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Oct 10, 2008


Customer service persons speak to you in rude and condensending manner. A MONOPOLIZING, RIP-OFF company. WE DESERVE RESPECT AND SERVICES FOR MONEY THAT YOU TAKE FROM US! Personally I think its Un-American to only offer one company to choose from for services that so many people need and paying mint for! The dept of corrections are probably getting kick-backs for letting Global Tel have the monopoly!!!

MONOPOLY is the correct word in fact. as this other person, "Tiffany" comments, there are other companies that offer the same types of service, BUT, you don't get to pick and choose! You are not given an option of which company you would like to go thru. It's either GTL or nothing!!! That's not right at all. So I think it's fair to say that GTL is monopolizing the industry and SOMEONE is obviously getting the kickbacks from it too. I think we all know who that is!

Oct 19, 2008

Oh whatever!!! GTL doesn't have a as you state "monopoly" on this industry. They just happen to be the company that services the facility that your loved one is in. There ARE SEVERAL OTHER COMPANIES that exist that also provide this service:

Correctional Billing Service(CBS), T-Netix, Securus, just to name a few.

So your claim is this being "UN-American" is a complete fabrication.

Oct 04, 2008

Global Tel Link - Better business bureau

Let me tell you about global tellink yes the customer service is garbage i called on several different occasions and requested to speak with at least 3 of the represenatives superviser and i too was hung up on by the employees i never got a return call from those pigs that they call employees as well as the fact that i paid for a calling card that as soon as my fiance called me one time on the card the message system said that there was no more minutes left on the card it took me two long months to get them to put my money back so that he could continue to call me from jail.The only reason why they agreed to do this because i reported this company to the better business bureau and they contacted them i suggest that everyone whom is complaining about this company a;ll get together and swarm the bbb with complaints so that it may propmt someone of a higher office to investigate them i have spent more than one thousand dollars with this company and i have every reciept to show for this as a matter of fact i paid for a calling card tonight at 800pm and the minutes are not loaded as of yet and it is midnight if they think they will get away with my money they are so wrong! As a matter of fact if there is anyone out there that had purchased minutes from this place and they have a loved one in jail that something terrible has happened to them while they were incarcerated and should have had minutes during the time period and they were not able to contact any one due to the fault of this scamming ### company should get a lawyer and sue this company to let them know that it is dead ### wrong to cheat people out of thier hard earned cash just to benefit thier pockets with thier ghetto ### hoes and punk ### dudes answering the phones there.

Sounds like this person is pissed a bit. Maybe not so much at GTL but at the "loved one" who can't seem to get/stay out of jail. I have delt with GTL on several occasions and have seen about 60 to 80 percent refunds come from inmates that have submitted for refunds due to dropped or disconnected calls. GTL has a standing policy not to refund on calls made to cell phones because they can not be responsible for bad reception and dead zones. The inmates are made aware of this fact inside the facilities and yet attempt over and over again after the first disconnect. In fairness to GTL there are several inmates that attempt to call numbers without collect call access or billing issues due to VoIP issues with the new companies (Comcast, MagicJack etc).

It is often connected to the type of folks that are in the lockups today. Call it Karma or whatever but judging by the remarks make by the person above, your success in life seems to be directly connected to your method in living. This person seems to receive the same profits they project. I would guess with some certainty that this reaches far past the boundaries of just dealing with GTL.

So let's assume that everyone is. "ghetto ### hoes and punk ### dudes " just because this is most likely the only type of people you have been raised to admire!

