Geicodenial of insurance coverage

Yesterday I spent 20 or more minutes getting a quote for my automobiles. They said I would have to contact the motorcycle department for a quote on my 2015 570 polaris. Tonight I called for that insurance and was denied.

They asked how I used it and I explained we have 34 acres we manage for our personal deer hunting, using the UTV to mow with a pull behind mower, to tank spray Roundup herbicide (water based), plow the 2 1/2 acre field in clover or oats or turnips with UTV implements.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Conway, ARThe quoter said the flammable sprays was part of the reason for denial, but nothing we use is flammable. We have 70 small fruit trees that we trim and spray and cultivate around. I have only exceeded 10 mph a couple of times at my residence and have never driven over 10 mph at the farm. I am sure you insure daredevils hellbent on destroying their UTV, but peaceful farming use is not covered.
I was calling using your piecemeal system to get quotes for auto, UTV, $2-3 million in umbrella and finally my homeowners.

May 19, 2017

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