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sweepstakes winner

I received a phone call from "american winners international" claiming I was the monthly winner of a plasma tv and a $350, 000 certified check. He only wanted me to pay the $199 shipping difference via western union. And get this, 2 federal express guys and 2 us marshals would escort me to my bank to cash the check, at which point they would give me my $199 back. Ha ha ha ha. I got all the information so I could report these guys to the police, bbb and who ever else I could, which my husband is doing right now. The guy could barely speak english, very thick jamaican accent, broke up the phone number completely wrong when he gave it to me, and how convenient, it sounds an awful lot like an 800 number but it is not. 876 is a jamaican exchange. Unfortunately they are in jamaica and the us can do nothing about these guys since they are not in the united states. I hope people do not fall for this.

  • Ep
    E Pawlowski Apr 07, 2011

    I recieved a call this afternoon from Winners International out of Las Vegas and the gentleman asked to speak to my husband. He left a number 702-418-1979. My husband called them at this number early this evening and was told he had won a Sweepstake in the amount 2.7 Million and a new Mercedes. The prize was going to be delivered at 11 AM tomorrow. Then, he was told they wanted $4, 600 by credit card or wire today in order to deliver the prize tomorrow. My husband told them when they come tomorrow with the prize he would give them a check for $4, 600. The man said "have it your way" and hung up. BEWARE!! You don't pay money when you win a sweepstakes. My husband will be calling the Attorney General's office in the morning to report this.

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  • No
    Norbert Pohl Dec 23, 2011

    This matches almost exactly what I had to experience. I also got the 1876 452-4850 Jamaican phone number, lots of calls, several daily. They have learned about the MoneyPak - apparently they use this service to hide the recipient's ID.

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Jamaica Scam

cI received several phone calls from a John Bradley from Winners International Corp. saying I had won $2, 500, 000.00 in a random drawing. Sometime the phone number came up unknown or private. I normally don't answer these calls but they kept calling repeatedly so I finally answered. I was told that in order to get my check I had to send $480.00 by Western Union to someone named Marcelino Samonte in West Sacramento, California asap and I had to keep the receipt because the 10 digit number on the receipt was what I had to show the Bankers as proof of my winnings. He wanted to know how far away was a Western Union from my home and how fast I could send the money. I told him i wasn't sending the money because I was afraid of this being a Scam. I asked John Bradley to send me some paperwork as proof that I had won. He did and it all looks legitimate even with a BBB emblem on one of the papers. These conversations have taken place over 2 days [protected]. He kept calling about when I would have the Western Union receipt in my hand. When I finally told him that I was not sending the $480.00 his whole attitude changed toward me. He asked me very ugly why I wasn't sending it and I told him it was a total scam. He then started screaming at me @#$% you, you mother [email protected]#$%^. This is a total SCAM please don't get sucked in with these people.

  • Kj
    kjnldy Feb 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The phone # that popped up on my phone id was from Kingston, Jamaica. These people should be caught somehow. SCAM SCAM SCAM

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  • Ja
    Jackie33k Feb 17, 2011

    Hey there! kjnldy,
    Your absolutely right everyone needs to be aware of these scams, I had a similar situation happen to me except; I didn't receive any calls, I was emailed and I did the same thing you did, I asked for some paperwork as proof which he sent me and they look lid-git but, I was still skeptical so I asked a lawyer friend of mine to take a look at it and it turned out to be a scam, I' v also received three different letters one of them telling me that I won one million dollars, now why would they ask me to pay them so that I could receive money that I won, Why won't they send me the check and I' ll give back a nice lump sum of money. But you see they won't do that we suppose to trust them, but, they won't trust us to pay the fee they ask for, Anyhow, bottom line we have to be careful because there is a lot of SCAMMING OUT THERE, (Good Luck and God Bless)

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wanting me to send them money and then they would deliver my 5.5. m to my home.