Sep 10, 2008

Global Tel Link - Customer Services needs alot more training

None of the customer service representatives that I have spoken with are consistent with their knowledge of how this service works. I feel like I was penalized (and actually I was) for making a payment before it was due. When I first subscribed to this company, I asked for all the details as to how this service worked. This is a prepaid service but no matter how much money you have in your account you are only allowed a certain amount of calls per month. Your calls do not roll over to the next month. They give you a choice of about 3 or 4 amount of calls to choose from, and of course the least amount of calls you pick for the month, the least amount of money is needed for the prepay. I was told that whichever amount I decided to start with that I could increase the amount after 2 months of service, as long as I never had any pastdue payments. Well, I choose the second to the highest, which was 18 calls per month and had to prepay $150.00 to start off. I would have liked the next step up because my husband has been ill (he is in a medical correctional facility) but that step was over $300.00 to start, which was alot for me to have to pay at one time. I felt that if there weren't enough calls, at least I could raise the amount of calls in 2 months and it was explained to me that after my 18 calls I would still have a credit balance on my account, but I would not be allowed anymore calls until the 1st of the following month. Well, I called a week or so before my 2nd month and they told me that I needed to wait until my 2nd billing cycle. So I called about a week after the 2nd billing had come and the cust. serv. person was very nice and told me that she had to put in a request and a supervisor would make the final decision about the extra calls I was requesting, and she told me to call back in a week. I still had a credit from my opening payment, but it was around $24.00/25.00 and being it was so early into the month I had more calls left then the money on my account would cover, so I decided to make a $100.00 payment even though my billing statement still showed a credit. Well, the following week I called to see if they had any word yet about adding any additional calls and was denied. Can you believe that I was denied because I made a payment!!! I had never been informed by any of the other cust. serv. people that when they said 2 months wait before additional add ons they meant that I actually had to wait until I had made 2 separate payments, but the payments have to be amounts owed on my bill. If you have a credit and make a payment, it doesn't count towards the 2 payments they need.(it was explained to me that was the way they could determine if I would be making my payments.)To me that does not make any sense being that I had just put $100.00 to make sure my account didn't run out.(Isn't that making my payment?) When I pointed that out to this cust. service person I also said that it was never explained right to me, and also then why did the cust. serv. person that I had spoken to the week before taken information to submit for my request? I was told very nonchalantly "well, I don't know why it wasn't explained correctly, but that is how it is". I started to ask for a supervisor when she told me she would gladly submit a request for one to call me and I just hung up. I was so disgusted because I have no other company to switch over to. They are the one and only service provider to this prison. They all need better training and the last one I spoke to needs to remember that she is a customer service rep, and they are paid to be helpful and they should be polite.


Aug 11, 2008

Global Tel Link - Overcharges and rip off

Does anyone else with loved ones in Mass. DOC suffering from this same RIP OFF from Global Tel?

From of Mass. DOC inmate:

"After calling family I noticed that Global Tel charged me a lot more than they should have. I am in the process of trying to get it straightened out. I wrote and complained about it and they basically told me that I have my figures wrong. The Officer in Charge of handling the complaints showed me a print out of all the calls that I have made so far and it shows on their print out the correct price for each call. If I talk for 20 minutes it should cost $12.65, that's $2.25 for making the call and 52 cents a minute. The maximum time I can talk for is 20 minutes. They charged me $14.82 per call! This comes out to be about 25 minutes.

(The call timer on the recipient’s phone usually says 20 minutes 33 seconds before the phone is disconnected). Also, the balance on the print out from the Officer in Charge stated my balance was $134.12 when I called placed a call just a couple of minutes later the balance stated at the beginning of the call said it was $122.98... where did the $11.14 vanish?

It seems an easy way to track this fraud would be to go get a print out of my account which shows all my calls up to that minute and then go and get on a phone and hear what Global Tel says I have in my account. Easy, right? Well, it shows that they are charging a whole lot more than they are providing.
I believe that I am right and that this phone company is perpetrating ripping off everyone to the tune of a whole lot of money just by configuring the time wrong!

Check your balances and see if they match... I bet they won't.

Aug 07, 2008

Global Tel Link - Service-money scam

STOP DON'T USE THEM...My sister was arrested and called me from the local jail. Global tel-link a company used by the city jail charges a minimum of $25 to connect the call. After completed a lengthy transaction the call was set to be connected...after a series of beeps the call disconnected. I immediately went through another long process of contacting the service and long story short they charged me $4.75 to run my card and a $5.00 fee to get a refund of a service I never used and never would, because by the time it was done... my sister had been released. So in other words its not worth if the person isnt going to be there for a while and they charge a processing fee and if you dont use you balance you have to pay to get your money. So for no service I paid $9.75 and received 15.25 back... this is definitely a scam.

