the background, when I said I was the one controlling the bank accounts< so she had no personal access to the accounts he abruptly hung up on me. She had unsuspectingly already given my cell phone number and honestly I can't wait for these people to call us back. Preying on the disabled and severely ill is sick and twisted. they should be caught and prosecuted if not worse. This is a horrible international scam designed to prey on those in need, and they need to be stopped quickly.

sweepstakes winning claim

A heavily accented man called yesterday afternoon to inform us that we had won a $750, 000 cashiers check and a Mercedes car if we would call a Las Vegas number and provide a claim number (101BN) that he gave us. We also had to go to a local CVS or Walgreens pharmacy and purchase a $500 "green dot" card and then call back to provide serial numbers to prove that we had purchased the card. While I was on the phone with the caller today when they called back to see if I had gone to a CVS he told me that I was being recorded. I have no intention of going to a CVS.

  • Li
    Lindokuhle Mar 28, 2011

    Really Nokia has to do something working together with MTN, I received the message on the 25/03/2011 at 21:25:27 from 0734304038 reading as, Congratulation's you have R100 000 From NOKIA YEARLY PROMO. YOUR TICKECT NO N P 305 PLEASE CONTACT MR BEN ON 0735753573 FOR ACTIVATION & FOR YOUR CLAIM. So fortunately enough I didn't border to call the number as I wanted to know from Nokia or was a scam.

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Winners International/Gold Rushwinner in lottery/scam

I recieved multiple calls from the above mentioned companies saying I won 2.5 million dollars, 4.5 million dollars and a new car(mercedes benz) they scamed money and now they keep calling the following names are of the people that called me along with phone numbers FRank White [protected] or j m Kingston same number Kevin Johnson [protected] Gareth Kennedy [protected] and John Smith [protected] Cheyenne Wyoming. As of ten minutes ago Mr John Smith in Cheyenne Wyoming threatened my life and my wifes life. He threatenede to have us executed because I told him that I was not sending any money to them on green dot money pack. When you use green dot money pack you do not know who you are dealing with and no major company who deals with any type of lottery or contest uses green dot money packs and they do not charge a fee to get your money. Also I was informed to get my millions I had to have the money insured. Here is another number to watch out for Triangle Va. [protected]. Here are other numbers that J M KIngston and others have caLLED ME FROM [protected]-[protected]. Also be advised that the area code 876 is a Jamacia number.

  • Cl
    clown420 Mar 24, 2011

    ive have also recieved calls from these people. names numbers are john green, 1-202-239-0817 wash. dc. and 1-876-848-2024, john logan

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  • So
    southn_bella Jun 16, 2011

    Just recirved a call from John Anderson 876-419-1181 Gold Rush Winners International Company, said I won 2.5 million and a 2011 BMW. I am going to see how deep the rabbit hold goes, Want to report This to interpol, anyone know how to complain to someone that can do something to stop them from hurting someone else? Please advise. Paulette

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  • So
    southn_bella Jun 16, 2011

    please excuse spelling i meant "recieved" and rabbit "hole"

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