Geicounauthorized credit card charges

I submitted a request for auto insurance quote on 01/12/17 and was quoted an amount for a month of $160 something. I was charged $367.81 for something online that I did not give authorization to. I picked the 1 month of cost at $160 to begin insurance policy and my card was charged $367.81. I did not agree to this. I know I have a past balance but by me not authorizing this charge it has caused multiple issues and fees to my bank account.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Inglis, FL If I owe from a past policy that is one thing but do not take upon yourself when you receive my information to deduct whatever amount you want. I called Geico and explained the situation on the day it was charged and the customer representative basically told me OH WELL! I want a refund. I have reported this to my bank as fraud and have proved the un-authorization on my part. Please refund the amount to my debit card information that you received as soon as possible. I never even received the insurance which I do not want from Geico. I have purchased now with a different company.

Jan 22, 2017

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