Nov 24, 2008

GTL should never be allowed to provide phone service to anyone. Whenever I try to add money to my prepay account, I have to go through a customer service rep. The automated service always says my card was declined, no matter how much money I have on it. Once I get through and get money on my account, the system says my inmate hasn't called me in 6 months, although he tried to call yesterday and the day before. They tell me I have to have the prisoner make out a complaint ticket, I can't do that myself. So, I'm stuck waiting until he receives my letter, fills out the complaint ticket and they decide to work on the problem. On top of that, the prison says they can't do anything -- this is GTL's problem, not theirs.

I asked to talk with a supervisor. I was placed on hold for 30 minutes, and then hung up on.

Aug 05, 2008



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Jul 31, 2008

Global Tel Link - block on phone

my son is in london ohio correctional and until 130 pm july 31 i have been receiving collect calls from him. today he tried to call me and was told by global tel link that you have a block on my...

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Global Tel Link - block on communication

Our son says We put a block on Our phone so He has been unable to call Us.We did not authorize or request a block so please correct.This is the second time this has happened.Never had this problem...

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Jul 23, 2008

Global Tel Link - billing dispute / customer service

it is hard to get to customer service to talk to a real person and when you do no one can help you. if it is a billing problem and one has to be transferred to a sprvsr then forget it. you are...

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Jul 18, 2008

Global Tel Link - No Customer Service/No Human Interaction

I have tried for five work days (Monday, 14-July-2017 thru Friday, 18-July-2017) to connect the Global Tellink Billing Department and have not received any call back from any representative to date.
I have placed calls daily, waiting for a representative to respond to my inquiries and no success. The toll-free number Global Tellink provides [protected]) will put you on hold for a maximum of 20-minutes then disconnect the call after informing that the caller's phone number would be put in the queue and to wait 2-hours for a representative to call back; this does not occur.
If a second or subsequent attempt to connect to Global Tellink is tried, the automated response will inform the caller that your number is already in the queue for a call-back and to wait the 2-hour time limit after which the call is automatically disconnected.
The customer service hours are Monday thru Saturday, 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM but when trying to call in the morning at 7:00 AM, the only response is from the automated response which informs the caller that all service representatives are busy and to please hold for the next available agent...this will result in the caller's number being placed in the call-back queue and the call being disconnected.

There is no actual phone number to call that does not have an automated response, as each toll-free number found results with the same effect of the caller's number being placed inthe call-back queue and the call being terminated.

After reading numerous other complaints for similar issues against Global Tellink, it appears that the FCC and Better Business Bureau need to seriously evaluate the business practices of Global Tellink.
An audit from the GAO (General Accounting Office) appears to be the next step as any business with this many complaints and non-responsiveness is probably having serious issues with their billing practices also.

Hopefully the numerous complaints will register into positive action by all the appropriate governmental oversight bureaus/agencies.

On February 18th, 2017 Global Tellink took $25.00 from my account with out my permission and now they won't return my phone calls or emails. This is ridiculous because they're already making too much money as is by overcharging for phone call. All I want is my money or my phone to be credited the right amount time so I can talk or give me my money back. If that doesn't happen than I will report them to the BBB.

Every time I attempt to contact Global Tel Link so that I can receive phone calls from an inmate I get an automated voice telling me that they are not able to accept my call because there are too many people on the line.

Finally my call was accepted. And I got another automated voice (yet again) telling me that I had to pay twenty five dollars on my credit card in order to speak with the inmate. Unfortunately I do not own a credit card.

So there is no way for me to talk to the person I love.

Jul 16, 2008

Global Tel Link - block calls - no representative

on your bill and on the internet they state "our customer service representatives are available to our customers Monday through Friday 7:00am until midnight Eastern Time at [protected].

i do not get a live person. i have paid my bill in full. it is going over three months. my phone is blocked from getting calls. my phone company does not have a block on my phone. it is GTL. you've got your money take off the block. get off the automation and have a live rep.

i am going to the attorney general because this happens everytime. it happened with MCI and now it is happening with GTL.

my phone bill was under $40.00.

Oct 03, 2008

Hey I have the same problem. I actually got some resolution by calling the numbers on this web site.

