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I have been charged a $150 deposit now for requesting extensions on my bills. My power has never been cut off, I always pay my bills on the arranged days, and I always confirm with the customer service representative what fees or negative feedback will be placed on my account due to the requests. I have never been notified this was impending. I also was told when I signed up for service there would only be a $90 deposit to receive service. When I called to discuss with them and see how I was responsible for something that was added when I'd made sure to see any penalties for my actions and this was never mentioned I was told "if you don't like it, all we lose is a bad credit customer... we're the only electric provider in your area, I hear generators are pretty cheap." I asked to speak to her supervisor (she is a manager) and she told me she was the only person I'd ever speak to, she was the end all be all for me, and that even if I tried to call back and talk to a different manager, she'd flag my account and interrupt any attempt in communications because I don't deserve to waste anyone else's time as such a bad credit person. Again. I pay my bills. I've never been disconnected, and though I have had one disconnect notice (from last December), I made an arrangement for that balance, and paid it off. Between not being informed during every phone conversation I've had with them this was happening and the service I've received when trying to figure this out, I'm not sure what to do.


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    John Engel Sep 10, 2008

    I have been receiveng automated programmed calls from multiple numbers at Georgia Power that sometime occur every hour 20 times per day. It has been going on for over 8-months. I contacted the company but they said it wasn't their fault.

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  • Jo
    John E May 15, 2011

    For over 8-months I have been getting automated programmed calls from multiple numbers all belonging to Georgia Power. I complained to them to ne avail. Every week I will get 20 or more calls a days, all exactly one hour apart.

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  • Pe
    Peregrintook310 Jun 03, 2011

    You're not a bad customer. JazzCat23, you need to be more realistic. No, average person, can pay the insane bills that Georgia Power issues out every month.

    I, too, just received an extra $150 "deposit charge". I called them to dispute it, and the supervisor hung up in my face.

    They're called crooks. They really expect people to pay $300 when they live in a 2 bedroom apartment, shut off all phantom electricity, and keep their air conditioner at the respective "between 77-80" setting???

    Government needs to finally pass a law that mandates how much power companies are allowed to charge customers. You can't function without power this day in age, and the power companies know that. They're taking advantage of people, because we have no other choice than to live in the Stone Age or like bums. Is it fair? Hell no it isn't. No one is a bad customer, if they seriously CAN NOT pay their bill, and they only make so much! Especially since Georgia Power is a rude, ruthless company. They shut me off when I made a payment arrangement date! They seemed to have thrown that knowledge out the window, and decided they were going to cut us off anyway. I called, [censor]ed them out, told them they were going to spoil my food, and they couldn't even have the decency to tell me when the guy was going to be back out to turn the power back on.

    If you work for this power company, or any for that matter, I believe you have no soul. These sort of companies make their money robbing people.

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  • Je
    jessicaKetch Jul 12, 2011

    I am in the same boat. They charged me a $370.00 deposit not because my credit is bad, but because the house I was moving into had several people who skipped out on their bill. I got service turned on around the 22nd of the month and explained to them that I receive a Social Security check each month on the 3rd. They said they would adjust the payment so I would not get behind. That did not happen. I have lived in the home for 2 years now, made 3 extensions, always paid by the extension, and I just called to ask when I would be credited the deposit. They said I would not be credited the deposit unless I cancelled my account and owed them nothing. I believe this is some kind of theft and I asked to speak to a supervisor which they refused. I asked who else I needed to speak with and they said they were not allowed to tell me. THIS IS FRAUD and I feel we customers need to get together and do something. We are being robbed. All of this welfair, gas prices, etc.. We, the people need to take stand and make them listen to us!!

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    strikegeorgiapower Oct 21, 2011

    we need to schedule a Georgia power strike! every one can do a couple of day without electricity . we have to make them lose money. that is the only language they understand!

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    staybridge Sep 26, 2012


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    brady1 Mar 06, 2013

    Ga power is NOT a good company. If you were disconnected or had a power outage the crew members of this company are slow paced. Their crew members are certainly not alert 24/7. Waiting 3hours for power to be restored is the most difficult wait ever. I would go with another company if they had one in ga. If there was a storm one night, the power should be on the next day. Im pretty sure there are others out there that have or are experiencing the same matter. "GA" you are defining our state first off, secondly you work to satisfy georgia's customers. I will proudly say i am not satisfied with this companies SERVICE.

