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I requested a quote from GEICO regarding insuring my son under my automotive policy. After providing GEICO with information to ascertain a quote, I was charged an additional $131.00 to insure my son under my existing policy. However, I only requested a quote. I contacted GEICO via email and by phone and was informed that in order to remove my son from my policy, it would be necessary to provide written documentation of existing insurance coverage for my son. I do not believe it is GEICO's right to enforce such a policy, when I clearly requested a quote. Additionally, it is none of GEICO's business as to what insurance company my son is insured under, unless I officially entered into a contractual agreement with GEICO to ensure my son, none of which I have consented to in writing or otherwise.
I contacted a lawyer and was informed that in the state of Virginia, it is the law that all drivers with a valid license living at the same residence must be insured, however, there is no such law in Maryland, where I reside. I informed GEICO of that law, and was told that it is GEICO's 'POLICY' that all licensed drivers within the home must be insured. Again, I explained that I wanted a quote and that my son did not reside with me, and again I was asked to provide proof. After speaking with Judy Williams, in GEICO's CEO office I was told that none of the GEICO customer service representatives whom I spoke with informed me that I could sign a waiver, which would exclude my son from driving my car. Judy Williams sent the waiver to me via traditional mail, I signed the waiver and faxed it back to GEICO. GEICO removed most of the charges associated with insuring my son, however, GEICO is charging me for the time that my son was insured under my policy prior to signing the waiver. I did not agree to have my son added to my automobile policy, I simply requested a quote. Lastly, because of past business dealing I maintain all written records and documentation from GEICO, which outlines the aforementioned. I would like to start a class action lawsuit in hopes of stopping GEICO from imposing such a policy. Additionally, I would like GEICO to payback any consumer that requested a quote and was subsequently charged for services that they did not receive. GEICO cannot continue to rob consumers based on technicality, which was imposed by GEICO.


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Apr 21, 2016 5:22 pm EDT
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Geicos insured rear ended me. They accepted full liability for the accident, but are refusing to fix most of the damage done in the accident despite pictures proving how it looked before. They returned my car to me with a new bumper attached badly and nothing else fixed

Feb 15, 2016 6:43 pm EST

Save yourself frustration not money! I called for a quote to try to save on my insurance...big mistakes! the sales person wanted my previous insurance policy info to beat it and my credit or debit card payment info to switch over. With in 2 hours I have received over 145 emails all at once from Geico. I have saved them and will build a harassment case against them if it keeps up. Don't fall prey to their tactics!

Dec 18, 2015 9:05 am EST

Beware America, A great price, many foolish commercials = bad coverage . Check out consumer affairs about Geico before you waste your hard earned money . Remember 15 minutes will cost your family plenty !

Nov 22, 2010 4:46 pm EST

I'm so sick of the stupid commercails with the caveman, reptile, and other stupid things this comp. uses to push their product, I'd like to step on the reptile and smack the caveman .

Jun 25, 2009 1:48 pm EDT

had accident it was declare by the cop as both faults the other party talk to my insurance and told them it was my fault so iam geeting to pay for allhis damages and his towing and rental car . they are not on the customer side in accident and the like to jack up premiums iam changing insurance companies

Apr 03, 2017 11:22 pm EDT
Replying to comment of coolmom

cops cannot determine liability in car accidents pain and simple. they can give their opinions but they are not licensed adjusters. the only things cops can determine is if a law was broken and it also depends on the which type of negligence your state holds.

Feb 06, 2014 1:43 am EST

I f*****g hate geico commercials so much that I had to cancel my cable. Geico might as well have it's own f*****g channel already! Re f*****g diculous!

Feb 08, 2012 9:57 pm EST

Teresa White:

Wow. This woman was so rude and absolutely ###ed. I mean I get that customer service likely doesn't have any sort of education but in all of my years, I have never spoke with someone so delusional and rude. I will NOT be contacting Geico ever again.

