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Georgia power adds $125 + because of being late a few family was so happy that we had given them enough and would see a bill that we could afford . But then Georgia power adds another deposit for being late ... How is this suppose to help me out the hole its getting more difficult to provide lights for my family ... We need to do something, make sure our complaints are getting to the right people... When they see that there customers are having a hard time, they bill you more charges, this is sad and hurting my family in the worst way ... Why is Georgia power doing this to the struggling families??

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  • Ps
      Oct 30, 2011

    I too have Georgia Power and have been a customer for 20+ years. I agree with the original post. I usually make payment arrangements each month with them in order to keep my power on each month. Their rates are so high that I have to make payment arrangements each month. They do at least send out a disconnect notice prior to cutting off service. That being said, it would be best if they sent the notice in time to respond but that never happens. If they give me 2 days advance notice I feel blessed. Most times they tell me they will disconnect not the next day but the day after that one.

    My list of problems with Georgia Power goes on and on but the reality is that I have no choice but to deal with what they dish out because I have no choice but to get my power from them or use a generator. There are no other companies available in my region to choose from.

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  • Dr
      Nov 03, 2011

    Georgia Power has no real oversight and is allowed to do what ever they want

    this is from their rules dated Jan 2011
    1. A security deposit amounting to approximately twice the estimated monthly bill may be
    required of the applicant to guarantee the payment of all bills and the protection of the
    Company's property on the customer's premises. The Company reserves the right to require
    such deposit to be made by the customer, or the original deposit to be increased, if at any
    time in the judgment of the Company such deposit or increase is necessary for its full
    protection. "

    As you can see Georgia Power has us Hostage

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  • Ch
      Nov 05, 2012

    There has got to be something that can be done about adding extra deposit amounts on our accounts just because we have been late a few payments. Oviously there are financial issues present, adding extra fees is causing more frustration and possible disconnection attached with additional fees to reconnect. Please if someone knows who to write to about this, let me know because the places I have written to has given me no response.

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  • Ch
      Nov 05, 2012

    Whats up with them charging my daughter an up front deposit of $150.00 just because she is just starting out and has no credit. This will be her first apartment; she has to be concerned with move in fees to have to be bother with an up front deposit to get her electricity started. Companies just do not deserve to own a monopoly; they take advantage of the people it serves.

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