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  • Me
    Meathead98 Mar 23, 2013


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  • Da
    Dabeauty Apr 01, 2013

    Ha my bill is $907.52 for 2 months of service my first bill is the disconnect notice. I don't even give a damn what they do I'm going to hook my lights illegally & when they cut it off I'll do it again I'm sick of ga power

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  • Us
    User1366806618 Apr 24, 2013

    Try this website to at least lodge a complaint, Georgia Public Service Commission:

    *Hope this helps, I am having the same issue.

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  • Al
    Alwaysdutch Sep 17, 2013

    We have constantly gotten additional deposits. What makes me so mad is that their deposits are huge. What if you make $9 or $10? $130 is huge for people with that kind of wage, but they don't care. I hate them. I thought Cobb EMC was bad, but Georgia power is by far the worst, just because they can. i hope one day they get sued for not giving a good reason what the deposit is about.

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  • Ko
    Koi58 Jan 16, 2014

    I totally agree. I've been a Georgia Power Customer for over twenty years. A few years ago, I opened a second account along with mine with my Georgia because they said that I paid my bill on time and I qualified for a second account. ( For my daughter) My daughter moved and the second account was closed, being paid in full. Last year in 2013, Georgia Power tried to add a deposit to my bill. I called and they waived it. This year on January 13 2014, I received another letter stating that because of my being late so many times, they are adding an additional deposit to my bill in the amount of $150. I called Georgia Power and spoke with a supervisor. I practically beg him to please not charge me an additional because I told him if I can't keep up with the regular bill, how will I be able to pay a bill, plus a deposit. Keep in mind, they already have a deposit on my account for $145, but, he said that I needed to have two deposit that adds up to two months, because I am on the flat rate and my bill every month is between $143 to $145. The supervisor would not budge. I told him that I have Asthma and that if he adds the additional deposit I would not be able to pay it. I pleaded and pleaded and pleaded and he just kept saying, I'm sorry. In twenty years, I've never been disconnected and I explained to him that I could understand if I was disconnected, and Georgia Power asked me to pay my current bill and a deposit. That I could understand. Yes, I constantly make payment arrangements, but, I make sure to pay by the arranged date. I don't know what I'm going to do, because now I have to try and figure out how I'm going to pay this deposit. I didn't know that they can charge an additional deposit on top of a deposit you already have on your account. I asked the same thing. If I pay this deposit, and continue to pay late, do I have to keep paying a deposit? He said a deposit is required to add up to two months when you're always late. I told him that yes, I'm late, but that Georgia Power charges a late fee, so they are not giving me anything.. The supervisor did not care. If Georgia Power sees that you're keeping your arrangements, and never been disconnected, I can't understand why they would add another deposit knowing that you're already unable to pay the bill. I forgot to mention that when I moved here to another county, they returned my deposit. He said that they return it if you pay on time after twelve months. I asked him, Ok, , you return if the customer pays on time after twelve months and then when they fall behind, you then turn around and ask for a much higher deposit than you returned. I am going to file a complaint. It may not make a difference but, at least the complaint is recorded.. I don't know how I'm going to pay my bill of $145 plus a $150 deposit. I can't believe that Georgia Power would treat the people that pays their salary in this manner. That is highway robbery! That supervisor had no compassion what so ever!

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  • An
    angered citizen Mar 17, 2014

    i just received this infamous 150 deposit for so called being late. Ive always paid the pastdue without receiving cutoff notice unril this month after i switched to flatrate abd paid the adjusted amount where they bill me for amount not paid which was 70 dollars. Ine business day later they hit me with this. Im faxing the governor office and addressing city council on the importance of deregulation. Please join me

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  • Th
    Thisfreakingworld Jun 19, 2014

    Why is everyone past due and then expecting not to be charged for it. I keep reading where everyone here is having to reschedule payments. Why is that? Bottom line... Don't reschedule, Don't miss payments, Don't pay late, and you will have no added costs!

    To the person that thinks they will hurt GA Power by not using power for a couple days... People who don't pay their bills as required are the reason rates go up, and there are late charges and deposits! Do you really think if you could even get everyone on board, that you would cost them money and pain? Have you read lately about these deposits everyone is clamouring about? Do you not think that Georgia Power wouldn't continue to charge these? Every successful business has charge backs to cover loss of payment from irresponsible consumers! The best way to lower costs is for everyone to pay their bills in full and on time! If businesses didn't have these fall backs in place, they would no longer be in business. You do realize that Georgia Power has to pay bills as well as consumers right? Who do you think pays the salaries of the guys going out in the storms to reconnect your power during outages? You? hahaha, not if you aren't paying your bills on time! Do you expect to get your pay check on time?

