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I reciently received a number of phone calls from men, claiming to be from a company, winners inernational. They advised me that I had won a sweepstakes lotto, and was entitled to a large sum of money. They said to keep it confidential, so that know one would try to rob me. Funny, it was them who was trying to rob me. They were very persistant, and called me for a few days, before I started screening my phone calles. If you recieve any phone calls like this, it is a scam, also check out td financial for the latest scam, which I also recieved a few days after the phone calls. They want you to wire / money gram them money, to cover, insurance, or state taxes on the supposed money that you have won. They assure you that you will recieve your money immediately after paying. Don't do it, it's a scam.


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    CHERYL Jun 05, 2009

    Thank you so much for posting. I did not know where to turn to let people know what happand to my mom today

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    LEANNA GIPSON Jun 23, 2009

    Yes, a man keeps calling me to say iv'e won 2.5 million dollars and I need to send a money-gram or western union 200.00 to a : (thelma howell at 2562 warm springs rd. chambersburg, pa. 17202) he would'nt give me a phone number on her just that she recives the money for the co. after I send the money to her, they contact her to send my check. I know this is a scam, and it makes me so mad that people can do this and get away with it! im in hopes that you can use this address on this women if she is envolved in helping these people, or maybe she isnt even a real person, who knows! please let me know if you catch these scam artists, they should be jailed without any hopes of getting out. what an awful thing to do to people! no wonder they want you to keep it confedential! again please keep me informed as to the hopes in catching them and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law! you can also go to ebay where I have my store and e-mail me at (pony's jewlery10) thnks so much!

    mrs. leanna gipson

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    krispix318 Jun 23, 2009
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    Funny enough, I just Googled the address and nothing comes up. Idiots.

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    VGSanFran Sep 11, 2009

    Total scam! They called me this morning and they had all my address info. They stated that in order to deliver the 5M I apparently won that they needed me to send them $535 via Western Union and that they were based in Las Vegas, NV. They also claim that I won based on using my VISA at a WalMart. When I asked them to provide me a FEIN number to do my due diligence, they hung up!

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  • Mr
    MrGarysun Sep 21, 2009

    They called my Grandmother just this morning and stated that she had won 5million and a brand new BMW from using her credit card at Walmart. They would have the check and car delivered to her doorstep an hour and a half later in person after a fee was paid. Since she doesn't speak English that well, she came over to my place as fast as possible so I can translate. Being skeptical, I told her "It's probably just a scam". She called him back and when I noticed his Nigerian accent, I was like "Oh hell yeah, it's a scam alright". Went by the name of Dwayne Kingstonjawi @ 1 876 371 3839, who worked for Winners International based in Las Vegas, NV. They wanted us to send $100 via Western Union. I was giving him the run around messing with him and then told him later on I was kidding and that we didn't have a Western Union, he then said I'd have to send via Walmart. I was like... "Walmart!?!? Oh hell no!" It was hilarious! He then stated he will pay for half of the fee to prove he wasn't bullsh*tting". Desparate. How dare they prey on my Grandma.

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  • Ch
    ChrisFromTexas Oct 04, 2009

    This guy is getting around. My dad got a call from Tom from Winner's International saying he won 2.5 million dollars. In order to win the money, they had to wire $599 to Matthew Miller in Plantation, FL. Fortunately, my brother was there and my dad was not. They asked my brother how long it would take him to get to a Western Union? He told them about 30 minutes and they said they were 30 minutes away with his check. He was to wire $599 to Matthew Miller in Plantation, FL. My brother called me and I told him it was a scam and have them call me. They did (called from cell phone number 876-291-1696). I told "Tom" they would not get a dime (I have power of attorney for my dad) unless they met my brother and went to the bank with him and had the bank manager confirm the check. (I was out of town). They said "how about I have have my manager call you"? I told him sure, I was sitting with a friend who was a bank manager and we would put her on the phone. I never heard back from them. They turned around and called my brother and tried to convince him that they were legitmate. He said he couldn't help them as he didn't have the money. They called my brother again the next day telling them more information, going so far as to give their personal cell phone number (876-298-3586) so my brother would believe them. I hope this detailed information helps those out there convince their elderly relatives that they are being scammed. He still doesn't believe us. As a side note, my dad set himself up for this sending in $20 to a scam artist that told him he had to send $20 to get the money. Once he sent one 20 dollar bill in, they sent at least 10 week from the same location, just different names. My dad sent the money every time he got a letter from them. I'm going to have to have my dad's mail forwarded to me and filter these things out and send cease and decist letter to each of them because my dad has about 15 envelopes locked in his truck waiting for him to get time to go to the post office and write out the checks there so no one will know. Most of my dads bills are behind now. So sad there are low lifes out there waiting to prey on people who have little or no money hoping for a miracle.

