Getgo / employee attitude

I got off the Freeway exit and proceeded to the GetGo Gas Station on the corner of Emery and Miles. I needed gas and some things inside, so I decided to go in first and purchase a diet coke, a candy bar and a carton of cigarettes. When I got to the counter and asked for a carton, the attendant went into the back and came out and said they did not have any left, so I asked if I could get what they had behind the counter. When she pulled the shelf out, there were 14 packs, so she asked how many I wanted and I replied 10. She said she could not do that because they needed some left. I said that would leave them with only 4 and she said I will sell you 5. This is absolutely the craziest thing I have ever heard, so I told her forget everything, including the $40.00 in gas I was going to buy. That station just lost about $120.00 sale because of the attendants attitude. I went across the street to the other station who benefited from my purchase and treated me well. Employees like this individual at GetGo should not be working.

Nov 28, 2016

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