May 19, 2015 12:06 pm EDT
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I was involved in an accident with a Geico insured the insured was cited with careless driving and I was not cited for anything Geico has given mw the run around for two weeks and have not even sent an adjuster out to access the damage on my vehicle I was injured in the accident as Geico's insured hit me at a high rate of speed I'm fairly certain this driver was on the cell phone and had no clue that I was in the roadway, there were no skid marks to indicate she tried to stop and her husband arrived at the scene just moments after the collision, coincidence? the people I have dealt with at Geico are Heater Capone, Erin Chadwell, Virginia Hummel
and Marion McCloud all of these people are with the Dallas, Texas office. I have turned over police reports, witness information, pictures and all I have received is excuses and delays and now an attempt to make me agree to a 50% liability, Geico I was NOT cited your insured was. Get on the ball as my next complaint will be with DORA.

Jan 28, 2015 5:37 pm EST
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Beat this, I made a payment over the telephone with the representative with my credit card the rep didn't do the payment as I requested and then 3 weeks later I got an email saying my policy was cancelled due to non payment so I called and asked for information as this could not be correct I was told the rep didn't make the payment and they would reinstate my policy so I said ok but when I got the details they had increased my policy by $803.00 per year, what a rip off, is this legal ? What do you think I should do ?

Aug 22, 2019 8:47 am EDT
Replying to comment of SGTX1


Aug 07, 2011 4:40 pm EDT

Never, ever use Geico

Oct 26, 2008 9:02 am EDT

wont pay the rest of the money they owe me for repairing a vehicle insured by them

Apr 01, 2008 6:30 pm EDT

Geico closed an unresolved claim.

Nov 19, 2009 11:19 am EST

I've been with GEICO for over 6 years now. I had my car and house insured. I had a car accident in June 2009. The other party hit my car from the back at the stop sign. I called the police to have a police report when the accident occurred. My back was hurting a bit and my neck injured. X-rays from the chiropractor confirm everything.

I called GEICO within 3 days to state what happened in the accident. After they got my statement, I started to go to local chiropractor. GEICO agent assured me I will be reimbursed for the time off from work with my medical expenses (had doctor's note temporary not eligible for work). DID NOT HAPPENED!

30 days later I was informed that I was at fault of this accident cause first call didn't count and the statement I gave them wasn't valid. They said it was a wrong department I talked to, even though when I first called, I talked to customer representative stating I need to file a claim.

Long story short, I was paying $145/mo full coverage ($500 deductible), I got NO REIMBURSEMENT for time off from work (even though GEICO promised to pay out), MEDICAL EXPENSES NOT FULLY COVERED, and an ACCIDENT ON MY RECORD.

I switched to AAA and I had no problems with them so far. I pay $117/mo, same full coverage, plus my house insurance is better quality as well.


Dec 23, 2009 10:10 am EST

I've had two claims with Geico in 12 months of service with them. My vehicle was vandalized twice, a $500 deductable for comprehensive claims, that expense I entered willingly.

My complaint is with the claims and policies. Geico's rep really wanted me to use their repair service, albeit great I'm sure, but I have a friend in the industry and had recommended a shop for me and I opted out of Geico's repair service and chose this other shop to his great dismay.

The repair work by the body shop was great, as I expected but Geico had failed to pay about $200 of the claim. Because they claimed the shops rates were unreasonable. The average shop for my area was $40/hr labor (according to Geico) and this body shop requested $44/hr. The work was minimal so the body shop didn't require I pay the different but was going to attempt to litigate Geico for it. It's called "steering." In my state, they cannot require I go to certain shops, I have free choice of where I go and Geico is obligated under my contract terms (and the law) to pay any reasonable amount. I wouldn't expect them to pay lets say $500/hr rate that's clearly outrageous. This was only $4/hr more than Geico's alleged "average" rate. So apparently Geico decides and average rate (what their shop costs perhaps?) and that's all they will pay no matter what, it seems.

