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I have a power bill for $600.00 dollars for one months service. I called and spoke with a representative on 7/27/17 and was informed that the bill was correct and that there was nothing that could be done about it. I expressed to her that the bill was extremely high and out of the normal. I was advised that I should adjust my thermostat to 78 which I already have. The representative than requested that I adjust the thermostat to 80. I expressed that we had a ac repair person come out and take a look at the unit and discovered that there were 2 bullet holes in the unit and the electrical panel which caused the ac to loose power. The representative was very rude and expressed that there was nothing that can be done. I asked could they send someone out and she expressed that Georgia Power does not send anyone out. I expressed to her that the information was incorrect and to send someone out. She than stated that they have representatives that can come out and advised me on how to reserve energy and nothing further.

Jul 30, 2017
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  • Mj
      Aug 14, 2017

    We moved from a 5 bedroom 3000 square foot home where we kept the thermostat at 72 degrees. We 'thought' our A/C bill was extremely high there. We had to pay $400 or more a month for the hottest months of the year. Now fast forward to present. We are temporarily in a 2 bedroom apartment. (Less than 1000 Sq ft.). We got our initial bill for first two weeks in this apartment and not including the setup fee, the bill was $250. We turned thermostat up, we put it on 85 when we go out for the day and now after 1 month, the bill is over $350!!! Something is wrong and GP acts like it's perfectly normal. They are ripping people off and they DON'T CARE!! Their response is to turn the thermostat up higher. If the bill is still too high, then turn it up some more. Extremely frustrating.

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