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    Too good 2b true Oct 08, 2009

    I just received a call from John Evans (876-891-5128) a rep for Winner International claiming that because I use my credit card at Walmart and Target – I’ve been selected as the 2nd Place winner of $850K (1st place is $1M and there are several winners every month - I thought to myself <Yeah Right SCAM>). I told him that your odds are better than legitimate sweepstakes such as Publishers Clearing House, the State Lottery and every televised game show in America. I told him that it was odd since I don’t have any credit cards!!! and I never shop at Target. He ignored my statements and went on to say that if I sent $275 via Western Union that I would immediately receive $850K directly delivered to my home. I went on questioning and entertaining listening to his ridiculous claims. As I continued to quiz him on scripted inquires he began to stumble, his English was broken (non American accent) and his understanding and explanation of the program (origination, tax info, owners, etc) was extremely limited. I would expect more from a organization that is awarding over $22M (1st & 2nd Place) annually. Even after I humored, laughed and expressed total disbelief of the Scam - the rep still pressed on "as if" I would send them any $ LOL

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  • Go
    gogetem Oct 22, 2009

    I've had calls from these crooks also, they phoned my home on 2 different occations, both times they claimed I won millions of $ from winners international and to keep it quiet. all I needed to do is wire $ to pay for some fed ex stamp. I sure hope these criminals get caged soon. I'm calling my phone co. to file a complaint.

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  • Bl
    blonde bomb Oct 26, 2009

    I to got a call last wednesday claiming I WON $2.5 million from Gold Rush casino in Las Vegas, NV. RIGHT! I've been to Nevada the casino's don't work that way this has now gone on for a week. A mister David Thomas, a mister Kevin Peterson on behalf of Mark Henry. I called the casino this is not the first they have heard about it. These people are operating from Jamaica. There isnnothingthe authorities can do. Seems to me some of the authorities that we have could set up some sort of sting to catch these people and stop this before people fall for this.

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  • Da
    daaa Nov 09, 2009

    i just got a called today and like i was planning to do i got his name, adress and phone number, he told me to mak the payment ASAP and here it is i'm going to post this information and whoever have contact with detectives or if you can track a phone line and send the respective authorities to put this shameless people into jail for tricking people and stealing money

    Catherine dr.
    jamaica wi
    to a guy named jerone or jerome taylor

    phone No.

    please put this people in jail once and for all.

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  • Bu
    Budyzr63 Nov 20, 2009

    I have been recieveing calls from these people for several months now and they just don't stop. i have traced the phone number to a cell company in Jamacia and i have told these people I know where they are and to stop calling me but they keep on calling anyway.So far i have 3 numbers they use and I have called them back and boy do they get rude when you call them demanding your "Money" lol

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  • On
    only1ne Nov 22, 2009

    My mother has become a victim of this winner international fraud, and I need to know where to go to report this. She was sent a live check, which did clear the bank, and she was then asking to return 1500.00 via western union. However, she used part of the 1500.00 to pay for the fee of western union.

    The personal name of contact is Mark Brown, the phone numbers are-1-778-858-5071, and 876-886-2189 in which must be Mr. Brown personal cell phone. I personally call Mr. Brown and I believe caught him off guard, he could not provide to me any license information to verify the company. He stated that we could do this the hard way, which means going public about the winnings, or the easy way according to him by keeping it between him and me. He did not either know that I was not one of the person he was attempting to draw in.

    Very thick accent and I had to ask him to repeat himself a few times. I told him I work in a USA Bank so please I identify which bank is sponsoring these check, either he could not or would not. I told him I believe strong that he is laundering money, and if he were indeed a legal representative, he would be able to provide this information. He states that he would need to call me back in the morning this information for at his office.

    I can state all day that this wrong but I need to know how to stop this and protect my mother. I will go to the local police in hopes that they are able to help us. I do not know whom else to report too.

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  • Sw
    swiftjody Nov 24, 2009

    He is still out there... my parents are elderly but are smart enough to know a scam. I called the number back and got into a pretty heated argument with this guy. 1st off when he answered the phone he said.. hello... not very professional... then a dog was barking and he claimed it was a guard dog... he had a very thick accent and told me he had to call me back when he got into the office... please be careful people>... its a scam!!!

