General Motors Corporation / 2017 chevy silverado

I bought a brand new Chevy Silverado from David Stanley Chevrolet in Oklahoma, and the truck I purchased had paint start chipping, so i took it back to the dealer, and they couldn't explain why my new truck would have paint chipping. They said they would fix it, but the paint began chipping again less than a week after the paint job. I took the truck to another Chevy dealer as well as a body shop, and they both determined the truck has been wrecked, and a poor coverup job done. I was not informed of the damage before I purchased, which is illegal! There's thousands of dollars of damage, and the dealership will not do anything about it. There is damage to the right rear bottom corner of the cab, and the center of the rocker on the right side. The right front door window rubber seal has clear coat on it, which means that when the door was repainted it was not removed as it should have been. The rubber weatherstrip on the right front door has been over sprayed by paint, which means when it was repainted the item was not removed as it should have been. The color of the cab and the door do not match. The standard application of textured paint for stone guard to the bottom of the cab has been altered. There is an undercoating material painted white, which will not withstand Rock damage. The cab corner is not uniform and flat showing poor quality on the body repair. There is still a dent in the bottom side of the right rocker, and there is a tape line as proof of repaint on the right rear door opening on the back side. All of this damage was not disclosed to me, and I do not want this vehicle as I thought I purchased a brand new truck. The dealership has given me the runaround on these issues and is refusing to work with me, even though they are the ones who broke the law as well as took advantage of a young woman. I want this issue resolved as soon as possible, and I want a brand new truck like I tried to originally purchase.

Jun 10, 2018

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