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First of all I will say I've never had an issue with Geico until...I recently relocated to a new state for work. I was flown in to meet with the movers for the new house I rented. So naturally, I called to get renter's insurance with Geico, The rep I had asked several car insurance questions, which I answered honestly (how far will my new distance be to work, etc). Keep in mind my ultimate goal was to obtain renters insurance and decided to update my address at the same time. The rep explained my car insurance rates would change for the new state. Which is fine, but I still did not understand why. It seemed like she was reading verbatim from a script and could offer no real information. She still never got to the renters insurance portion. So I told her I'd call back in and not to make any changes to my account. She changed it anyway, I got an email stating I needed to contact Geico regarding my policy. I called back in hoping to get anyone with more experience and I was told I had to "prove" my car was not in the new state yet! Huh...I tried explaining the situation again and again and was finally told if I did not provide my rental car agreement I would be charged regardless. They refused to change my address back to the state my car is actually in. I'd never had a bad experience with Geico until this point. I was rear-ended in the previous state and as soon as that claim is paid I will NEVER do any business with GEICO again! Let me stop what I'm doing in the middle of a huge move and provide Geico with rental car information because they have a rep that changed my account information without my permission!!! Keep in mind my employer rented the car so I cannot get any information until the car has been returned. Geico should really stand for Giving Everyone Incorrigible Customer Oppressiveness! Add your list of complaints here

Jun 19, 2017
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  • La
      Jun 26, 2017

    Same experience. I would tell them how much I love geico. I was with them for 5yrs. Wonderful cs...until you have an issue with them.
    So I hear you!
    Geico Sucks!!
    I'm glad I found out when I did!

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