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Geico Insurance / innocent bystander car

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Does anyone know how to reach him. He’s the CEO For Geico and I’d really like to have a word with him. The company stinks waiting months to be paid for a claim. Was not even involved in an accident. Parts from a vehicle insured by them flew off during an accident they were in and damaged our parked car. Three messed up checks later and months into it and we still have nothing to repair the car with. Unless they think bogus excuses on the employees part and the Oh! so sorry apology we keep getting over and over again will somehow repair the car. So sick of this and all they have to say is “It’s in the mail” Until the next week when amazingly someone else has messed it up, gone on vacation or just didn’t come into work so it got put by the way side and forgotten. Is this how this company is run? If anyone else knows where I can post this to get my point across I’d appreciate the info. Next is the BBB. Not that that will do any good but I’m going to put it where anyone and everyone can read just how they treat innocent bystanders. I can just imagine how they handle the poor souls who actually pay to have insurance through them and do have the misfortune of having an accident where they are at fault. BUYERS BEWARE!!!

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      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I am in Florida and I Also am having a very difficult time with Geico-We were involved in a four car accident and not at fault-The guy who was at fault was insured by Geico. He drove a large truck-big tires-anyway he lost steering and hit three different cars-mine included-We were all sitting on 27 waiting for a guy to turn-There is no turning lanes due to construction-you just turn from the lane you are driving in-none of us were moving when he hit us.

    I drive a cadillac and my husband is handicapped and we have to have a car with a trunk large enough for his wheelchair-I contacted my insurance Co. after the Dundee police gave us the HSMV crash report- my Insurance Co. said contact Geico and see if they would take care of it first- since I have a 500.00 deductable and I didn't know it but I had no car rental insurance(I do now!!-I called Geico and reported it-I did all this at the accident-I gave Geico all the information about all the vehicles involved.

    They said when they spoke to their client who caused the accident and if he told them he was at fault they would get back to me-They did.

    Geico set up an appointment with their adjuster(the accident happened Thursday before July fourth)My appt. was for the following Tuesday. The whole time they told me they would take care of everything and after I saw the adjuster they would reserve a rental for me- I spoke with five different Geico TEAM
    MEMBERS over the holiday weekend and on Monday

    We had driven our car from the accident and were willing to drive to the adjuster(the adjuster does not come to you) but the whole right side of the car was damaged and the front tire on the passenger side was pushed in at an angle.

    Our appointment was at 10:00am at 8:30am the claims adjuster from the Geico Lakeland office called as we were getting in our car-She informed us she had been out of the office and Geico would be unable to pay the damages or supply us with a rental car(We have been without a car since Thursday and my husband is handicapped)I told her all this and she was very sorry but there was nothing she could do-We could keep our appointment with the Geico adjuster but they could not pay for my claim(yet-I would have to contact my insurance Co. and have them take care of it. She said he (the client)didn't have enough coverage for all vehicles involved. I ask her why noone had told us before now
    and what were we supposed to do for a rental vehicle-I ask what she would do- she said call my insurance company and she then said we were going in circles was there anything else she could help me with? I t certainly wasn't going to be a Rental Car.

    I called my insurance Co.-State farm and they handled everything. My car is at Fields Cadillac being repaired-My agent told me to call Geico and ask if they could pay for the rental since my insurance didn't cover that and since State Farm had covered everything else it was worth a try-I called her back and ask her she said no there was nothing she could do-they would pay State Farm since they would be paying for the repairs-there was nothing they could do for us.

    I had already called Enterprise when Geico had said they were going to supply a rental and made sure they had something my husband could get into from his wheelchair- that also had a large trunk-To Hold the wheel chair-

    I called Clifton at Lake Wales Enterprise and Apologized for any inconvenience-HE Was VERY NICE-Said if there was any way he could help us to let him know.

    We still don't have a rental- Geico said they didn't know how long it would take to resolve this they had contacted two of the drivers that had been hit(I'm one)- to tell us to have our insurance companies take care of the damages and the third driver had not been contacted yet-they had left the third driver messages-They couldn't resolve anything until he was contacted(what a joke

    Geico Needs To take some lessons from State Farm Insurance & Enterprise Car Rental and Lots of Help with Customer Relations!!! They don't care!!!

    My husband is telling all his friends how Geico treated him and now I'm telling people too!

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