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Geico / low customer service standards

1 United States

After 15 years as their customer, geico shows no appreciation for my business.
I submitted this letter to them on 11/7:


I hope somebody who cares about customer service reads this. if not, at least I did my part.

On 9/30 I received a reminder about my policy renewal and I sent in a question. I wanted to be accurate about the mileage I reported. I didn't get a response then, but a question, and then another question. it took me 3 emails to get my answer. by that time, I had forgotten that I hadn't renewed the policy.

It wasn't until last friday that I realized. I tried to log on, but the website said I needed to call to reinstate my policy. I called saturday morning and was told the policy could be restarted but no longer for $566, but for $721 instead. really?! after 15 years being your client and you can't understand a mistake? and all because I wanted to do the right thing! if I had just renewed the policy the day I got the notice without caring about whether it was accurate or not, I wouldn't find myself in this situation. that is really sad. if you cared about me as a client, you could have given me a call and said, "we noticed that after we responded to your question, you didn't renew the policy. is there anything you'd like to discuss?" there was nothing of the kind. your last message was 10/7. my policy expired 10/14 and nobody ever contacted me. I wished I mattered to you more.

Anyway, today is my birthday, so i'll try to have a good day, but this is really disappointing because over the years I had always said and thought so highly of you and your customer care, that I can't help but feel robbed.


Nov 9, 2016

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