A man called me on my home phone, saying I had won 5.5
M. He gave me names to send $300 dollars to for insurance and delivery fee for my package coming by UPS, which he was going to deliver, along with the UPS man. He said when he got the money and I got my receipt, he would call me within 2 days and bring my check. Then I would hand the receipt over to him and be reimbursed for my $300 dollars. I told him I wanted a name of the company, which he finally gave me. He insisted this was not a scam, saying the Lord would punish him if it were. I told him I didn't know him and I wasn't sending any money to anyone until I checked them out. He also wanted the name of my bank accoount, which I didn't give him. I thought it sounded too much like a scam to do anthing like he said. Also, he had called in December, so I asked him how come to hadn't called back if I had won money. He said they had been working in different states and hadn't the time.

annoyance/scam phone calls

A male caller, John Walker with Winners international sweepstakes, has repeatedly called my 87 year old grandmother telling her that she has won a $5 million dollar prize and she must send money to claim her prize. He has been asked to stop calling, police reports have been filed, and some numbers have been blocked. I have personally returned called to the numbers, the same guy answers and has been extremely vulgar with me. At one point, he told me to "go [censored] your mother." Five numbers that he has used include: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]

  • St
    stardust8 Sep 16, 2011

    Another phone # - 876-491-3951

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  • Ey
    Eyebrow Dec 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you are getting any calls from: Winners International Sweepstakes, or a check in the mail from Broadway Sweepstakes Commission, or e-mails claiming that you have won X amount of money, dont fall for it. The e-mails usually, start out with telling you their name and the terrible situation the are in such as, the lost of a very close love one, or mate, and that they have all this money that they must get out of the country, for what ever reason, and that they REALLY NEED your HELP and what they will do for you if you help them by allowing them to transfere funds from their country to yours.

    but of course, they need ALL of your personal and private info, to do this (how stupid do these people think we are)? By the way, this check from BWSC, has ALL the bells and dotted i’s, even a secruity type emblem, even the appearance of this check could fool the eyes of skilled handlers. So don’t rely on just the look of it, call the name of the bank on the check, give the bank the name the check is from such as BWSC, and the bank will confirm, if the check is legitamet or not in a hurry and in this case FRUADE!

    These people are very good at what they do, once I received what was suppose to have been a Chasier’s Check. Can you imagine? I didn’t even know, that some one could forge/fake a Cashier’s Checks. And PLEASE what ever you decide to do DO NOT DEPOSIT the CHECK in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, and if you do find someone to cash it, (like i said, that’s how real it appears), you will be legally liable for the amount of the check plus any and ALL FEES relateing from the transaction.

    It LOOKS VERY REAL! It sounds real, but don’t believe them. It’s A SCAM!

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  • Un
    United nation Jul 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello, can we do a little business on gold dust?

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constant calls, requesting money

A very' pushy, talkative woman keeps calling asking for money to release a prize of 3.5 million dollar...

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Just like so many that I read. A George Green (I'm sure he's Jamaican and that's not his real name) called to say that Fed Ex would be delivering a certified check for 3-1/2 million. I had won because I pay my credit cards and utilities on time. There would be a broker's fee of $350 for the delivery to my door. I needed to go to Western Union to send $350. I am to call him back on Monday when I'm ready to go to Western Union. He said his company was Winners International Service in Las Vegas.

money winnings

I was contacted on Oct.5th from senior citizens sweepstakes commission by phone [876] area code, by a woman with a jamaican accent. Was told i won 1.5million dollars, but first i had to call someone else in her company to verify prize code, and password. The verifiing man [same accent] gave me direction to go to western union, pay 399.00 for insurance, and delivery, i told him i didn't have it he bargained with me for 200.00 he said he would call back over weekend, to see if i came up with $$, They both told me not to tell anyone, as i might get robbed.
Today Oct. 6th I got another call, same area code [876] a man claiming i won 2.5million, and that i again needed to go to western union with 599.00, i told him i did not have that much, so he bargained for399.00
This man also had a jamaican/asian voice. he also told me not to talk to anyone, I know these are scams, because if you do win a sweepstakes a real one, you don't pay to get your money. The people who tried to scam me, names and numbers are [i dont know if their real] i doubt it, Lisa Fernandez, Tom Gibbons, John Goodman, and Fred Roseborough. The numbers are [protected], [protected], [protected]. I hope this will help anyone who reads this before they get taken, also maybe the law can catch them with this information.

contest scam

Second time contacted about winning 2.5 million dollars and a new Mercedes Benz. Only cost me $300. I knew this had to be phoney. I got name of company and Googled it and low and behold everyone has found it to be a scam. The contact was of some asiana decent that I had troubles understanding. He gave me a phone number of the company but after Googling them I don't plan on calling.
Who can we turn this over to for legal recourse or investigation?