Aug 23, 2008

I think that we should all go to our elected officials and complain about this horrible company. I'm personally tired of hearing that GTL will call me back within 2 hours, and that my phone number is in there automated call back system. I've tried to send money through western union and what to you know it has gotten lost. I was also given a fax # to fax my reciept [protected]. It didn't work, it said it wasn't received. I think I'm going to start by calling my state representative and complain to him. Whatever he tells me to do next then I'll do. Hopefully if enough scammed customers complain something will be done.

Jul 11, 2008

Global Tel Link - Theft and ignorance!

This is the second time in 2 months that money has been "missing" off the payment my boyfried made. And hes not the only one in his facility that it happened to, all on the same night. They wont listen to him about it, and when I call them, they tell me they have no idea what Im talking about. that an inmate cant put money on their account, yet their web site has it all listed out!! what can we do to get the compensation we deserve? I work hard for the money i send him, and pay them plenty in their fees!!!

I have spent so much on phone calls with this terrible company. Even bought
A phoe number through them which was suppose to help save me money in which
It did not. I recommend getting a google voice # it is free!
I have a $13 balance an.
the system says i have insuffient funds to
Accept the call. I called the company and a Ignorant agent by the name
Of Peter advised me it maybe a "glitch" in their system ringing my phone!
Therefore making it appear as the inmate has called many times. I was told i had
To wait 24 hrs and here we are 24 hrs later and still the same. This is the second time.

I have given $25 to accept calls from niece. I had one 7 minute call and now i am empty. They say $6.25 fee and $2.5 surcharge per call to accept and then .89 a minute. I have 2.80 left but not enough to accept a call! So they just keep it! Unearned!Thieves! that got a contract through bribes. This a license to steal and take advantage of a bad situation. I am certain when an investigation is complete, the people making the $ are guilty of bribery and the people that accepted are guilty of selling out their office. People should absolutely go to jail on this.

Nov 04, 2008

For Tiffany I have paid with my debit card and they still said I did not pay After me looking at bank statements which showed they were paid is when they admitted to having a system problem on the day of payment. so if they loose payments through debits imagine western union or anyother payment method. bottom line they need to be shut down

Oct 19, 2008


FRIENDS AND FAMILY FRIENDLY OPTIONS - Prepaid vouchers can be sold via the facility commissary system. Therefore, inmate friends and family can deposit money into the commissary account for the purchase of prepaid vouchers.

LESS MANPOWER REQUIRED - A system administrator will not have to enter debit account deposit amounts at the workstation. By having the inmate "cash" the voucher, this responsibility is shifted to the inmate.

NO THIRD PARTY - The system runs on Global Tel Link´s platform with no third party involvement necessary. As a result, Global Tel*Link does not need to rely on a third party for any aspect of the program ­ including the printing of prepaid vouchers.

SECURITY - Prepaid vouchers can be thrown away after being cashed at an inmate phone. Unlike similar programs, inmates do not have to retain actual cards that can be stolen.

RECONCILIATION REPORTS - Since the prepaid voucher or debit method programs runs on the Global Tel*Link´s platform, LazerPhone® provides detailed, accurate reporting capabilities through the reconciliation reports to manage the Prepaid Debit and the KEEP IN TOUCH Prepaid Voucher programs. These types of reports can be printed via the facility LazerPhone® workstation.

This information came directly from their website...

Is there a possibility of your misunderstanding somethin? Because I am confused of your true issue.

And regarding the individual that western union payment was missing: What information did you provide on the Western Union form? GTL does service county facilities as well as state prisons, so the information provided on the form will determine which system the payment actually posts to.

Aug 23, 2008

I think that we should all go to our elected officials and complain about this horrible company. I'm personally tired of hearing that GTL will call me back within 2 hours, and that my phone number is in there automated call back system. I've tried to send money through western union and what to you know it has gotten lost. I was also given a fax # to fax my reciept [protected]. It didn't work, it said it wasn't received. I think I'm going to start by calling my state representative and complain to him. Whatever he tells me to do next then I'll do. Hopefully if enough scammed customers complain something will be done. If anyone agrees please let me know.