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  • Ra
    Randall Brothers Nov 25, 2009

    I just got off the phone with a gu who says I won 5.2 million and a 2010 mercedes sl2 pearl white at that all i have to do is go to western union and wire 199.00 to jermaine Duhaney, lucea, P.O. hanover Jamaica W.I. I know its a scam please if anyone gets these kind of calls dont fall for it have a happy holiday season everyone out there and avoid scammers.

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  • Wa
    WAYINFL Dec 03, 2009

    I guess i'm a bigger fish than the rest of you, or they think I am, they told me that i'd won 8.5 mil. and only had to send 1% or 35.00 to receive my winnings by noon tomorrow, wow! I must be special, they really like me.
    this was at least the 20th time i've won this lotto, but this was by far the largest. they just keep calling, nothing deters them, i've tried.
    beware, if it's too good to be true, it isn't...

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  • Ea
    eastTN35 Dec 08, 2009

    my dad got a call from a guy wanting him to send 199 dollars from walmart western union. he was told that a check for 2.5 million was being sent to my dads house and that on the 26th of dec, a brand new mercedes was being delivered to the house. i looked this info up online and saw it was a scam and reported it to my dad. he called the guy back and told him what i found out and the guy argued with my dad saying it is legit. im afraid that my dad is convinced into trying it no matter what i tell him.

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  • Ja
    jap3 Dec 21, 2009

    100M for $135.00

    Gloria Titus, Account Manager
    Winner's International
    110 NW 40th Street

    And now the funny part:

    Nawton Oklahoma 73505. They even spelled it. When I asked if they were sure it wasn't Lawton, they hung up.

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  • Jm
    JMHSRV Dec 22, 2009

    Today at work I received a second call from a man who claimed to be from the customs department who said he was in possession of a check in the amount of $2.5 million for me. He said that I am the confirmed 2nd place winner and that he wanted to deliver my check to me. He said that I, along with everyone else who uses their credit cards/debit cards or pays their bills on time are entered in the drawing. He then confirmed my address (scary) and said that he needed 1% customs and tax fees to cover delivery. He then asked if I was married. At that point I asked why that would matter. I told him that I wasn't interested and please not call back. He persisted, so, I told him that I wanted to bridge in the police on a 3 way call so that he could again confirm my "winnings". at that point, he began cursing at me in what I believe was French and asked me if I had heard of Scarface. He said he was the person the movie was written about and that he was going to come over and murder my whole family.

    That last part was particularly disturbing, however since the person was calling from Jamaica, I think that it will be a while before they actually get to California..

    That number by the way.. 876 493 5982...

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  • Au
    Audrey MAC Jan 18, 2010

    I have also been called repeatedly about this scam. The first time they told me it was a division of Publisher's Clearing House and I was able to trace the phone number to a Jamacian cell phone company. These men have foreign accents and will argue with you on the phone that you are indeed a winner. They went so far as to use Jesus Christ as a bargaining chip. Since they have my address, I turned in a complaint to the local police department and they said were not able to do anything unless they actually did scam me. I now screen my calls and have been insulted on voice mails as well. They are harassing me weekly now and I will use th FEIN number to see if that will stop the calls. Please be careful! You never have to give anyone money to receive an award or prize!

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  • Lo
    lou-lou Jan 20, 2010

    I have been called again and again for several days by a Mr. Bobby Brown and Mark Richard and Micheal Golding telling me I have won 250, 000.00. They work for (supposedly) Winners International and Global Intern. Basically it boils down to credit cards. If I send a money order to Derrick Rose in Falmouth Trelawny, Jamaica WI of 2, 000 by Western Union and 2, 000 by Money Gram then give them the numbers on the #'s on my reciept so they can confirm I sent it then they will immediately send me my 250, 000.00 which should arrive tomorrow. I finally told him I knew it was a fraud and he argued with me saying he could prove with bank routing numbers and such. Phone #'s are 876-584-5627and 876-364-1336. Can anyone stop these guys? It is so annoying. They called once before in the fall but this time I played along so I could get info and waste their time. How did they get my name and # anyway? And why keep calling someone after they called your bluff?

