Georgia Powerelectricity bill is too high

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Ever since AMLI @ Nothwinds changed to Georgia Power, I am getting very high bills. For the past one year i was paying around $60. Now my bill has started with $93 in the first month and then $179 and then $140. Not sure what is going on. When i called them they told it is because of heater and advised me to keep it in auto. After doing that also my electricity bill is too high

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  • Sc
      Aug 15, 2012

    I am not a very happy customer since we have gone to the smart meter. My bill as almost doubled since installed. I am seriously think of going solar. We are paying way to much for a bill when I have not changed a thing in my home. I've even tried to cut back on the amount I use and nothing is working.

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  • Mr
      May 09, 2013

    I'am writing this complaint in reference to the budget billing plan. I was mailed a $929.48 bill in March. I was not aware that I must pay the amount of $183.00 monthly even if I only use $80.00-$90.00 a mo. on power. Georgia power waited five months and mailed a bill for $929.48 this is so unfair, I 'am a disabled Veteran I'am also on oxygen 24 hrs. I asked a rep. where is My money going she was unable to explain to Me. On 5/7/2013 I was mailed information on the flat bill plan. upon reading the info. It's no different from budget billing just a different wording. flat billing, upon getting on budget plan nothing was ever explained, they just sign one up. I would have appreciated a letter in the mail @ least the next mo. letting Me know I must pay that amount. on 3/11/2013 I was mailed a letter stating that if payment arrangments were not made, A load limiting device will be placed on meter. only to operate the medical equipment. It will not allow full power. I'am on a fixed income and can't afford food. this is very unfair.

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  • Gu
      Oct 10, 2014

    my bill is 134 dollars and i can not keep this up i will have to shut off my power some they are changing for a new power plant
    they now have 22 millon dollars from us it is time the gov put a stop to this they are hurting a lot of people call your cogress man
    and pray we can get something done and SO

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  • Jt
      Aug 01, 2016

    yes they are hurting the disabled people in a big way and my bill was 89.00 to 90.00 dollars a month and now it is 165.00 to 200.00 a month
    and i am disabled

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