  • Ol
    Olaray May 11, 2011

    Some asian dude called me several times today insisting i give him my home address because i won some money from winners international. i hung up and he kept calling. i picked up again and told him i was calling the police, he just went on yelling at me. He called from18764238941. AFter calling few more times and i was'nt picking my phone, he left a message that the cheque will be delivered to me any how.

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raffle/sweeptakes scam

I have been getting calls from UPS about winning a raffle or sweepstakes or by paying my bills ontime with a credit card for over 4 weeks now. They want me to pay $700.44 documentation/processing fee for my $2.5 millon check I have won. If I don't pay then they will donate the winnings to a charity or church.

They say they are with Winners Paidout International, homebased in Santa Maris, CA, and the "cell" phone number is [protected]. Yes the guy in the background said "cell phone" when I was talking with "Mary Miller". I have spoken with at least two males and two females now over the past 4-5 weeks. The calls are of poor quality and once when they called me back after the call dropped, it was from a local number not the unavailable or restricted heading. I made a police report because I had a local number. That was three weeks ago and now they are calling again.

Now they only want $150. to start the documentation so I can get my check for my winnings. I will say this group is persistant. The story line isn't consistant, the ammount to pay isn't always the same but the call back number is the same.


wanting money wire to claim winning

My 86 year old mother in law received a phone call from someone named Michael Montgomery with Winners International. He told her she won $250, 000 and a car. All she needed to do was go get a money gram for $299.00 to cover taxes and fees. Then someone would meet her to get the check and 20 min later they would be at her house with the car and money. He also claimed to be a christian and gave her a story about this being real. He really played on her emotions and her being a christian. Thankfully the place where she was to get the money gram was closed and the people who have her cellphone called to say there was suspicious calls to and from Jamaica on her account.

  • En
    Enchanted Aug 13, 2009

    received a phone call from a Donald Walker, saying he was with UPS and notifying me I won 2.5 million from Winners International in Las Vegas and he would have the money delivered to my door step once I went to Western Union and wired $150.00 to Fenardo Clark in Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies W.I. and after I wired the money I was to com home and call him with the receipt number so he could deliver my money. After reading the Web site on Scams for Winner International. I did nothing, but would like to have people like that arrested and taken out of society. I hope this can be stopped.


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  • Li
    Liria Adams Sep 01, 2009

    I am from Hays, Ks. I got a call from a man claiming that i had been selected to win 2.5 million dollars from winners international, Bank of america. Said they needed me to wire $285 to a person in St. Mary, Jamacia, WI & call them back with the reference number for the correct IRS papers to be filed. I was so very, very stupid and did this. They kept saying to keep it confidential so noone would try to steal this money from me. Wanted me to get a non-published number first thing the next day and tell no one that new number. I didnt do that. By that time I had called the police. they got a tottal of $655 out of me and my stupidity!! They continue to call everyday now for 4 days now. Yesterday they called 128 times to my phone number. I just got woke up with a phone call at 5am again from them saying the three guys that had been talking to me were in fBI custody and that i was indeed this winner. I keep hanging up on them, but they just wont quit. Please everyone, be carefull. These guys are very intelligent and know exactly what to say and just how well to convince you.

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  • Li
    Liria Adams Sep 01, 2009

