Georgia Power / electricity

I am Lucille Taylor at 615 South Hairston Road for service address and I now have a prepaid account pain at least 75.00 to 100 and 115 dollars a month we're with the old account with the old meter and with the old bill I was paying anywhere from $90 a week to 110 to $120 a week and even though I can actually prove with documentation and documentation dating back to 2011 I can prove I did not owe the money that Georgia Power was claiming and is now taking a percentage of money from the new prepaid account to put it on an old account that has never been dealt with Georgia power is deceitfully taking money from an old account with an old meter even though I have fought and I have lasted out Beyond their deceitfulness and their rudeness and I have a prepaid account with a brand new meter showing I only pay $100 a month which is what I've always been should have been charged but the old account with the old bill and the old meter has a $640 deposit attached to it and there in Georgia power is taking money from the prepaid account to take care of the old deposit with old fees and an old bill because their house never burnt $400 a month and unfortunately it was said that we would negotiate and considering I have had physical injuries I've been in the hospital not only in the hospital but I have had to actually use of generator along with my fireplace and a kerosene heater because of the the physical as in as well the financial distress that I have been left and I Georgia power for shutting my lights off in 2015 in March of 2015 and not being able to get my lights back on legally until August of 2017 and I can still prove Georgia power is in the wrong but nobody wants to deal with it but they are under handedly and sneaking and deceitfully taking money off of the brand new prepaid account with a brand new meter which is ridiculous and I have still not been compensated for the revenue lost coming into the house and as well my physical injuries and the stress involved that sent me to the hospital Georgia power is not taking responsibility for the unsavory practices that have been exposed anyone looking at my new bill right now we'll actually see that that is my usage and it was my usage since 2011 Georgia power is not above the laws of Ethics or morals or legal proceedings but unfortunately the consumer protection laws for disabled seniors and low-income families is not being enforced against Georgia Power that's the only reason this is going on right now and I'm still angry because I have not been compensated for what I went through going without my lights when I can actually prove Georgia Power was abusive and overcharged and is now taking money off a prepaid account to put on an old couch that has two positive and fees there's something wrong with that

Nov 17, 2017

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