    I for one put my house and electric way before anything else, because these items are the most important for living life in my eyes. Everything else can just go to the waist-side until these two items are paid in full as agreed in your contract agreements. You cost yourselves when you don't manage your money and pay your bills on time every time.

    Gees Luis... what are they teaching in school these days? Def not basic economics

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  • Pa
    Patricia D. Carter Oct 29, 2017

    @Thisfreakingworld You are an [censor]. There are people on fixed incomes. Some receive only social security. Some are elderly and have others paying for them. There are people who are unemployed. There are people who are paid once a month. There are people who literally live check to check. There are people who are on FMLA or may have even had some other issues that came up that did not allow them to pay ON TIME. If a company offers payment arrangements, then it is within their time frame to receive it by then. Bill dates are based on areas and when service was started as well. It does not always fall on a persons pay date. Get some business about yourself and look at all areas of why some people have to make arrangements. YOU sir are not in everyone's shoes.

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  • Th
    Theworldiscruel Aug 04, 2019

    @Patricia D. Carter I love when priveledged a******s open their mouths to try to judge others when they have never been in their shoes. I'm actually dealing with this $150 deposit nonsense myself. My fiance and I have always paid our bill and never requested a payment until an unexpected incident happened and now I'm the only one able to work at the moment. I even called and let them know what the situation was when we got behind and after making ONE payment arrangement we are now being charged the deposit. I have the same thought that if I told them the situation and I am having a rough time at the moment and I'm doing all I can to pay the bill, how in the h*ll am I supposed to come up with an extra $150. I do understand them billing deposits to those who just can't seem to ever pay on time because at some point if your due date doesn't work for you or etc. You have to try to get those things corrected, changed and worked out but just charging these deposits to anyone regarding the situation and then not giving consideration in certain cases to remove it at least once as a courtesy is just not good business and a lack of concern for the customers they serve, especially when they know d*mn well that these electric prices are horrendous. GA power, please look into changing the guidelines on this one or lower prices so it's more affordable and less people will be late...

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  • Iw
    Iwishiwould Jun 19, 2014

    Georgia Power is an awful company that takes advantage of people because they can. If I can't or do not pay my bill, CUT IT OFF! but to tack on extra deposits in no way shape or form helps anybody except the greedy at Georgia Power. Can you imagine how much money they make off of deposits alone. It's all a scam just like most everything in this country.

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  • Th
    Thisfreakingworld Jun 20, 2014

    So... What you're saying is...
    Instead of charging customers for the late payments, GP should just shut off the power to everyone that doesn't pay?
    So I take it you don't need electricity? Then why don't you just tell them to cut off the power to your residence? You wouldn't have to pay another power bill ever to them. I'm sure if you would read their policy, it states in there the reasons for the charges you incur.

    If GP didn't charge fees, how would they cover their costs of doing business when a large percentage of customers aren't paying their bills on time? Do you think that GP doesn't have to pay bills? How about salaries? How about paper and postage for statements that are mailed to you, and then you ignore, and then gripe when you get charged for not making timely payments? How about advancement in technology? How about advertisement that seems to be solely hinged around keeping customers happy? How about equipment? Power Lines, Poles, Sub Stations? Permits? How about insurance to cover accidental damage to property when digging or connecting power? The list could go on for pages!

    One thing is for certain, businesses that are only out for themselves rarely stay in business because people tend to not want to do business with them. Just because you can't pay your bills doesn't mean they are awful and are taking advantage of people. How do they know what your situations are? Because you told them so? Hahaha, so I guess no one ever lies to get out of paying bills? If excuses were all it took to keep from paying bills then I would be inclined to believe that no one would pay their bills!

    As far as imagining how much money they make off of deposits alone... If you are referring to gross profit, then I would imagine a lot. But I would gander to say that Net profit would be very low to none on deposits! Deposits are for covering peoples bills that aren't paying on time. Like I said GP has bills to pay and if they aren't getting paid then how do they pay their bills? I imagine that if a customer is continually late or rescheduling payments a month at a time then they will consider that customer to be a high risk for not paying for a month at a time which in turn would trigger them to charge you a months deposit only to cover your monthly costs for being late or off schedule. If the customer is two or three months in the rear on a regular, then I would gander to say that they would up the deposit amount to offset the fees inquired during that time period. Also I would probably think that if you paid your bills on time every month and were never late, then you wouldn't be charged a deposit. If I were you guys, I would thank my lucky stars they don't charge the full average amount of your electric bill as a deposit. They are only charging to cover costs it looks like to me.