    i am very, very embarrassed to say that i was stupid enough to have fallen for a scam.!! Winners International called me from Buffalo, New York suppossedly and said i was one out of two people selected from winners international/bank of America to win 2.5 million dollars just because i used my bank credit/debit card regularly to pay bills, groceries, etc. They said this all needed to be very, very confidential and to get my phone number changed to non-published and tell no one so that no one would try to steal the money from me once the news was out. said they needed $285 for IRS paperwork to be registered before they could deliver me the money via ups with two federal agents along with the check. Wanted me to send the money to a Delroy robinson in st Mary, jamacia WI and then call them back with the reference number so they could continue enroute to me. then suppossedly a fed agent called me and said they had pulled them over and they had to have special Govt. safe sticker attatched to that large sum ammount of money and that fee would be $250. wanted me to send them that $250 dollars to the same person, same location and to do it immediately or the fbi agent was going to make them turn around with the travel of that much money. Then called me back wanting that reference number. All this money was sent via money gram to delroy Robinson, St. mary, jamacia WI. Then another call was made to me with another problem and they were wnting even more money. By that time ihad called the police. They got me for $655 before I realized what i originally thought was true, i was being scammed. I was called in one day alone 128 times by these people named Peter Meyer, first caller to me to announce "my winnings", another person named john cassidy, driver of check to deliver to me, verl Wilcox, general manager, shawn Sanders, FBI agent, Donal Trunk owner, manager. All were numbers from 876 area codes, then when i wouldnt answer anymore, they changed numbers they were calling me from to unlisted numbers. they are very convincing, very good at what they had set in place to scam a person out of money. I wish there were laws that could protect us so this doesnt happen to inocent, hard working people, that follow the law to the 'T". BEWARE!!! This is a SCAM!!!

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  • Db
    D Bennett Jan 30, 2010

    I received the call today stating that I was the winner of a 2.5 million dollar prize. The caller, who had a pronounced foriegn accent, said that he was an investigator and he was the person assigned to inform me of this prize, all I had to do was wire the money via Western Union. After being suspicious about having to wire $250.00, I did further investigation and came across this website I am glad I didn't fall for this scam.

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  • Pe
    penny1963 Mar 23, 2010

    i received a call today from someone claiming to be with the UPS. I won 2.5 mill and in order to get it across state lines (that much money) I had to pay $450. The first thing I thought was scam. I told her I didnt have $450 and she persisted saying well what are you going to do to get your winnings?? I thought well dang if I won I shouldnt have to pay to get it. I hung up and she called right back and asked why I hung up?? I said because its BS I continued to talk to her because I wanted to hear more of the scam out of curiousity lol...she gave me an address where to send $ Ophelia Russell, 10 King st. Tampa Florida. yeah right!! she asked when will you be able to send it? I said im not able to...she said "I'll call you back " and hung up.

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  • Su
    superwolf Nov 23, 2010

    I have constantly called about winning five and a half million dollars . but first I must pay 250.00 dollars to cover the intrest rates before I can receive my cash . from an offshore account.this is their #8764339500 ask for mister joe carter. everyone beware.

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  • Cr
    Cranky1 Dec 17, 2010

    Just happened to me. I am to wire $1099 to a "Dwayne Barnes" at "12 White House" in Jamaica, get the conf. number from Western Union, and when they come early tomorrow morning, the will refund my $1099 plus my $750, 000 prize! I received a message and called back from a different phone to get this fantastic news. Somehow, even though they didn't know who I was, were able to confirm for me that I was a winner, that Winner's International is not a scam, and that someone broke into their computer system last year and ran a scam from their legitimate program. That's why I can't find anything but SCAM written about Winner's International. Of course I'm not sending anything, there's no $750K for me because they don't even know who I am!!! Beware. The number they called from was 876-462-7165. That's where I called to get this "real story."

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  • Le
    Lee McArthur Jan 19, 2012

    I just got a call from Mr Benny White ( he had a thick accent) with Winners international of Las Vegas, stating that I won $250, 000, All i needed to do was go to Wal-Mart or Wal-Greens and get 2 money-packs for $400.00 each. He asked me how long this would take me, that my secret password was 119, and that I should not tell anyone about this. He asked if my husband was home, and that I shouldn't tell him; just let him be surprised when he sees all that money in our checking account. He said, that a lawyer and 2 FBI agents would be escorting me to my bank to make the deposit. I was skeptical, so I just Googled Winners International and read one account after another of similar experiences by other people. I then called the police department and they told me this was a scam, not to give them any important information or any money. The man then called me back and i told him I had called the police and they said this was a scam, which changed Mr. Benny Whites tone quite a bit. He told me to F--- O-- B-tch. Oh well, it would have been so sweet to have won 250, 000! I hope no one falls for this.

