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Al Nov 28, 2018 Dallas, TX Review updated:

I am requesting a refund of $330.52 from for two rooms I booked at Ramada Plaza Shanghai Pudong Airport. The following information explains my reasons for canceling my reservation and requesting a refund.

Sunday, August 19, 2018. I made a reservation online with Ramada Plaza Shanghai Pudong Airport through a link from the Pudong International Airport. I thought I was dealing directly with the hotel but later learned that it was through the third party, Because we were arriving at 4:00 AM on Friday, November 9, I called the Customer Service number listed on the website [protected]) before making the reservation. I explained to the representative that we were arriving early in the morning on November 9 and I did not know whether to reserve the rooms for November 8 or November 9. He told me to reserve it for November 9 and then to call again when I received my confirmation number to request an early check-in. As soon as I received the confirmation, I called the same Customer Service number and spoke with Julie who told me that she tried to reach the manager of the hotel to request the early check-in but that she would not know anything until after 9:30 AM on August 20. She said that I could call back and the representative could help me change the reservation as needed and that I had to be on the line with the representative to make the changes. She also gave me a hotel reservation ticket inquiry number. When I clicked on that link, I was directed to the Ramada Plaza website and could not contact anyone through that site.

August 20, 2018. I called the same Customer Service number I had been using at 10:50 AM and spoke to a different representative. She told me that as a "courtesy" she could try to call the hotel. She tried to call but was unable to reach anyone in the English Department and told me that I would need to call the hotel directly. I asked for an email address and she refused to give me that information. I asked to talk with her supervisor. I was told that she was on an "escalation" call and would have to call me later. I never received a return call.

August 21, 2018. After searching through my confirmation from Getaroom and the link to the hotel website, I found an email address for reservations at the hotel. I sent an email to that address requesting an early check-in. I received a response saying that my reservation was not found and to provide booking information. I sent an email and attached a copy of my confirmation email including the confirmation number. I then received an email saying that I needed to change the check-in time through the website by myself because the hotel could not change the reservation directly.

August 22, 2018. I received an email from the hotel saying they had no copy of the hotel confirmation for the reservation I had booked through the website. I sent another email indicating that a business acquaintance in China had contacted the hotel and was told that we had to make the change in our reservation to November 8 through the booking website and then we could ask for a late check-in.

August 23, 2018. I received an email from the hotel telling me that I had to contact the website for a confirmation letter for late check-in. After sending another copy of my original confirmation, I received an email from the hotel again stating that they had no copy of the hotel confirmation letter for the reservation booked through the website.

August 24, 2018. I went to the Getaroom website and canceled the reservation (Cancellation Number: C1217414658) and contacted American Express to review the charges. The booking website says, "All reservations booked on Getaroom are considered a prepaid purchase and your credit card is charged in full at the time the booking is made." If this is the case, why did the hotel not have my reservation after four days?

October, 2018. I provided numerous documents (confirmations, emails from Ramada, etc.) of the above interactions to American Express. After two attempts to resolve this with Getaroom, American Express informed me that I should try to resolve this with the merchant. The response from Getaroom denied that I was given the wrong information initially and referred to their cancellation policy. Throughout my dealings with both Getaroom and the hotel, my objective was to change the reservation. When my efforts to do this failed, I decided to cancel the reservation.

Summary. I have made numerous online reservations for hotels, cars, and flights and I have never experienced this level of poor customer service. Basically, Getaroom gave me the wrong information initially and failed to provide the assistance I needed to correct that mistake. Getaroom said I had to make any changes through the hotel and the hotel said I had to make any changes through the booking website. After going around in the same circles several times over the course of four days, I decided to cancel the reservation and appeal the charge.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Getaroom Customer Care's Response, Nov 29, 2018

    Thank you for contacting and bringing your concerns to our attention. While we strive to provide exceptional customer service to all our customers, we know things can happen that prevent us from achieving this objective. If we have failed to meet your expectations, we appreciate letting us know, so we can continue to improve our services.

    Our records indicate that on 08/20/2018, 2:09 AM (Asia/Shanghai) you purchased a hotel reservation for Ramada Plaza Shanghai Pudong Airport located at 1100 Qi Hang Road Shanghai, 201207 CN. By securing this reservation online, you had to agree to the terms and conditions of this booking prior to submitting payment. In addition, upon completion of your booking, an electronic copy of your itinerary was sent via email to the following address that you provided.

    All prepaid reservations that are posted on our website fully disclose the cancellation policy, terms and conditions of booking, along with all the subtotal, tax recovery charges and service fees. The cancellation policy was fully disclosed at the time of booking and was agreed to at the time of purchase.

    On the day you booked the reservation online, you called and ask to check in early. We advised that an early check-in is a request and not a guarantee it is up to hotel availability. Our agent attempted to reach out but due to language barrier could not make the request. You were given the number to contact the hotel directly hotel directly +[protected] as a near check-in depends on hotel policy and availability. We show that you canceled the booking on 08/24/2018, 10:16 PM (Asia/Shanghai). Per the cancellation penalty agreed to no refund was issued.