Again, the shop was kind and didn't hold me liable, just asked for a copy of my contract which did not say anywhere about limiting payments based off geographical averages or magic numbers Geico decided on etc, ridiculous…

Well, the second claim which was just two days after the first was repaired, was unacceptable. The damage was far more severe and at first, the Geico estimate was about $750 dollars and then my deductable of $500 making it a mere $250 for them. The adjuster ignored my explanation of the damage [which was a uniquely caustic liquid chemical that TOTALLED my roommates car (We were both victims of this attack) while it completely consumed all paint, steal, chrome, plastic and even etched the glass (results not even hydrochloric acid could produce)] that it was a liquid and inherent of a liquid, it’s concentration varies the effect and it slips into unseen locations. Well, after the shop disassembled the vehicle for repairs they located a much greater extent of damage. The re-estimate was nearly $3000 which Geico obliged, except the labor rate, which was nearly $700 dollars in difference, a lot more than the first time. So the shop couldn’t forgive that much and with the track record of the last repair with Geico, they would not release my vehicle until I covered that amount, they knew Geico wouldn’t pay. I made payment arrangements and I could at least drive my car again.
So, with my deductable I was forced to pay approximately $1200 out of my own pocket just to get my car back, while by the way the shop had to hold of repairing until they estimate cleared and they made some sort of motion that they would in fact pay it. This took an extra week. So totally my car was in the shop 2.5 weeks, while it wasn’t even worked on for a week while Geico scrambled to revivify the damage they failed to initially identify.

After the fact, Geico ultimately refused to repay me the difference. They insisted their rate was far too in excess from any other shop and too high over the “average.” I explained, very kindly, my policy does not specify an “average” the shop must conform to and who comes up with this “average” anyway? They gave me a long explanation which was far too cryptic and evaded a straight answer. I believe this is just a way Geico is “steering” customers to their proprietary repair shops, whom perform mediocre repairs for ultra-cheap and I refuse to be a victim of that. The cost to me, about $1700. The cost to Geico, my patronage. I’ve got a new policy with a competing company with far lower deductibles ($100), $1500 per incident of a rental vehicle and guess what it’s only 6 dollars more a month than the last payment I made to Geico (Which was increasing with each payment, somehow?)

Also, upon cancelling my policy they immediately removed my web login so I was unable to add an official customer experience review.

Apr 03, 2017 11:27 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Mirman

you do have the right to use any body shop you would like, but your shop will work off of the geico estimate, so you went in knowing one of two things. Either you did not give your shop a copy of the estimate and they did their own, or they ignored the estimate all together. One of the things insurance companies do is use the fair marker value of parts, labor, and value of vehicles. So on your GE estimate is would have the breakdown for what labor should be in your area.

Feb 03, 2013 6:18 pm EST
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I agree something is amiss at Geico. Latter part of last year I purchased a new $35, 000 vehicle. Faxed in the information they requested. I assumed that Geico had done their job updating my policy by dropping my old vehicle for the new vehicle and requested that my policy be updated to cover to a $500.00 deductable (frequently out of town on business). I had an animal strike to the new vehicle shortly after. To my surprise when I filed my claim with Geico they denied my claim, because my policy was never updated by Geico. I didn't know, that I needed to followed up to make sure they did their job. They claimed that there was no evidence at their end of the requested policy change. How is that possible with todays technology? The paperwork they had me fax in and the record of the phone call? After all the years with them. So, end result I cancelled my house, other vehicles insurance with them and amazingly found the same coverage $30.00 cheaper in todays ever increasing insurance market.

By far I have to say, GEICO is the worst insurance company I have ever dealth with. I've been insured with GEICO for 6 years and when my son became 17 I added him to my insurance policy. He had one fender bender 2 years ago as boys will do. He is now 23 years old and is living on his own but I kept him on my insurance in order to help him out a bit financially. Now I've reached a point where I can no longer afford to pay his astronomical insurance bill so I asked GEICO to drop him off my policy. They asked for proof of address for him to indicate he no longer was living with me. I fax the papers. I call to speak to the underwriter and the idiot has the nerve to tell me "can't help you, mam." Unless he has his own seperate insurance you will have to continue to pay for his insurance. To no avail was I successful. My son does not own a care and is unable to afford insurance payments especially with his now pricey apartment and school fees. I'm even wondering, "is this legal?" So you mean to say if my son never decides to purchase a car and takes mass transit for the rest of his life, I'll still be responsible?" Bunch of MOR***! Dropping them and going to another insurance carrier. Boy they must be losing business left and right. A few co-workers of mine warned me about them. They were right! Scam artists is what they are.