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trying to scam money/account numbers

Foreign Speaking gentleman called my Mother this morning trying to convince her that she and my Father had won a very large sum of money and that they were to go to Western Union and purchase a Golden Seal Stamp and receive a reciept for it. Then on Tuesday someone else would be calling and that they will need forms of identification, such as drivers license and bank information and that two federal marshalls would be delivering this money to them. My parents are both elderly and I am genuinely worried for their safety. Where do these people get all of their nerve from to prey on innocent individuals?

  • Na
    nancy anne Oct 11, 2010

    I am going through the same thing.A guy from Jamaica is telling me I won 2.5million dollars.I didn't believe him but somehow he convinced me to send $823.00 for the legal paperwork and than $2500.00 for Identity theft protection.I know, I wasn't thinking straight.But it doesn't end there.Now he wants $20, 000 to pay the company to submit the check to me.I didn't do it.I told him I needed proof.He offered to pay my mastercard to free up my available credit so I could pay him the $20, 000.I thought it was risky, but I made the call to pay off my mastercard with their Bank of America account.Then I talked to my accountant and he told me it was a scam.So I cancelled the payment to my mastercard and told the guy I returned his money back.He wasn't happy and told me I would only get $800.00 back that I put in which was $3884.00 and the 300.00 tp get my money back.That sucks for me.I called the attorney genearl's office and they told me I have to submit everything in writing to complain.I am very fed up with this whole situation.Has anyone ever submitted the $20, 000 and received their big check?I wish I had the $20, 000 to find out.Write back under comments.Thanks, Nancy

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sweepstakes scam

Received a phone call on my cell from ann marie bradford from winners international claiming that i had won...

restricted calls on my cell phone

I have been receiving numerous phone calls on my cell phone saying I had won a monetary prize of 3.5 million dollars, all because I paid my bills on time. This has been going on for about three months. Every time they call I refuse the prize and someone else will call the next time( on a restricted phone line) Today I stayed on the phone long enough to ask questions and the gentleman was very patient giving me information. He said they represented MGM GRAND FROM LAS VEGAS. Their company name was Winners International and their phone # was [protected]. He gave me a winner i.d. #, ck #, package #, and told me all I needed was two forms of government. I.D.'s and asked what time could they deliver this check. I told him I could not tell him what time because I needed to run this by my husband- who is actually is the only one working and paying the bills not me. He said my name came up because the bills I was paying on time were under my name. I hung up with him and looked up this company(winners international) and found all these scams.I reported the phone number to Verizon- they assured me they did not give away any information- so if they are not giving away any information on how I pay my cell phone on time, who else has access to when I pay my bills?

  • Cr
    crimsontide Oct 17, 2011

    I have received the same phone calls. When he said I won alot of money I said what's it gonna cost me? He said I just had to go to walmart and get a card and put 499 on it and that's how he said it 4-9-9. Needless to say he's on my call rejection list. I'm from Harrisburg, PA, These thieves really get around!!

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jamaican scams - lottery-phone scams

Scammers from Jamaica have called my sister and stolen money from her by telling her she won 2.5 million dollars and a new Mercedes. This report is followup to the prior report to give more information: The names of the scammers and thieves are: Roy Williams [protected], Zicko Peterkin, Ren Brown, Tiffany Jackson-[protected], Ben Washington-[protected] and [protected], Edmond Azzouni of Burmingham, Alabama; Nadia Kitsonwalter of Baltimore, MD; Jovian Reid, Troy Taylor, Nigel Pottinger Ann Foster, Annmarie Foster, Omar Brown of Kingston Jamaica, Odian Rickets, Owen Reeves, Marvin Munroe, Rohan Green, John Chamberlain, Amiesh Ennis, Jermaine Gordon, Paul Mckinsey. Other phone numbers are: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]. There are others.
These are the names that they gave and I report what they said. I cannot guarantee that some are or are not aliases. They will steal your money as they told my health challenged sister that she won the 2.5 Million and a car and have not given her anything. They lie and say that they need these fees for border entry, taxes, lawyers, processing, fix a flat tire on the car they are bringing the money in on, etc... They are extremely persistant calling numerous times a day. Do not send them any monies nor give them access to your accounts. They will steal everything that you have if you let them.

