Geico / geico sucks and did not pay the claim

I have an accident in August. I am 80 percent liable. I do not have collision coverage but I have uninsured motorist insurance. Geico sent me a letter saying

"We are filing a claim against the responsible party for the total amount of damage to your vehicle, including your deductible of $500.00.
It usually takes about three months from the date we make our request to receive reimbursement. However, if we do not receive full cooperation from the responsible party, it could take longer.
We will make every effort to recover the money as quickly as possible and will inform you of any further developments.
If you have any questions, please contact me at the number below. Please refer to our claim number when writing or calling about this claim."

Kimberly Landrum
Payment Recovery Unit

However they could not get the compensation from the other party. And Geico refuses pay me 20% of my car value even I have uninsured motorist insurance. The lady is very tricky. In the first conversation with me 2 months ago, she told me Geico will give 20 percent of my car value back if they do not recover the money from the other party. Today, I called her and she said Geico will not give me any compensation if they could not get any money from the other party.

What is the use of my uninsured motorist coverage.

Nov 21, 2016

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