General Motors / service, repeated misdiagnosis of car over years

Tucson, AZ, United States
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This is the letter sent to O'Reilly Chevrolet on Broadway in Tucson, AZ

Good Afternoon Mr McCoy,

My name is Susan Breadner. I have been to your Service Center 4 times over the last few years with various issues in regards to my Saturn Outlook.

My husband and I both bought new cars from Precision Toyota in 2013, his new and mine preowned. The troubles with my Outlook came about within 2 weeks, not starting, and the Sales Dept at Toyota wouldn't return my calls. I bought a portable booster to ward off the stress of this, and kicked myself for the thousands we spent on the Powertrain Warranty.

I have brought my vehicle into your facility at least 4 times and have been looked at like a crazy person and have been sold batteries and had a lift gate motor replaced in response to the electrical ghost living in my car causing problems with starting, the lift gate, loud single beeps at start up and the DVD system since Day One. All which never solved the problems and had me without a vehicle for days.

Well, now, the instrument panel is gone and it has been diagnosed as having a failing BCM, and always has! The mechanic also has said that the failure of this would result in not getting the failure codes required for diagnosis, which would also explain the $ I've thrown out the window for OnStar.

First, I would like to completely freak out for your Service not being able to diagnose the problem and making me feel like an idiot, and next I'd
Iike to ask how you'd like to proceed? I don't hold you responsible for the mess of a purchase from Precision to start with, but I am certainly upset as I'd given 4 opportunities for this to be diagnosed while it was still under extended warranty.

I love this vehicle, despite the ghosts, and was delighted when I learned the Acadia was just the same car. After a BMW X5 and a Nissan Pathfinder, this was, by far, a surprisingly superior drive. Sadly, I think this is where my family's GM relationship will end.

This will be forwarded on to those at Head Office who would be concerned, and across channels who would benefit from the information if not dealt with in a timely fashion.

Susan Breadner

Jun 20, 2017

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