  • Ir
    Irene RI Apr 15, 2014

    Omar Brown also goes by the name of John Brown - he is a big, big, scammer and associated with Winners International.

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  • De
    Denise Bolin Dec 18, 2017

    My mother who is elderly was scammed by several people all claiming to be from Multi Million International and she had won 2.5 million in their sweepstakes. She was to send money initially in order to receive her money. She sent them the money they asked for and then according to them their car broke down and they needed more money in order to fix it to bring her the money she won. She sent them more money, believing everything they told her (they were so sincere). One story after another in order to get her to send more money. In total she sent them over $5000. They were relentless, calling as much as 50 times in one day. She was even threatened by one of them when she refused to send them any more. Some of the names used were Samuel Smith from Kingston Jamaica, Robert Tuesday Kingston Jamaica 876-542-1676, Michael Lopez supposedly the Manager from Kingston Jamaica, James Anderson 876-883-9676, Dewayne Pike from Miramar, Fla. he received most of the money, Berry Godlin Aurora CO, C. Brown Easton, PA, Alexus Rowe Jamaica, West Indies, she was the one who received some of the money Western Union, the rest was cash. We now have the police involved. My mom is afraid thinking they will come after her for refusing to send them any more money. They have her address.

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jamaican scams - lottery

Over the past 2 years, scammers from Jamaica have called my sister claiming that she has won a Mercedes and 2.5 million dollars, (though that amount changes at times). They tell her that she must send them monies to pay taxes, border fees and many other things. Unfortunately, my sister has given them money and never has she received anything in return. They call from different numbers, mostly Jamaican area codes, but now have some USA numbers as well. The last one claiming to be "Winners International" in Las Vegas and Baltimore. I have the receipts to the ones that my sister sent money to. I have written letters to the Jamaican Police, and US Embassy in New York and several others. After many months, these letters have reached some of our agents in the USA from the FBI and the Dept of the Treasury. I have been working with the agents to bring these people to justice though it does not seem very promising. Yet, things are happening and some arrests have been made. I will not let up and I love to get them on the phone for hours and waste their time since they call us. These scammers just go from number to number knowing that they will get money from someone sooner or later. One even threatened me when I told him he was nothing but a thief and a parasite. He will and the others, reap what they sow. They have no mercy and will take your last dollar to support their own perversions. Do not send them money, because if you do, you will be flooded with calls from many of the scammers.

  • Ca
    carolyn wharton Aug 30, 2010

    I too have been take in for over 1 tear like a fool i have sent eunice williams moneys for stamp costomes, an any thing Mr Bill Washington can dream up. The last time he called he told me I was beening stupid. I told him I finally took some smart pills an to spend my money on a good lawyer, broke in Ill.

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  • Ca
    carolyn wharton Aug 30, 2010

    would like these people in jamica anlas vegas inprisoned. I'd really like my money back .over $10, 000.

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  • Go
    godsent 2953 Jan 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am with you on committing to do all I can to help the Feds round up as many of these scam perverts as possible. I have several bad checks sent to me from several different people involved in this scam and am implicating all of them to give as many leads as possible. Now my best friend has been threatened by them since we live next door to each other and I don't trust these people as far as I could throw them! They are ambassadors of Satan! They have been harassing me for almost a year since I sent them about $8, 000 early last year to Jamaica and they gave me a bank account (which is in my town) which I checked out for funds available before I made the payments, but they closed the account down before the payments posted and the card companies closed my accounts for the bad payments. Since then I have been "stringing" them along and threatening them to get as much information out of them as possible to try to hang them! Since seeing this post, I will be contacting the FBI and Treasury Dept. Monday to find out the agents who are working on this case to turn over my information to them! I am now taping any calls with them and even have a call recorded on my voice mail where they didn't know they had not hung up and want to get that to the FBI for translation. These people are theives and parasites and prey on those who have the least to lose. I am on Social Security Disability and they conned me out of almost a whole year's worth of money. And if they're calling you on a cell phone you are going to be charged with international long distance calls which can put you in the hole real quick when you think you're talking to Las Vegas. Get with the fraud department of your cell carrier and explain the situation to get the charges reversed. "Dr." Paul Davis has been my main contact and telling me how holy he is and how he loves me like his mother! I suppose he would have thrown his mother into a Nazi concentration camp!!
    I hate the ### and all his comrades and have told him I'll see him rot in jai begore he rots in hell!