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  • Ru
    Ruths157 Jan 22, 2010

    This is a crime in progress and the authorities should be ashamed of themselves for letting these people get away with this for so long. How many people have to be scammed before they do something about it. I believe if they knuckle down and catch these frauds it will deter others. I received a call from the same people who have been defrauding people for months if not years. They also told me to run to western union and send $299 to Kingston10 Jamaica WI to Lionel Campbell his number is 876-376-9242 and 876-478-1061. I knew it was a scam from the word hello. I have had my share of being scammed but now I am older and wiser. Please NEVER send money via western union, money gram or anything of the sort. The reason they choose this form of payment is because it is not traceable once it is picked up. All they have to do is show a fake ID and even though there are video cameras in these places they won't do anything because you sent money to them voluntarily and the right person picked it up. My bank wil never send money via western union or the sorts because of so much fraud.


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  • An
    Angel Jordan Jan 30, 2010

    They are on my phone right now with my Husband. Apparently he won $18, 000, a trip for 2 anywhere and a new 2010 Mercedes that will be delivered tomorrow. He won all this for paying his bills on time, filling out a coupon and using a credit or debit card. Funny thing is he doesnt have a credit or debit card and we never filled in any coupon. Thanks for the post, I wish we could report this to someone to have them shut down. Ugh!

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  • Bj
    B Jacobs Feb 02, 2010

    I just received a phone call from a Bill Robinson saying that I had won a 56" Plasma TV which would be delivered today.

    He said that I had won a sweepstakes. I immediately responded "I'm not interested, thank you" and hung up.

    I didn't wait to hear any more.

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  • So
    SonOfScam Feb 19, 2010

    STEREOTYICAL SCAM! WHY DO PEOPLE FALL FOR THIS? My elderly father was the latest victim. Poor guy was so happy at the prospect of winning $2.5 million, a week in Jamaica, and a car in the color of his choice (he chose charcoal grey!). I had to be the one to dash his dreams. He was smart and called me so I was there this morning when MR. JOHN GREEN (yes, he had some sort of African accent) called back to make sure Dad wired $995 to MR. ROGER HENNESSEY (their accountant) at 1402 S.W. 63rd Street, Lawton, OK 73501 (to insure the safety of the check en route from Santa Barbara). The caller was with WINNER'S INTERNATIONAL located at 323 Garden St, Las Vegas, Nevada. "Where would he have won this raffle?" I asked. "Probably at a Walmart, " he replied. "My father doesn't shop at Walmart. "Listen! Listen! The IRS has already taken 40% of the check. You just need insure the prize." If you ship it FedEx insurance doesn't cost $995. "We aren't working with FedEx, we're working with a AAA service and UPS." He said he was in Santa Barbara at the moment awarding the 1st prize. That prize winner was also skeptical until he saw them. Then he was so happy. MR. JOHN GREEN'S cell phone number is 1-876-872-5878. "Call me back and if someone other than Mr. John Green picks up then you will know this is not true." For security purposes he could not reveal the number of WINNER'S INTERNATIONAL 'tho I did get an address. When I asked later for the phone number he said, "I don't have the number with me." I asked where he is in Santa Barbara at the moment. "Uh, I am at uh, 16 Skyline Drive. Do you know Skyline Drive?" "No, but I do know Santa Barbara." He said he was getting a call from his supervisor after so much arguing on my part and put me on hold. When he came back he said his supervisor said they have lots of winners and he just needs to know once and for all if we're interested. "We're not interested. But thank you." He finally gave up. I tried to get as much info as I could. Where does one report phone fraud???!!!

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  • Je
    jennin Feb 20, 2010

    They just call my daughter in law say she won 5m. dont do it it. s a scam

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  • Je
    jennin Feb 20, 2010

    Why they have to used my country number. why they do not used there home number;and stop used these number
    876584 5267
    4781061 bet if you call these number none of these number works. you teefing african stop give jamaica bad name.

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  • Je
    jennin Feb 20, 2010

    Go to africa and eat some monkey you piece of #.

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  • Je
    jennin Feb 20, 2010

    Tell them to come for the money. and have the police waiting for them at the door

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  • El
    elmo123 Feb 20, 2010

    well you people must have been ripped off for sure but if you entered nothing you should not believe that you have a chance of winning a sweepstakes. i've known quite a few persons who were scammed who did not submit any type of coupons or request. if you are entering a sweepstake make sure that it is ligit first and that you understand how you may win and how to claim it after you win.

    i'm a gambler and i won 2.5 million dollars in a sweepstake already but i was scammed also out of over $1300 and in the end i still had to pay some kind of release fee of $969 in order to claim my prize. i won it from a Winners International as a 3rd place prize and i am as happy as can be right now.
    just use your discretion where calls are concerened. don't be ridiculous. how did you win?

