General Motors Corporation / treatment by the general manager of danny len gmc and buick in mount dora florida.

On Tuesday June 5, 2018 I took my 2013 Silverado to Danny Len GMC to have scheduled oil change and tire rotation. The service was completed and I left the dealer to return home.
After leaving the dealer and driving less than one mile I experienced a sudden hard thud like I had hit something or had blown a tire. I pulled over to the shoulder, stopped and called the dealer.
The service manager asked if I could drive the truck back to the dealer. I explained that the truck was making a grinding noise but I would try to make it back to their shop. I tried driving a short way I pulled back over to the shoulder again when the truck was not drive able. I called the shop and was told they would send out a tow truck. The tow truck did show up shortly. When the truck arrived I got out to inspect my truck I discovered the back wheel had come off and was lying on the ground. When the tow driver and I looked at the wheel, it was evident that the lug nuts had not been tightened when the tires were rotated.
When returning to the dealer with my truck the tow driver backed my truck into a service bay. I then proceeded to the service desk and was told that my truck would be repaired and returned to me later that day. I was given a loaner vehicle to get back home with. I did get a call about 6PM that some parts were needed to complete the repairs would be coming in the next morning.
The next morning I did call the service manager and conveyed my thoughts that perhaps due to some possible ramifications that they perform three services that my truck needed at a no charge basis for my inconvenience.
I was told by the service manager that he had to get an OK from his boss.
I did get a call a short time later that they would be issuing me a certificate for $100.00 good for any service work on my truck and they would also give me a 15% discount for service work.
At that time I told them that wasn't acceptable and I thought I wasn't being unreasonable because of what possibly could have happened and also not hiring a lawyer or any legal cost. I thought doing the service was a fair way of compensation for my time and inconvenience.
A short time later I received another call back from the service manager telling me that they would do one of the services that was needed for no charge and it would be my choice of what I wanted done.
Me response was that I felt that my request was a fair and equitable solution and that when those three services were completed I would come in and return their loaner car and pick up my truck.
Again a short time later I received a call from whom I was told was The General Manager of Danny Len telling me that if I didn't have the loaner car returned by 10AM the next morning that he was going to file a stolen vehicle complaint with the police and have me arrested. He also told me that they probably saved my life." Who knows I could have been killed at the next stop light by a truck driver running a red light." He was so angry on the phone that his voice was quivering when he was yelling and screaming.
Some of the unsavory comments he made were: that he didn't appreciate someone holding a gun to his head, that he doesn't take lawyer threats well and that after all this he would probably never see us again even if I was given what I wanted. Oh and by the way we used all new parts to do the repairs that needed to be done.
I did tell him to calm down. I told him that was never my intention to never use their services again and that up until this incident, I've never had any issues with the dealership and my buying experience and service work had always been good. So I agreed to get one of the services done and was called back by the service manager to inform him that I would like the transmission serviced.
I was called the next day and was told my truck was ready for pickup and went there with no incident.
Just to let you know I've been a loyal GM customer for fifty plus years and didn't feel that I was being unreasonable.
Larry Coon

Jun 09, 2018

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