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$850k Scam

On July242010 I called back a message that was left on my home phone from a Scott Wilson calling from US Customs regarding my package of certified cashier check that needs to be delivered by ferdal express and US Marshals From a [protected] and they told me to call back at [protected]. When I called the [protected] I spoke to a Frank White From winners international network which is in Las Vegas Nevada that I was a first prize winner of $850, 000. He told me that I had to pay $375.00 as insurance, shipping and handling to get $850k. When I told him to take it out the check he told me I would have to send money by money gram or western union to Peter Henry at 68 Bransi ave St Catherine, Jamica WI and calle him back with receipt number to get the $850k. It is a scam from the information I read from different sites and I will not send them any money no matter what they say!

  • He
    Henry W. Howze Apr 18, 2012

    I just (moments ago) received a phone call from a David Martinez, who said he was a representative of the Winners International Network and Lottery Commission advising me that my named had been drawn from a contest and that I had won 2 and 1/2 million dollars and, a 2012 Mercedes Benz SSR McClaren which would be delivered today. He provided a "batch number" as my claim number and stated, all fees associated with the prize had been paid except for an amount of $505.00 which I needed to provided to him in the form of a Green Dot Money Pack Prepaid Scratch Card purchase from CVS or Wal-mart in order to receive my prize. He said to call him back at 1-876-842-1976 when I got the card or he would call me. He said the money was for processing and a "P14 Form". He said the conversation was being monitored by the FBI and the Better Business Bureau and was legitimate. I had previously received a similar call from someone with the identical scam so I let him complete his presentation. I investigated the previous caller and confirmed it was a scam using PCH as the sponsor. I encourage anyone receiving this call to recognize it as a scam and do not fall for the false prize. These guys (and ladies) are often foreign and speak English with an African accent. I do not intend to comply with this hoax and I previously informed the FBI of the first encounter with this scam. When he calls me back, I will tell him I have contacted the FBI and provided his information to them; however, they will change their number and name before anything happens. (While I was typing this, he (David) called back and I informed him that I knew it was a scam and that the FBI had been informed) I tried to appeal to his conscience to stop his activity for God will punish him for his iniquity. Before I finished he had hung up the phone.

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scam and death threats

Winners Internaltional (Jamacian Accented Woman) called my 70+ mother of her good fortune of winning 25 million, and asked how she would like it delievered .Via bank or by cashiers check and UPS Express and 2 U.S. Marshals. She had contacted IRS already and that all she need was info. She called after I arrived and so I asked some questions Michelle Washington (woman on other end) asked why I was making this difficult. I said I see online this was a scam, She denied ofcourse .So I said I was contacting police friend, she stayed on line . She then asked to talk to my mother again and started tell my mother she was going to die, that she had a snipper on her right now and that she was ordering the kill if she didn't pay . I finally took the phone and with straight voice acted as (local) Police Officer and asked her for infiormation .She huing up then about 10 mins later called moms cell.Again I acted as if I was officer Such and Such and she would not talk just hung up . So now off to real police dept to file report as death threats so possibly get these people. Her name was Michelle Washington [protected] I called it back and got something like Selma Jenkins voice mail.

  • Ch
    Cheryl Lundgren Mar 03, 2011

    I got a call today. I was dumb and sort of believed the guy. his name was James Coleman. He then turned me over to his supervisor David McCarthy. "Financial Suthe supervisor". Wanted 350.00 for storage fees because they have been trying to get in touch with me since December. They said I won 2.5 Million dollars. I told them I was unable to pay them until the end of the month because I do not get paid until the end of the month. He told me that he could help me with that and was able to increase my Social Security check for 3 months so that it would help me pay for the 350.00 fees. He wanted my SS number. Like a stupid dumb person I gave it to him. Even though I knew that this was a scam. I even told him that in our converstion many times. In my heart I knew it was nothing and that he was just some guy messing with me I gave him that information. then after I became worried after talking to my husband about it. I thought about the SS stuff and the fact that he might be able to get into my SS and hack something and instead of increasing my SS check as he said he may take it. Then I would be in hot water. I need that money. I don't care about the so called winning of any thing. I haven't won anything in my life before this why start now. But I don[t know who to call to put a watch or lock on my SS check. Any suggestions.??
    Cheryl Lundgren