    Cancellation Policy

    Each room in this reservation is subject to the hotel's cancellation policy which is: This reservation is non-refundable. There is no refund for no-shows or early checkouts.

    However, in an effort to resolve your concerns and as a gesture of goodwill, and we verified the dispute has been resolved, we will be issuing a refund in the amount of ($165.26) 1 night back to the original form of payment. This refund has been processed today and it will take approximately 3 – 5 business days to post back to your account.

    We regret any inconvenience or frustration that this experience has caused you and hope you find this gesture to be sincere and in good faith.


    Consumer Relations

  • Getaroom Customer Care's Response, Mar 07, 2019

    Dear Monica Steinke,

    Thank you for your feedback. We do apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused you. While many cancellation and reservation policies vary, we do try our best to inform all of our customers in how it will affect them as they make their reservations.
    We understand from the nature of your complaint, you called prior to the cancellation policy penalty.
    After review, I was able to verify that you contacted us approximately 8 mins to the cancellation. I do apologize that your hold time was lengthy, it is possible our call volume was elevated.
    However, in an effort to resolve your concerns and as a gesture of goodwill, we will be issuing a refund in the amount of ($123.32) back to the original form of payment. This refund has been processed today and it will take approximately 3 – 5 business days to post back to your account.
    We regret any inconvenience or frustration that this experience has caused you and hope you find this gesture to be sincere and in good faith.

    Consumer Relations

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  • Mo
      Feb 25, 2019

    Getaroom - On hold no refund
    I was going to book a room with La Quinta Inn & Suites in Kingman and JoinPiggy popped up on the screen. I am connected with Piggy to get discounts for other purchases and thought they had provided good service before and I would have no problems. I did not realize it was So I book my reservations.

    I was going to Kingman as the Trustee of my Father's Trust, my Father past away recently and I had to go and pick up all the personal property items on my now step-mothers land. I knew it was going to be a very emotional journey. The weather was bad in Kingman on the Thursday before the Monday of the incoming date of my reservation. Friday I was told by all parties involved that everything was still as planned. On Sunday I was contacted by the mover that there was still going to be frost and ice on the dirt roads to the property and that it would be unsafe to move on Tuesday.

    I called as fast as I could at 11:45am on Sunday which would have made it okay as per the cancelation policy to cancel by 12:00 noon a day prior to the reservation date. When I got through to the getaroom phone number to cancel it was 11:45am. I was placed on hold and a message stated I had a two minute hold. It was not two minutes it was around 30 minutes. I had looked at my clock and it was around 12:13 pm by the time someone answered. I told them I was on hold for a lot longer than two minutes and that I had called at 11:45 am but I was put on hold for a lot longer than two minutes. I told her since I was on hold for around 30 minutes it put me over the 12:00 noon time frame. The representative apologized but said she was in charge of cancelling and was going to charge me for one day. I thought to myself why apologize? She wasn't even going to be fair enough to give me my total amount back. She told me the refund amount and it was $120 dollars less than the total amount I paid. I told her it was unfair. I said what if I was on a two hour hold what would happen then? She did not answer me. She said she could contact the department and they would check to see if the Hotel would allow them to not charge me for the one day. I was placed on hold again. She returned and told me the Hotel would not give me the whole refund and she would still charge me for the one day.

    I contacted the Hotel on the same Sunday and told them the whole story. JoAnn at the front desk stated they did not receive such a call and that that they did not receive any funds ( I booked on Feb. 14th I spoke with the Hotel on Feb 24th) she said they had nothing to do with it. If I booked through a third party vendor I would have to deal with them. I asked if I could talk to her manager, she said Jay was out at the time and that I could email him the story and see what would happen. I did and Veronica the assistant manager called me on Monday and said the Hotel had nothing to do with it and that I should have booked with their hotel directly. I rescheduled with them for the next week when the weather was better and they gave me a better price than Getaroom lowest price was $104 the Hotel gave me a price of $93.60 a day.

    I did keep on trying to escalate including speaking to Serena D. in Customer Relations at [protected]. But no luck there either??? I couldn't believe all they could do was apologize and say that was their policy. I really do believe that is what all employees are told to do no matter what the circumstances are. I also told Serena what if I was on hold for two hours what would happen then. She did not answer and apologized and said that was their cancellation policy. I told her I would continue to escalate.

    David Litman is the CEO and there is no phone number for him anywhere that I could find. There was also no escalation process I could find except for this site. Hopefully it may be resolved in this forum. The time to try and resolve this was worth way more than $120, but I did it for the point of trying to correct the process. Be forewarned call at least ??? in advance to 12:00 noon. You never know how long you will be on hold. Obviously they do not track the time you call in.

    Thank you for reading my complaint.

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  • Mo
      Feb 27, 2019

    Getaroom-on hold no refund
    Additional Information on this case
    Kingman is In Arizona
    The ticket number is 2619582 and cancellation number is C1394744779 This was given to me by a representative.

    Thank you again.

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