    The reason the economy is in the drink, is that so many people don't try to understand how business works. They all seem to think that all businesses print their own cash and should never charge for their services.

    I wonder if they could reduce salaries at GP if every customer paid their bills in full and on time? They would be able to eliminate the jobs of the people who handle the phone calls, and the billing associated with LATE Payments. The price per KWH would decrease and the folks complaining about prices would be happy.

    But wait... what about the people that worked those positions? Now GP would be under fire for eliminating jobs! Because one thing I've learned over the years is that there are complainers for every single category in life!

    So.. Instead of complaining, why not ask for suggestions on how to reduce costs to you? Because not everyone gets charged deposits, or late fees, or anything outside of the electricity used. I know I have never paid a deposit in 15 years of being a consumer, nor have I paid any late fees!

    Be a better consumer and reap the rewards for that!

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  • Mr
    mrar2 Dec 26, 2016

    @Thisfreakingworld You are completely ignorant to real life. What if someone loses a job?? They did the same thing to me because I got behind on my bills. My husband lost his job and we had a hard time catching up. I have 3 children to feed.. that's my first priority. If my husband makes enough for rent and groceries that's where my money goes.. up until he lost his job I was never late. gees Luis have some compassion for people that may not be as fortunate as you
    You obviously don't know anything about real life

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  • Th
    Theworldiscruel Aug 04, 2019

    @Thisfreakingworld You are a real loser if it makes you feel better to get your priveledged a** on here and try to act smart and talk S*it to people who have to deal with real life issues that you clearly are fortunate enough to not have to deal with. Just like I said in my post above on a previous comment, I'm going through a temporary situation because of an unexpected incident and GA power couple at least give courtesy to some that are in difficult times but they won't even do that and in my opinion, that shows a lot about the morals of those who are running that place. You are probably one of them seeing how you are getting your panties all in a bunch and going crazy about people stating the obvious. I mean, a hit dog really does holler. It's simply the truth though, they are the only power company and people have to have power... We need better regulations, especially with this garbage economy. They eat up people's pay checks and leave nothing to go to other businesses and THAT you a**hole is why these other businesses go out of business, because of the way businesses that control necessary product hike up there prices and take our whole paycheck. Just go somewhere already

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  • Ma
    MarciVan Dec 26, 2019

    @Thisfreakingworld Even though your ridiculous and supercilious tirades are quite old, I feel that they deserve to be addressed. First of all, I can't help but to wonder why you're such a devoted cheerleader for Georgia Power. Were your posts not so riddled with misinformation and English usage errors, I'd feel certain that you were in some way associated with the company. A connection would make your vehement support of Georgia Power, along with your attacks on some of its customers, somewhat more understandable and slightly less ridiculous. But your ignorance on the inner workings of the industry reveals to others that there's no possibility that such a connection exists. I won't waste my time addressing the multitude of problems in your long-winded diatribes; however, I do want to give you some much needed advice. The next time you're tempted to disparage others, you should instead choose to take a gander at the inside of an English language textbook or perhaps visit a site that offers instruction on the subject. (Please note my correct use of the word gander.) There are options available even for someone with your woefully meager capabilities. Shall you undertake this endeavor, I'll be rooting for you!

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  • Cm
    CMay70 Jul 01, 2014

    I have been living in Georgia for about a year and a half now and I am very displeased with Georgia power.
    My main complaint against this company is they know they have a monopoly on the energy market in this area and they refuse to work with their customers.
    I have been living in a small 2 bedroom apartment for the past year and every month my bill was 130 dollars, this month all of a sudden they charged me 202 dollars and nothing has changed in my usage. I called to get this corrected and even spoke to a supervisor and I might as well had been talking to a ###ing horse. These people don't give a ### about their customers and we have no recourse against them.
    The Georgia Government needs to step in and pass some legislation that gives the energy consumer some means to dispute their bills when they are overly charged. Also the fee's this company is tacking on to our bills are highly questionable. That ### I talked to told me they charge us ten dollars just for being an energy customer FFS!!!

