General Motors2016 gmc sierra 3500hd dually

This truck was suppose to be dependable so I thought. What happened? Why did my Fuel injectors, fuel injector pump, fuel lines coolant, and much more need to be changed out? at 15, 000miles? Whats going on why is my engine knocking? Why am I still in this truck its not dependable not save

Sterring wheel column went out and just my luck while I was hauling. I did not have my family this time so I let it slide allowed the dealership to take its time fix it. Electrical problem I let it slide did not have my children with me.
Now the while I'm driving to San Antonio, Tx my truck stops and smells like something burnt I'm lucky we did not catch on fire. Im pulled over with my kids my kids on the side of the highway. You pride your self in safety I don't see it. I have had problems with this truck since day one. Now it was ok my children where not with me, but this time they where. So can you tell me when its going to break down again?

I can provide endless bill and invoices and documentation if you would call me.2016 GMC SIERRA 3500HD CREW CAB SLT
VIN: 1GT42XE87GF134532

General Motors
General Motors

Feb 03, 2017

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