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United States

I placed an order for new glasses and supposedly they were shipped USPS and delivered to my mail box, yet I never found them there. There has never been a problem with mail being stolen from mailboxes in my rural area, and it's highly unlikely anyone else could use my prescription glasses.

I contacted GlassesUSA and was told both in writing and several tel conv. that once the package leaves their facility it's no longer their responsibility because they've had problems with "fraudulent claims". The manner in which the reps I talked to on the phone stated this clearly inferred that they felt my issue was one of those! And, they refused to file a claim with USPS so I can get the order replaced!

I'm out $132.00.

This is the single most unprofessional customer service experience I've ever had. DO NOT place an order with!

Apr 06, 2016

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