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  • Ca
    capitalismatitsfinest Sep 05, 2014

    Thisfreakingworld, I hope and pray the day never comes when you can not pay your bills. Do you honestly think that people want to not be able to pay their bills? NO!!! Maybe they lost their job or are on a fixed income had to take off work due to illness. Let me ask you a question, if you paid your bill and although it was high and you paid on time and GP said they required an additional deposit from you to total 2 months of service just in case you couldn't pay your bill, how would you feel. Some people are so ignorant. Why don't you do us all a favor and drink a glass of bleach and GO KILL YOURSELF!!!

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  • Me
    MelB78 Sep 05, 2014

    Ga Power does take advantage of their position in the energy market. I don't understand why some people are so closed minded... Just because you have no understanding of what it means to struggle, doesn't mean people are NOT struggling in this day and age. Smh. Ga Power refers you to agencies that are supposed to help families in need. The problem with this is that, too many people are in need so there's NEVER any funding! Families children are punished by the greed displayed by these outrageous bills they send out each month. We as a people have to come together united and demand better treatment, lower bills, and better training for poor customer service!

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  • Le
    leonsceco Feb 03, 2015

    Been a Georgia Power customer for the past 2 years and 3 months. I recently got the $150 deposit charge because a payment was returned around the holiday season in december. I contacted them about it and they said there's nothing they can do because they sent out a notice in the mail. I find it so funny that it seems to be cheaper for them to send out paper notices and statements rather than make a 5 minute phone call. As much as I hate comcast/xfinity, at least they call you and let you know your bill is past due or wasn't processed. Now, I made a complaint online and some lady called me back and left a message. When i returned her call, I was given a second number to call her back. When I did get a voicemail, I left my name and number. About 3 weeks later, I got a callback from her and she explained the following:
    1. The deposit is "My" money and is held and gains interest.
    2. The deposit is "held" for 1 year, if no missed, or late payments, the deposit is returned.
    3. I cannot request the deposit back unless I decide to cancel my service.
    4. The deposit is to supposedly cover future "Late" payments or other charges to offset the account.
    5. There is nothing they can or willing to do to waive this fee.
    6. This "Deposit" fee is only made aware to customers when they fall within the "Red" zone.
    7. No law apparently requires them to notify the customer of this charge at the time of signing up, nor is there a contract stating this.

    Now, I understand that just the same if someone owed me, I would want my money. Yet it is a bit different when you know people cannot live without the service you provide. Even after reviewing my payment history, and see that I have made payments on time for a very long time, she still wouldn't budge about this fee.

    Personally, I think there needs to be social discussions in physical places in every town, that decides what is fair for these monopolies to charge people. It is just unconscionable that these companies can be so ruthless in their business practices. Especially customers with good track records should get some leniency, especially if they do pay their bills. I cannot wait for the time when our energy crisis is no more, and we can all live free of these parasites.

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  • Dt
    dtatl2010 Mar 17, 2015

    Georgia Power can and does what it wants because they monopolized the electricity production. They know that you can't go anywhere else so they don't have to provide "customer service" because their attitude is we just cut you off. GA Power is a perfect example of a Republican ran organization with the backing or their constituents or what they like to call free enterprise. The same thing what the banks were doing with fees on overdraft and robosigning foreclosures until Obama stepped in. So if you are Republican or voted Republican you don't deserve to complain because that is exactly what you voted for. Do you think the GA Power cares about your financial situation or your payment arrangements? Quite frankly, what exactly are you going to do about it but complain about it?

    GA Power will continue to do business, grow and you will continue to pay those deposits like you have until someone steps in like Obama did with the banks and forced them to play by a rule book. They will do as they please.

    Also, if you check your bill they charge like an additional $5+ for the build of a new power plant that all customers are financing. Sorry to rain on your parade

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  • Ds
    ds31601 Apr 26, 2015

    I have also been with ga power for years and I have been making arrangements bc I am now unemployed but never been disconnected and make my payments by the arraigned date. if I am struggling to make my normal payments how in the hell do they expect me to pay another 150 also? making my bill $480

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  • Pa
    Paige Robertson Oct 09, 2015

    Everyone needs to try to start learning to be able to adapt to living without modern age electricity because when the crap finally hits the ceiling there won't be any Georgia power or any other modern day power companies or any other kind of modern day power sources. People, its coming and soon so stop relying and depending on these money hungry giants and start learning to survive without them, they are just filling your mind up with thoughts and feelings that make you think you can't live without there services which is not true, if you would just look a few generations back in time we did just fine and as a matter a fact a lot better then in a lot of ways then we are now. I say to you learn to live without it because so you will have to.