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Weddle Mar 03, 2010

    I received three phone calls from 1-876-422-4518, mark green). he stated I had won a 2010 mercedes and $250, 000. I told him I would not give any personnel information over the phone. he stated he did not want any bank information. curiously, when he called again, he sais I only had to pay 1% of the shipping and he would call me later. two hrs. later, he called and wanted to know what time tomorrow I would be home so we could have pictures taken for publicity. he would catch a flight tonight. he stated I was to western union $299 dollars to sion hall, 10 main st. white jamaica, wi no zipcode. he also stated this I would have to ave id ready to claim the prize. I asked him how he got my name and # and he said every time I swipe my credit card, they get my name and it goes into a pool of names and mine was drawn for the prize. he gave me an adress of goldrush co. hard rock cafe 4455 paradise rd. las vegasnv with zip code 89109. after researching the zipcode was wrong, it is 89109. this is a scam don't fall for it!

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  • So
    SonOfScam Mar 07, 2010

    More than 2 weeks later, my elderly father's winners international scammer, mr. john green, is still calling. he's reduced the "insurance" from $995 to $70. shame on them.

    I've learned that the (876) area code is for jamaica. these 876 numbers are often phone scams — high charges when you call.

    Phone fraud can be reported with the ftc:

    You can also file a complaint with your state's attorney general's office.

    Remind the elderly people you love to be extra careful when they receive phone calls. "we don't do business on the phone. (click)" is a good policy.

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  • Wi
    William949060 Mar 20, 2010

    Ihave been studying Winners for several months. All calls to me lead to scams. I have followed the process to its conclusion in order to see how they work, what they do, how they scam folks all of which will be used in a book I'm writing about scams of various sorts to hopefully warn the elderly about how these people scam us. Anyone with experience with these ###, please write to me of what happened to you. I would love to include your experience in my book. The more information we can provide to potential victims the safer they will be, AND eventually we will collect enough data to put some of these psychpaths away. any help will be greatly appreciated.

    william evans md
    [email protected]


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  • Pu
    Puzziferro Apr 08, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I have been ignoring calls from (1876) 285-0435 til today. a man by the name of david brown claims that I won 2 million dollars + a brand new 2010 mercedes. all I need to do is go to the nearest western union and forward $151 as insurance + registration fee. this fee is to be send to bobbi buckley 2104 raceway trl, dayton, ohio 45432. once I forward this fee then I would have to call david brown back + provide the receipt info from western union. he or associates will then hop on a plane + land at the nearest airport near me + delivery the certified check of 2 million along with security + ups crew. after david brown got done feeding me all this bs. I thought just for fun I should go along as if he is believable by asking a billion questions.
    Q) how did you come about drawing me as a winner?
    A) we get numbers from cellular phone companies

    Q) I have never entered any kind of sweepstakes or anything of that nature. so how did this come about?
    A) we get numbers from cellular phone companies

    Q) what is your name and the company you work for?
    A) david brown from gold rush

    Q) what is gold rush?
    A) we work with many other companies like winner international + publisher sweepstakes

    Q) forgive me for questioning but there are a lot of scams going on due to the recession. how can you prove to me that this
    is legit?
    A) after you forward the fee of $151 you can call me back at (1876) 285-0435 or (209) 451-5217 and I will personally
    pick up and proceed.

    Q) how can I know for sure after forwarding payment + suddenly the phone number you just gave me can be a false
    number or disconnected?
    A) you can hang up now and call me right back to ensure that its my number

    Q) thats not good enough for me. also you said your name is david brown. why do you have a south asian hindu or
    west indies accent
    A) completely ignored the question. then went on by saying... I have no reason to lie. I am a good person. I am a
    christian. so I need you to forward payment today in order for you to get the check tomorrow.

    At this point I decided to end the conversation. I told him that its too late in the day for me to get to a western union. he insisted that I do this the next day so I can live my life as a millionaire. after hanging up I googled gold rush 302 cresant street, downtown las vegas 80617. info of a dietritian came up. then I searched for winner international and this site came up. so here I am sharing my story hoping that it will help bring awareness to others as this site did me. by the way I called mr. david brown back after reading this site of scams. he asked me for info of this site + was dumb enough to get on it while on the phone with me then guess what! he hung up on me!!!