Jul 09, 2008

Global Tel Link - Stealing

Global tel link has taken my money and done with it what they wish. I can never talk to customer service representative, and some times the representative just hangs up in my face. Other times the...

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Jul 06, 2008

Global Tel Link - Poor service, lousy website, false advertisement

These people are the worst and they make MCI look like a 5 star hotel resort. Everytime you call you are placed on hold while they urge you to leave a call back number and after 3 such messages they...

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Jun 11, 2008

Global Tel Link - Dishonest phone service

Fort Bend County Jail has reported that they do not cut off phone calls in progress, but rather have specific time periods that the phones are turned on for inmates to make collect calls and pre-paid calls to private phones. Most of the phone calls I have received from an inmate over the past (11) eleven days have ranged from 1-4 minutes and my party and I have been abruptly disconnected within that time frame. I spoke with a very nice representative of Globel Tel Link, Mobile, Alabama 6/10/08 (one representative of rare good service with this company) and she informed me of the rates per (15) minutes, (15) minutes being the time alloted for each phone call. Yet, we rarely were given the full (15) minutes talk time before being cut off, and it wasn't the County Jail who activated this. While 4-6 minutes of talk time costs almost as much as a full (15) minutes, we are not given the opportunities to talk the full time. This is theft by time.

May 29, 2008

They took my money from my card. 25$ and set up the wrong account. Once I realized that my husband was still unable to call. I call them back and they tell me that I have to have 50$ on the account to activate it. I give them 25$ more dollars to activate the account. He is still unable to call. I call them back again oh and each time that I call the agents are rude and I am ALWAYS left on hold for a long time. So once I have the 50$ on the account my husband is still not able to call. I call Globel Tel Link AGAIN. This time I am told that the account was set up wrong again. So now I have had this account for about a week and my husband is still not able to get through. So I call Globel Tel Link AGAIN. This time I want to cancel the account and I get a different story each time that I call them. They told me that I could set up the correct account with the 50$ credit that I have on my account. I say "no" to that I want my money credited back to my Visa. I was told that it would take 30 days to get my money back on my VISA. I feel that they are scammers to get the money and it takes forever to get my money back on my card. Meanwhile I am still not able to speak to my husband. THIS PLACE SUCKS DON'T USE THEM!!!

paid the bill 8/05/09 my phone is still blocked as of 8/08/09.. my husband is upset we cant talk .. we need to talk... thank GOD i ws able to visit him today.. waiting for my phone to be put on... mrs gamble very upset

BEWARE... this company is a rip off..they are quick to take your payments, but are to greedy to refund or transfer balances, they have lots of b.s. and no respect for you or your loved ones.stay away, write its cheaper .. i can"t believe this place is still allowed to operate and not in jail themselves...

EVERYONE!!!... There appears to be a common theme of complaints regarding Globel-Tel across the globe. Perhaps everyone should join together and get a petition together to be filed with the FCC and also sent to all of your elected officials. GTL is governed by the FCC and even though those ### are all getting a kick back they still can't ignore their Constituents who have banned together to demand that GTL improve their services or get them the hell out. On top of that a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT should be considered where you demand they pay back all the monies they have stolen from friends and families of those who are forced to use their services because GTL has monopolize the Correctional Facility Phone Systems. Put all your energy into giving these Crooks a royal smack down. Additionally, the other scam they have going is if you use like say Google Voice to have access to a local number and forward that number to your phone, they are causing these calls to be dropped or have faulty connection. When you report it they act as though they are going to resolve or fix the problem but their scam is to keep this going until you get frustrated and have your love ones call your long distance number so they can now charge you for the those long distance calls. Don’t give into them……DEMAND that GTL be held responsible ….they are commenting a serious crime…. They the executives of GTL should all be held accountable and SERVE PRISON TIME FOR THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIONS…….

Maybe should pay your bill on time next billing cycle? I don't understand how this is a complaint? Its a weekend. Maybe waiting for a check to clear??

Oct 11, 2008

Globel Tel Link has the most horribly rude employees! I was speaking with a loved one in a facility in Spokane, Wa. We were cut off for the use of three way. I NEVER used three way! I was on a cell phone, with a bad signal. It took me hours to track down numbers to talk to customer service, and then they told me it was my fault for using three way. I am angry with this company and our govenment for contracting such a poorly operated business. My children, could do a better job!!! Globel Tel Link is a joke!

