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Roanoke, VA, US Review updated:

I had seven fraudulent transactions that appeared on my Bank of
America account. There were several companies listed, including Global
Personals LTD, listed as the description for a $107.54 transaction dated for
an authorization date as 8/14/09. My bank notified me today of the fraudulent
activity on my account. Since then, my account has been suspended and the
transaction for $107.54 is showing as a Pending-Decline. My bank is refunding me this money; however, I am concerned how someone obtained my credit card number to purchase this service. I am the only authorized used on my account and the only one which has access to this account. I have not used my card in about a month.

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      Oct 28, 2009

    Have you recently done business with anyone in Ithica, NY? I only ask because I had similar charges to my debit card recently. However, I opened my bank account this month and have only used it to make ONE purchase. So no one but myself, the bank, and an electronics store in Ithica, NY would have had my information.

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  • Cr
      Oct 01, 2011

    Have charges from SA for this company and do not subscribe to it.
    As far as I am concerned this is a fraudulent scam.
    Will be pressing charges and suing for damages.

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  • Pa
      Jun 21, 2012
    Global Personals LTD - Debiting my credit card
    South Africa

    Global Personals Ltd. are taking R145.00 off my credit card account without authorization. I want it stopped & moneys that have been taken must be returned.

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  • St
      Jun 27, 2012

    The same thing has happened to me and many other people.

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      Jun 27, 2012

    How to get your money back from Global Personals / White Label Dating

    Who to contact first

    You can't usually report a trader directly to Trading Standards. This is because not all local offices offer a public service. However, Trading Standards has an agreement with Citizens Advice to help you report the problem. You can contact either:

    the Citizens Advice consumer service, or
    your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

    Experienced advisers will assess your problem and work out whether to pass it on to Trading Standards. However, they won’t be able to make a decision about whether Trading Standards will take on your case.

    If the problem is passed on it is called a referral. When Trading Standards have received the referral, they decide whether they are able to help you and may contact you directly.

    Some local Trading Standards offices do offer a drop-in service for the public. You can check whether there is one in your area by contacting your local authority or the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.
    What information do you need to report a problem

    Before you contact Citizens Advice, gather as much information as you can to support your problem. This will help the adviser decide if your problem can be passed on to Trading Standards.

    Try to give details of:

    what the problem is
    what you know about the trader
    paperwork, including bills, invoices, quotes and estimates or contracts
    notes of any conversations you've already had with the trader, including dates
    witnesses who can confirm what you're saying
    photos or video evidence of the problem.

    What happens if Trading Standards take on your problem?

    If Trading Standards take on your case, it’s important to know what may happen next.

    The information you give Trading Standards may be passed on to other bodies with the power to take action against the trader. For example:

    the Office of Fair Trading
    the police
    the courts service.

    If there is a prosecution, you may be asked to give evidence against the trader in court.

    However, not all cases end up in court. Trading Standards doesn’t have to prosecute a trader even when it's clear that a criminal offence has been committed and the trader is likely to be convicted. They can choose to take no action or to give the trader a warning.

    If a trader is found guilty, the court has the power to award compensation of up to £5, 000 in cases where money has been lost. However, even if a trader is successfully prosecuted, you may not get your money back as the court doesn’t have to do this, particularly if the trader can’t afford to pay.

    If you are awarded compensation, it can’t be any more than the value of the goods or services that you’ve lost. You usually can’t claim for distress or additional losses that are hard to put a value on.
    What to do if Trading Standards can’t help you

    Sometimes Trading Standards won't be able to help you personally and you may have to take other action to solve your problem. You could:

    complain directly to the trader
    contact a trade association if the trader is a member
    use alternative dispute resolution, for example the Ombudsman
    take the trader to court.

    Your Citizens Advice adviser will be able to tell you what else you can do to solve your problem.

    Even if they don’t take your case on, Trading Standards may still collect evidence about the trader and may decide to take action at a later date.
    Next steps

    To report a problem to Trading Standards, you can:

    call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline
    visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau. To find details of your nearest CAB, see nearest CAB.

    Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Trading Standards

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  • Gl
      Sep 05, 2012

    All card transactions are verified through the bank screening services and we rely on them to validate card authenticity. If you are unsure of the reason why we appear on your credit card statement go to this website, it will explain who we are, why you have been billed and what you should do about it if you think you have been the genuine victim of card fraud. It also has copies of our Terms and Conditions for you to read.

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      Mar 19, 2013

    Wow, the above comment from Global Personals Support doesn't seem automated at all.

    This same thing happened to me. This morning I found a $124 charge from this company.
    First, I've been in a committed relationship for 6 years, so I find it hard to believe that I accidentally had some kind of business or agreed to some kind of service or product from this company or any of it's affiliates.
    Second, like the above comment, I am the only authorized user for the card charged, AND haven't been using it for weeks. So how there is a charge to it AT ALL this morning is beyond me.
    Third, tried calling the US office, in New York, and it's closed. At 2pm... on a Tuesday... something is starting to reek...

    I also found an article from the Channel 4 News (BBC) who discuss how Global Personals actively attempts to "trick customers into handing over more money"

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  • Wy
      Jan 20, 2015
    Global Personals LTD - taking unauthorised money from my account
    global personals ltd
    9 eaton road flat 2 bn3 3af
    United Kingdom
    Phone: o1273 735446

    Money is being taken from my account wihout my consent
    Please unsubscribe

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  •   Jan 21, 2015

    Dear Wyndham Davies,

    We are an online dating services company based in Windsor, UK (the address listed in this post is not ours).

    If you are unsure of the reason why we appear on your credit card statement go see, it will explain who we are, why you have been billed and what you should do if you think you have been the genuine victim of card fraud. All our card transactions are verified through the bank screening services and we rely on them to validate card authenticity.

    If you would like to speak to our customer services team please contact [protected] or freephone [protected].

    I hope this helps,

    Caroline, Global Personals.

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  • Da
      Dec 12, 2015

    I have an amount of R115.00 Zar coming of my account every month. How can I stop this?
    David Methven

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