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  • Jo
    joanie's daughter May 09, 2010

    I received a call today from an Eddie Jones employee # 588066 statng he was from Winners International in Las Vegas stating I won a large sum of money. He requested my email address and or a fax number to send documents and then he will call back. How far do they have to go before being arrested. Perhaps then they would stop harrassing people.

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  • Go
    GoBuffs!! May 20, 2010

    There still at it, make sure you report it to They said that I won 2.5 million and all they would need is $500 to cover 20% of the taxes; all they would need is my account number. They said that I enter by buying stuff.

    "Agent's" name: Jim Washington
    Phone number 8764287986

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  • Ch
    chase1 May 31, 2010

    There back again, Today i received a second phone call from a Tony Washington "The alleged CEO of winner's international" (Tony Washington is a football player draft prospect and also sex offender...GOOGLE HIM) stating that I had won 1.5 million and a 2010 BMW. He said: that all these prizes were possible due to all the shopping that I've done at Walmart with my credit card and also because of my high credit score. He also said to rush to a western union at the nearest Walmart and make a $325.00 deposit to a person under the name of Daisy Pearson (Mrs. Daisy Pearson, 82, widow of Richard Pearson Sr.) and to call him back at 876-437-0075 with the barcode number.

    I hope this message gets to all the people out there, that are probably on a soon to call list by these [censor].

    BE ALERT PEOPLE, let's shut them down. Don't let them fool you.

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  • Zu
    zuah Jun 04, 2010

    A John Minteyo called me yesterday from a Jamaican no. (876-282-4317) informing me that I had won 2.5 million. In order for them to send me the check via UPS I would need to send them a $200 delivery fee. (One d--m heavy check, no?) He had my name correct, and apparently some other information as well. I told him I thought it was a scam, but he insisted it was not. I told him I would contaact our States Attorney General office in the morning. He said, "Good. You will learn that I am not a crook." (Sounds like Nixon!) He said he would call me again in the morning after I contacted the state. I logged on to this site and glory be, look at the complaints. I can't wait for his call. The Iowa State Attorney General's office, by the way, will do absolutely nothing unless you have actually been scammed. So, friends, if you get a call from my guy John, tell him to hold the line because the FBI is on the way.


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  • Ma
    Marlena_ S Jul 15, 2010

    I would like to add to this my father whom does not speak english very well, that he won second place in a drawing, for paying his bills on time. I am glad I was here and i immidiately started to ask questions. I asked what bill exactly were they speaking of, I was advised that it was more then 1 bill. I then asked what he won. They told him he had won 2.5 million dollars and a brand new BMW. I was advised that all he had ot do was pay $199.00 through a western union/money gram to thge accountant of thier company. The name was Dennis Goleine in Montego Bay and once payment was confirmed we would have a package delivered via UPS with 2 ferdal agents to accompany them and my father to the bank to ensure secuirty. I told him my father wanted to calll his family membe rthat was a police officer to ensure it was legit. He tried over and over to ensure it was not bolonga or a scam. I asked for his number and name. The name he gave me was Micheal WIlliams and i repeated it to him in amazment since he had a very thick nigerian accent. the number given on our "LUCKY" Call was 876-280-3755. Please do not fall victim to this scam and thank you to all that posted here cause after I hung up the phone from the third call I googles the campany name and This came up. I would have never fell for this but I like to convince my dad I am not trying to be the barer of bad news!


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  • No
    nottaken Jul 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Someone by the name of Bill Jones have been calling my grandmother for several days now. She told me what was going on. I was a little late because she had already sent these people some money. Now I am on the phone with theses people and asking questions then I checked them out online which I already knew it was a scam. Well Mr. Bill Jones stated that she needed to send 400 more dollars and she would receive 100000.00 in cash and 2 million dollar check. they will not get that money. the company is winners international, suppose to be out of Las Vegas, NV the phone number used is 876-852-7074 beware even when the use another number

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  • Xb
    XboxTuffGuy Jul 21, 2010

    I got a call from mr anthony white from ups delivery service. called from an unknown number.. 1st sign of something being wrong. 2nd. he couldnt pronounce my name. my name is michael.. I was like yeah strike 2. then he said I won like 750k. I laughed hysterically and then said ok so how do I claim my money? he went on with the idea of sending money western union.. before he even told me an amount. I said ok scam. and hung up. but they were based out of las vagas nv. company is called global winners international.

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