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After being a customer for 16 years, Geico sent me a letter and dropped my coverage 9 months after my wife had an accident. This was the only claim I have ever had on my policy. After doing some research online, I am finding that Geico is dropping customers' policies only to offer new ones at double the rate. In my case, they offered me over triple my monthly rate. Bottom line: avoid Geico. They are clearly not the company they once were. They are putting me and my wife in a "high risk" category. I have only gotten one quote from another company (Allstate) and they offered me a similar rate to what I had with Geico originally. I am still getting additional quotes.

Sean in Ohio

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      Nov 01, 2009

    It's just happened to me! I've been with GEICO a little over a year and after just renewing my policy, I get a phone call telling me the insurance is going to be cancelled next month because someone in their office made a mistake. I work for a courier company and we use our own vehicles for delivery. I specifically spelled all this out when I signed up with GEICO and the agent told me there was no problem. I even received a letter from GEICO to provide to my Corporate Office telling them that my insurance covered the business. After renewing my insurance for the second time, I get this call telling me they made a mistake and I should be covered under their commercial department. So, I call the commercial department and they give me a quote of almost $3500 a year! Over 4 times what I am now paying! It's called the "bait and switch" game! I am waiting for the letter advising me I'm being dropped and plan to pursue action against GEICO for whatever I can charge them with!!! After reading so many other complaints, I wish I would have checked out the complaints against them before signing on with them!

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      Jun 26, 2017

    @Chief Sandy R u still around? I just read your comment about geico

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      Nov 05, 2009

    I was in a recent accident in trying to make a legal left turn directly at divider lines separating two directions of traffic. As I signed to turn and began the turn, the Geigo insured dirver veered into the oncoming traffic lane and side-swapt my car/my left turn. She is in denial and Geico refuses to submit paperwork to my insurance company (for arbitration); my insurance company has scheduled a court date. About two weeks later, from a close distance, my family and I saw the driver trying to park her small 2-door car - - she couldn't park it; handled it like it was a big SUV. My family laughed.

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      Jan 25, 2010

    I had some what same problem. I had multiple cases. in 1st case someone hit my parked car in a parking lot, while I was having my dinner in hotel. in 2nd, someone didn't follow rules and hit my car at a stop sign and ran away and in 3rd, a car hit my car at a gas station while I was outside, filling gas in my car. In all cases I wasn't at fault (and GEICO agrees to it). But few days back I received a letter from GEICO saying that they will not renew my policy and I have to get my car covered with another insurance company. If I don't find anything, then they will give me special liability coverage only. And it seems it will be very special (it will cost me 3 or 4 times what I am paying now). I think I will get quote from another company. Wish me luck guys :)

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      Apr 29, 2010

    at first it seems like you are saving a few bucks by using Geico, but when you need your auto insurance after an unfortunate accident, then, and only then you notice that you did not save anything, that you have been screwed and that your auto insurance is the most unfriendly of all, let say you were rear ended and lost your rear bumper etc... Geico will force you to take a day off to manually drive your vehicle to one of their shops. Most other insurance companies will actually send someone to look at your car even if it is on a parking lot, but Geico will only give you a week ahead appointment and ONLY in regular business hours MON-FRI, in other words: you have to leave your job to do theirs.

    my advice: all car insurances will charge you about the same for coverage, go with the ones that offer the most customer friendly service, that is all what matters for you as a customer. ask direct hard questions when shopping, make a scenario and ask specific questions about what exactly do they do and what exactly they do not if you get into an accident.

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  • Li
      Jan 14, 2019

    @clearsam I agree, I probably need to move on--but not sure how to go about researching a new company on how they will treat me when I am in trouble. Geico has broken my heart over a tiny $2, 000 claim which by the way I just paid $1200 out of pocket for repairs they do not cover and they are just dragging to get my car fixed and I have 4 cars insured with them. So sad.

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  • Vh
      Jun 03, 2011

    Courier person - GEICO's policy contract doesn't cover that type of commercial use. Whether it be delivering pizzas or letters, it is considered unacceptable commercial use. Just the way it is. And commercial insurance is way more expensive than personal insurance. Why? Because people are more likely to sue when hit by a person who is driving for commercial purposes. They feel more entitled and think the pockets are deeper as well.

    As for you others, you have to understand that preferred risk means no at fault accidents or tickets within 5 years. Getting a ticket or having an accident can effect your ability to maintain preferred risk rates. If you are non-renewed, it is because of the number of at fault accidents and tickets that have happened in the recent past, plain and simple. It sucks. But it's not personal.

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  • To
      Dec 10, 2011

    I was just dropped yesterday for failing to submit my 16yrs old drivers license. She doesn't have one!!! Geico sucks, went back to Allied Insurance!

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      Nov 23, 2018

    @clearsam et al,

    I agree with your assessment. The insurance industry, in general, has received favored treatment by the government, for years now. As far as auto insurance, I have been with Geico for several years with no tickets and no claims during that time. Yet, my premiums continue to increase. I recently signed up with another national insurer for what I call a special introductory rate ( a "hook" as I call it) for the next 6 months. This new company is also known to increase it premium rates upon renewal. So, I believe that the consumer needs to periodically ( maybe every 6 months at renewal time) search for new rates with various established companies to obtain the best rate possible . You can no longer rely on a relationship with your past/present insurer to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Also, I do not know of any sites to visit to obtain customer feedback on particular companies or businesses. I did not look into the customer service satisfaction rates with Geico at initiation and don't know where to obtain such information, in general. However, I will seek a site to obtain customer experiences with the company's customer service reps and take that into consideration when next I renew my insurance. It seems just because a company has a large advertising budget and endearing characters in its ads, these things have nothing to do with the quality of the company or its integrity.

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  • Li
      Jan 14, 2019

    @Tony V2 You are right. Companies are now scrambling to stay in the black & so should we. Seems things have changed recently with Geico (& I'm sure with other insurers as well). Do what is best for yourself and stay vigilant. I am heartbroken. As consumers we should talk, talk, talk and share our knowledge & experience. I am looking for a new insurer but want them to be there when I need them, is that asking too much when they are automatically taking my premiums every month?

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