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  • Po
    pond Nov 18, 2015

    I have read numerous of the posted complaints. I agree with some of the statements from each post. What I think should happen, every consumer should have several power suppliers to choose from, much like the gas suppliers. When a company controls the only source of something, it becomes a monopoly. Often times, they add charges that otherwise would not be added, if they were competing. So, why not have several power suppliers in every area to rid monopoly? I have made several request to Georgia Power, to provide me copies of the regulatory calibrations that is used to justify their meter reading. They have failed to do so. When a measuring device or monitoring device is used, it should be met with a calibration device to determine its accuracy. Much like a police radar. It has to be calibrated daily to determine the accuracy before use. I would not expect a meter to be calibrated daily, but, I would expect to see at least an annual calibration. Please know, anything that is human designed may malfunction. I also understand the expense of running a business. Employers of Georgia Power are expecting to get a check so they can pay their power bill as well. Georgia Power has a ton of cost we know about and even more that we don't know about. But, I think if we can create a market where we have multiple choices in all areas, some of Georgia Power expenses will dissipate. Thank for allowing me to share my view on this issue.

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  • Li
    lindycarbajal Jul 23, 2016

    Thought-provoking article ! I learned a lot from the info . Does anyone know where my assistant might be able to get a fillable GA T-8 document to use ?

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  • Je
    JesusisLove Sep 30, 2016

    I also lost my income. I was shocked that after living without electricity for 9 days due to lack of income that in order to restore service, they would require another $150 in addition to the already $150 deposit on my account. They split the $150 into 3 $50 payments. If electricity was disconnected due to circumstances beyond my control, why would Georgia Power add to my burden of keeping electricity service on by charging me a whole lot more as a punishment for having a financial crisis. I do not understand how this is legal. How can a customer be charged extra for not having money making the situation worse, making the crisis harder to overcome?

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  • Za
    ZanLew Apr 18, 2017

    I've been charge a higher deposit because of my credit. I was hurt on the job and my income had decrease. I had to go on a payment arrangement from a $330.00 past due, to a sky rocket fee of $840.00; this is unbelievable. They said that my deposit is $544.00, because of my credit. This shouldn't be a factor if someone is having hardship and can prove it. I wish there were other electricity companies that can take customers from Georgia Power. I've notice when winter season is here the bill goes extremely high and I use the same energy as in the summer. I have only two bodies in my home and we're at work most of the time, so how in the heck is my bill running high. This is ridiculous and something needs to be done about GP. My daughter is moving into this property and apparently, the other residents had left an unpaid bill. GP said that my daughter deposit will be $330.00 for deposit and that it will be credit back. I don't see why her deposit is high when her bill is zero. It seems to me that they are trying to get her to pay someone else's bill, how unfair is that. I'm so frustrated with this company because GP didn't used to be like this, charging higher deposits and increasing monthly payment, when we as the customer are monitoring their own resources usages. GP is becoming a scam!

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  • Pa
    Patricia D. Carter Oct 29, 2017

    I received a $150 deposit after service was started. I recently moved due to an illness. I downsized everything from the home to my personal bills. I had not received an income in 6 months. I kept up with my bills by the skin of my teeth through savings and unfortunately my credit cards. My credit score had gone down but I was still in a good range. When I called to have service connected, no deposit was required. My first bill came out and it was $127. That sounds great, only my cost of moving was over $1000. This bill came out about 26 days after I moved in. Any deposits that I had coming back to me didn't come back until 30-45 days and so I paid other services that did not have any type of extensions first. It did not state that a deposit would be required for making an extension anywhere. The next month, I received a deposit of $150. It stated it was a past due bal of the deposit. Hmmmm. HOW? Well I will only be in this home for 6 months. Therefore, I will forgo the deposit by continuing to pay for service. Nothing more nothing less. On the bright side of things, for all of those struggling, Be patient. I am a distributor for a company who offers electricity services. GA will soon become a state with deregulated energy for electric. We missed it by one vote this year. It will happen without a doubt. That will be when GA Power and Jefferson Electric get their minds together and start to look at things in a more compassionate light for the consumers. Because the industry is monopolized right now, they have the ability to do what they want. Don't stress about it. Do what you can. Things always get better. I know from experience. In the meantime if you need gas services, check out what we have to offer and when electric services become available, you can simply have one bill for both among our other great services. You also can earn credits towards your bill for referring others up to 100%. Ask me how! GA Power nor Jefferson Power will ever reward their customers.

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