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On nov. 9 2017 I had my 2010 black chevy malibu towed to roger's pontiac for rattling noise and lights on the dash board. The service adviser john samoska was assigned to my car. He called 9/10/17 to discuss issues and repairs. The service adviser upon their diagnosis they found the water pump has a small leak and also the motor had not been properly taken care, they were recommending the receipts for oil changed, I honestly could not locate the receipts. I went to hyde park citgo 63rd and cottage grove to inquire any documents for recent oil changes, they were not able to issue documents but recommended the repair shop to call them and they will take information and relate the information to the manager of the oil change shop. I further explained I only had the car 3 years and the maintenance was kept good. (Roger's pontiac has been servicing since date of purchase, they also did oil changes on the car. ) service adviser (John) and myself agreed on the recommendation and the cost of the repairs. The extended warranty company (Carchex) paid for the water pump and I was repsonsible for slugging motor. The car was in the repairs shop for 2 weeks. The service adviser called on 11/23/17 and stated car repairs was complete.
• 11/23/17 I went to the shop, paid for the repairs ($736.75) pick up the car, upon me leaving the shop driving down the street the oil light came back on, I assume it was a sensor so I drove a little more and then the sound came back, I called the shop to report the sound and acknowledge the car was returning. I brought the car back (They issued another car loaner).
• I had the loaner while the car was being repaired approximately a week, john samoska called again stating the extended warranty (Carchex) sent a damage water pump which cause the issues this time and everything was working fine. I came to pick the car up again. Before I left the shop the oil light came on again john samoska came and reset the sensor. I asked again if the car was repaired he answered “yes”. I drove down the street to the next corner and the sound again, I did not call I just took the car right back. He did make any recommendation at this time. He provided another car loaner.
• the car in the repaired shop for another two weeks, they called now saying the car needs a motor I asked why I wasn't told in the beginning, they did not answer. They suggested the oil change receipts again, I responded I paid for “ sluggish engine”. I faxed the onstar report and they would not acknowledge the car report. 12/28/16 bob called stated the loaner car needs to be returned. “i said I will bring the car in tomorrow morning @ 9am. I need to speak with a manager”, before the 10am that the next day they called, emailed me to return the car or it will be reported stolen. (Harassing call and emails regarding the car loaner). I took the car loaner in the car repair shop and spoke with shop manager regarding my car. I expressed my anger regarding misdiagnosis, he listened and apologized but also spoke to mr. Samoska regarding miscommunication. We recommended maybe getting another car (Trade-in my current car) , I agreed. I currently owe too much money for trade-in status. Mr. Frank stated he would try to find some solutions for my car. I paid for the repairs in full.
My vehicle remained at the repair shop.
• i called gm (Case number 8-[protected]) regarding these car related issues, they were no resolutions, it appeared they were defending the repair shop.
• i called pre-paid legal, they tried but no solution either.
• i went to car repair shop to ascertian documents pertaining to my car, spoke with john samoka for the last diagnostic on the car, and also spoke with john (Service manger) to have my car towed back to my residence 7205 s. Prairie so I would not have to pay costly storage fees. He said he would take of the car it.

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    My car has been in Roger Auto Service center since Nov. 9 2017 to the current date. I have had to take UBER and car pool with co-workers back and forth to work. $36 a day, missed school and church as a result of their miscommunication

Feb 03, 2017

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