Giant FoodWrongful Termination

I was actually fired yesterday in a harsh uncaring manner by my bosses that I thought were so “down-to-earth.” The problem in this situation was that I was scammed by a professional con artist that was, apparently, made aware of by the Giant Corporation prior. We employees were never notified or even train in the area of thieves and con artist, but I guess my higher ups dropped the ball on that one. Management can not only lead by being a friend, or Social leader, but also by being goal-directed or goal-oriented towards the common goal.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Gaithersburg, MD I think, the managers at my job were more concerned with being our friends it made them lose track of bigger things, such as, training your employees efficiently so that we do not lose are jobs at the hands of a devious con artist. It does not make good for employee moral when the leaders at your job make employees feel that we are one, and then turn around and be so cold, when you put in hard back breaking work, as a single mother of two, working you way through school. So strange that this happen 3 days before my 90 day probationary period, the holidays ending, and a claim I just settled with the Giant pharmacy a week ago?

Jan 06, 2015

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