Jun 13, 2008

Globel Tel Link is the worst. They only stay in business by, sharing the savings they are obtaining by not employing a customer service work force, with the institutions they service. Please complain to your institution about this service, it stinks!

Jun 08, 2008

Global Tel Link - Strong arm tactics

I am a law abiding citizen. I have never been in trouble with the law and pay my bills on time. However Global tel link treats those who have a loved one in prison as if they are the one who can't be trusted. Guilt by association. After 2 months of receiving calls and paying my bill on time they put a block on my phone. First they told me I would just have to send them a copy of my phone bill showing the bill was in my name. That was a lie, after I sent them the bill I was told that I would have to pay them $100.00 in advance in order to take the block off my phone. Why, I was never late paying my phone bill in fact I paid it weeks before the due date. As for the post from the employee of Global tel link wanting me to thank him or her for providing a service, well THANKS FOR NOTHING!

hi.. my name is dharmendar singh, , wants to know about the customer service number or a toll free number to register my complaint for Global tele link noida, , new delhi bcoz i have to recharge my account for further calling. plz anyone help me out of this problem...

I do Agree with all of you's that are having trouble with GTL! Let me start with saying on top of the CSR being crappy u cant tlk to any one on the weekends WTF. I used to get billed straight through my local telphone company but they switch and GTL took over they give u a 100 dollar limit @ almost 4.00 a call I been having a reason to believe that they were charging me for calls that I wasn't having I would add money to my acct, talk to my love 1 twice then my phone will blocked again!!! HUH hw does that work ! There exscuse to me was ohhhhhh it takes 24hrs for the system to updated so the balance they give me might not be accurate? So I decided to wait a complete 48 hr without excepting any phone calls and long behold 11.00 was added on to my account Im beyond pissed and to top things off it's a saturday and I cant talk to any one about it! Hw the hell do i get my mney bck? all the times I freak out when my phone was blocked and just added mney on my acct! Just to make sure I could communicate with my love 1. It's not easy having some one that we love incarcerated and they treat us like crap rip us off I could only imagine hw many other times this happen to me and other people! I Would like to Knw WERE THE HELL R THEY LOCATED SO I COULD TAKE A TRip. M.S PISSED

Aug 08, 2008

This is the absolute WORST system I have ever seen. The customer service is the worst. The charges are unbelievable. Your unable to change or update any information with the billing and that makes it impossible to talk to your loved ones in prison. I am willing to pay these ridiculous fees and they can't even help me when I want to spend my money to pay them- that's how twisted they are. Prison sucks and then to deal with these ###s on top of it is THE WORST! They are making SOOOO much money off these phone calls. Almost $5 a call and you can't even provide adequate service. GTL should have people 24/7 ready to take care of their customers. We are paying way too much for the WORST phone service in the country. GTL can suck my ###!

Jul 26, 2008

Same problems as everyone else who has posted. They billed me twice on the same day. When I recieved my visa statement I called Global Tel immediately. They gave me a fax number and said to make it to the Attention of the Refund department. Well so far I have tried 4 different fax numbers to no avail. The numbers fail to connect. They also told me when I finally did talk to a human that they are showing I was only billed twice, while my Visa statement is saying 3 times. I needed to talk to my family member and as far as I know this was the only way available to us. What choice did I have. I am still on my mission to get this resolved, but like most others I don't have all day to wait around for them to decide to call me back. Good luck to everyone else in the same boat. another unhappy customer.

Jun 03, 2008

Global Tel Link - Correctional billing

They took my money from my card. 25$ and set up the wrong account. Once I realized that my husband was still unable to call. I call them back and they tell me that I have to have 50$ on the account to activate it. I give them 25$ more dollars to activate the account. He is still unable to call. I call them back again oh and each time that I call the agents are rude and I am ALWAYS left on hold for a long time. So once I have the 50$ on the account my husband is still not able to call. I call Globel Tel Link AGAIN. This time I am told that the account was set up wrong again. So now I have had this account for about a week and my husband is still not able to get through. So I call Globel Tel Link AGAIN. This time I want to cancel the account and I get a different story each time that I call them. They told me that I could set up the correct account with the 50$ credit that I have on my account. I say "no" to that I want my money credited back to my Visa. I was told that it would take 30 days to get my money back on my VISA. I feel that they are scammers to get the money and it takes forever to get my money back on my card. Meanwhile I am still not able to speak to my husband. THIS PLACE SUCKS DON'T USE THEM!!!

