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Global tel link has a phone directory for inmates to be able to call home rather by house phone or cell phone calls. Global tel link call policy is made not to. Give rufunds for any cellphone dropped calls three way calling and or any other reason due to high volume called through cellphones. Their are over a million people who have family and friends within the jail system and have kids. The phone is also made as a privilege to inmates, they are the ones being punished does the family and friends have to suffer as well. The calls are at $3. 22 minimum of $25 dollars a day, not including plus $4. 95 activation. People not only have to buy cards get a ride or drive to get a debit card buy the card in which have to load it activate call global tel link when the whole process takes two hours or more. In this whole time your ffriend family member whatever daughter mother sister brother dad etc; could be trying to call or don't think to call because they think family forgot about them or just know how much everything cost and know they feel so confined don't wanna put the friends and family through the hassle. The complaint is for me and so many others people do not know where to go to receive help not only about refunds for our calls, or feeling ripped off when it's bad enough if they do the crime they already serving their time, and yet still no room for change, and acceptance so will and can. The people who don't know where they can to start a compliant, i will send them here first, i only hope people are not to scared to take action take a stand do this for your family for yourself and put a stop to the high cost of global tel link connect network calls, not because we don't understand the privilege or that doing something wrong can affect people with you and around you, but frankly their are inmates and people inconclusively willing to change, if someone starts by helping now please people help. Me take action post everywhere put in complaints for our jail system to the white house and also complaints here through this review board and any other rssources. It'll only take a free minutes of our time to get our point across. Thank you

May 12, 2015
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      15th of Jul, 2015

    I would like to boycott this fraudelent company and I am seeking ways to do it.
    They are using illegal tatics to avoid refunding me for an amount by having my account in negative standings of the amount in question.

    More than likely they are assuming that I dont have another way to have conatact with my love one so they think that I will pay the negative balance. What a bunch of crooks.

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