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Asking for $ to collect prize $$

Mr. Anderson at phone# [protected] calls me REPEATEDLY, leaving messages, that I've won over a million dollars in a drawing and that ALL he needs me to do is send a check for the tax money (a few hundred dollars) and then they'll send me the check for over a million dollars. Mr. Anderson speaks with some sort of island accent - bahamas or jamaica, maybe? Mr. Anderson first claimed the prize was resulting in a Publisher's Clearinghouse prize, but I called PC and they said it is a HOAX, a SCAM and they've received several complaints about this. My daughter has called Mr.Anderson & he told her he works for Winners International Network - she told him not to call me - and he calls more now - even leaving messages tell me not to tell my daughter to call him. Next stop - police.

give them $100 and they will give me my winning check of $950,000

Linda Wallmack [protected] seems to be the main contact. She says the prize package of $950.000 is ready to be delivered by Frank Miller and Betty Jones os Brinks reght after they get the $100.

they want me to use money grams and send the $100 to Aneka Williams, St. James, Jamacia W.I. She claims I sent in a coupon last meo. to New York which was the winner.

  • Ji
    Jim Gordon Jun 01, 2010

    Mr "George King" of Winners International gave my wife a call yesterday saying (phone message) she had a package to be delivered. He called again this afternoon (June 1, 2010) and initially told my wife that she had won $850, 000 and a new car and that the delivery was in progress. After I got on the line (my wife knew this was bogus and left), the offer was then changed over to me and all that I had to do was wire $250 to OK ENE St Mary, Jamaica, WI from "Walmart" or K-Mart at their Western Union station there. "George's" number was 876-407-5400 which I traced to Kingston, Jamaica.

    He wanted me to go out and send the funds and then call him back with the "receipt" so that the "delivery" could then be made.

    I didn't go, simply waited an appropriate time. He called back several times in the interim but I didn't answer because that would let him know I hadn't moved to send the funds. I answered later and explained that the Walmart people would not let me send the funds to Jamaica, and that I diodn't now have that amount ready to send anyway.

    Now the location was revised to have funds sent to Barbara Mellon at 313 Creek Drive, Apt 223, Saint Davids, PA 19087. The offer was reduced to $100 if I acted immediately. But I had no time this evening and the price went back up to $350 which I had jokingly said would be available tomorrow. OK, $250 is OK, "Ill make up the difference" was the reply. When can you do this? Don't know, probably after 11:00 AM. I got him ("George") to name "Winners International" as the source and this allowed me to look on line and respond here.

    Told "George" that his call was from Jamaica which he denied saying his cell phone was bought in New York (City). But the trace showed the cell tower in Kingston, Jamaica with Lat/Long coordinates. Said the Car was a Mercedes Benz C Class.

    Interesting scam. Pretty transparent, but it only takes a few of them to make some real money.

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tony washington

Tony Washington calls and calls after I have told him the person he is asking for does not have the number anymore and then he starts using profanity and asking my husband if he can have sex with me and he will not stop calling

  • Po
    powelllonnie May 16, 2011

    we have been receiving phone calls from winners international for 4 to 5 days now the 1st guy said his name was michael turns, then frank white, don miller, dwayne mckinzie they said my husband won 2.5 million and a 2011 bmw and he needed us to send 4, 500 to kingston jamaica so they could send his winnings to the u.s. mysterious husband told michael turns that we did not have that type of money so he (michael) said well how much can you afford so michael suggested 1, 500 my husband said no so he says well how about 200 my husband said ok and then frank white calls and says the money is on its way in a black jeep and that they were in rava oklahoma there's no such place and they are freaking liars that keep calling anyway here's the names of the others with winners international miesha lawrence, rose rhall, jermaine walcott, don miller these are the people be aware they are relentless with the phone calls and the promises of monies and prizes that you've supposedly won

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