Jun 04, 2008

Good luck trying to cancel service once you don't need it any more. A month ago we finally got to talk to a real person after an hour of trying to get through. We were told to fax our request to cancel and was given the fax number.

Well here it is a month later and guess what, still not cancelled!! We tried again to get them on the phone but after two hours of fustration (disconnects, waiting for a rep going through the automated system ect.) we gave up. I faxed a second request today and told them that my next step was the Alabama State Attorney General's office.

Maybe we'll get results. For anyone that may not have the faz number here it is:


Jun 01, 2008

Global Tel Link - I work at Global Tel Link

I would like to start off by saying that i was very surprised to see this complaint site. As much as i see where people are coming from, you must first remember that Global Tel Link is providing you...

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May 29, 2008

Global Tel Link - Check cashing

I dont understand how the DOC can continue to use this company with all of the complaints lodged against it, I had my phone blocked by GTL for a bill they said wasnt paid, I sent the check in April for that bill, they cashed the check through there bank in april and to date they are still showing I still owe the money I have spoken to seven different people trying to resolve my problem with no results, not to mention the hours I have spent on the phone just trying to speak to someone is the DOC paying any attention to the problems people are having with this company or they just dont care

I do not know why these prisons are using GTL because they are like you said using people and getting over on them. This is a company who is suppose to help inmates to receive phone calls from love ones, but instead they are taking advantage of the inmates and family. I put money on the phone and if it runs out they are not suppose to allow phone calls to come throught. Well guess what they allow calls to come throught anyway because they want the money. Next thing I know I have a high phone bill. If I could check my account to see how much money I have on the account this would not happen. They do not care about us like I said they just want our money. I now go through a better company and I can check my balances on-line and if the amount is 2.00dollars or less they put a block on the phone until I send more money in. They need to drop GTL because they are not no good. For familys out there that have not talked with their son or daughter or husband and wife look this needs to stop now. Someone needs to protest against this company GTL. I had a friend who had a child close to her and she tried to set up account they told her that they could not set up the account because of her address, They said that people are using addresses so that they don't have to pay a high phone bill. Man oh Man is is unreal that a company will do this, it is not like they are getting free phone calls they still have to send money in for the account. What is wrong with this company she has a phone bill showing her address and they still refused. I thought this company is suppose to help the inmates receive calls. No they just want the money. I would never go back to GTL as long as I have a love one inside there. No wonder inmates are getting or trying to get cell phones into the prisons.

May 28, 2008

Global Tel Link - scam

i went to this site thinking it was a fast easy way to get a account set up for inmate to call and i got scam out my money. when i called the 1 800 # no one called me back and i will never use this site again

Our grandson calls us collect several times a month and the facility he calls from uses Global Tel Link. We use AT&T for our long distance carrier and pay our bill monthly. Global Tel Link tells us their company policy is to bill the party directly when charges are $100 or more. Our phone company always accepts our payment. What is the deal here? They say their charges won't be any more than AT&T would charge. I doubt that or why are they insisting to bill us themselves? Or are they getting a cut somewhere along the line for heavy usage at the consumers expense or inconvenience of having to pay another bill? Someone should look into this.

May 29, 2008

I have had it with this company! This company treats customers like they are hardin criminals, who dont deserve common curticy, and assistance. Do they not understand that the inmates have put us threw enough, and people on the outside are just trying to be suportive to there family and friend while they are being rehabed or possibley even in the prison system because they have been wrongly accused. Instead of being helpful to paying customers, they treat us like ### because they can. some prisons have no alternatives for phone call, leaving customers no alternatives to have contact with inmates. They know we have no choice but to use there service, so they know they are getting paid no matter how bad there company ethics are.

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