Geico / refuse to pay for accident and customer service

Lakeland, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8006482493 ex4531

I was hit in a parking lot while being 32 weeks pregnant. SInce Aug 31, 2010 Geico refuses to pay anything towards my medical or being out of work. I can prove before accident that I did not have any back problems. The driver said he did not hit me, so it is a he said she said and Geico has only sent a 1000.00 check to cover my expense. I have had a lawyer try to help and have been in contact with a Barbara King who refuses to call back or is out of office or never there. The driver pulled his car into 2 parking spots and back it up and pulled into spot next to my truck when he struck me. My back was turned facing my car when I was hit. He never got a ticket either because of private propery. (another Issue) I want Geico to do what is right.

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