Aug 07, 2011 5:35 pm EDT

well, this chickie forgot to pull her min iskirt down then!

Aug 07, 2011 5:08 pm EDT

just off of your statement alone, ill make sure i do that!
c'mon, really?! your post lacks everything

Jun 22, 2011 2:35 am EDT

I totally must say that "Boso the clown" up above aka "Geico's rep" most likely, is talking a bunch of corporate BS! Its called "Automobile Accidental Ins" accidents happen everyday. if i have a family member visiting from another state for a week or so why the hell would I call my Ins company and ask them "Permission" to let a family member use my car not to mention, charge me to add this member and force me to come up with all this BS paperwork proving that this member doesn't live with me! its all a crock of BS! Bottom line we can let anyone we well please borrow our vehicle and it isn't anybodies business but ours! the reason we pay insurance is so that in the event of an accident we are covered. I am currently with Allstate and I personally encountered a situation similar to "Geico's Rep" up above's story and can say that the story is completely false! My daughter and her fiancee came to visit me from another state and "I Allowed" "Him" to borrow my vehicle to pick up a local movie and he had an accident with another vehicle, my Real Ins Company simply asked him his side of this story and where he resided! that's all! being that his address was different on his license than my address, Allstate scheduled me an appointment, the very NEXT day to appraise my damages and they instantly issued me the check to go where I well pleased to go to fix my vehicle! The truth is, any licensed driver in your household who is not on your policy, can absolutely" Not" touch your vehicle! In the event of an accident any Ins company is going to deny all coverage simply because you as the policy holder was foolish enough to know that someone in your household with a license was going to eventually fall into a situation that may require to use your car! therefor, be smart, have them change the address on their license to a local family members home or even friends home! This way you will always be covered! bottom line do your research, make smart money saving decisions, and STAY AWAY FROM GEICO!

Jun 03, 2011 8:12 pm EDT

GEICO offers a family automobile policy. It insures you and everyone in your household, especially dependent children and spouses. There are terms and conditions in the contract and one of those is if you advise GEICO of a child in your household with a driving license, the child will be added to the policy as an active driver. You can have the kid removed by providing proof of other insurance or proof of other residence or signing an exclusion if allowed by that state. So you called GEICO, told them you wanted a quote to add your dependent child, and then didn't like the price. But the policy contract gives GEICO the right to add your resident household family member. So they added him. Why? Because if your child drives your vehicle, he is covered. You signed an exclusion and now your child is not covered. In other words, you amended the contract by signing the exclusion.

From what I understand, Allstate does not force add young drivers to the policy. However, if a young driver does have an accident and is not on the policy, there is no coverage whatsoever. You will be on the hook for the damage to your vehicle and the damage caused to others. My one experience with this was a father who had added his daughter to his Allstate policy and she went out on a date and she let her 17 year old boyfriend drive the car. He crashed and totaled her car and the other car. Allstate informed him there was no coverage because the driver was under 25 and not listed on the policy. He paid out of pocket $35, 000. GEICO would have covered that claim.

Pick your poison.

Jun 03, 2011 7:04 am EDT

Geico is yet one more large corporation that has questionable business ethics/practices. If you want service call your local insurance agent and bypass Oracle of Omaha's rotten turd of a company.

Jan 21, 2011 1:53 pm EST


I have taken the following action because of my dissatisfaction with your company service. Being in the IT (Information Technology) field, I will let potential customers know my experience with your service, or lack thereof, by attaching a link to all search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, etc, that will allow potential customers to decide whether to give their business to your company. I can fix my vehicle for under a thousand dollars but just one customer who walks away from your company because of this link, may cost you more in lost revenue than my expense. This link will stay with your company forever. I will also file my experience with you with the Better Business Bureau.


Here is a short summary of my experience with Platinum. My vehicle was hit from the side and front end resulting in great damage. My insurer, Geico, told me Platinum was one of their choice repair shops. Bound by insurance requirements, Platinum Collision repaired my vehicle. After driving it for a week or two after the repairs, the vehicle started to violently shake and vibrate. I took the car to a trusted repair shop thinking that an alignment was necessary. The repair shop discovered that the front suspension was destroyed. The car had not been correctly repaired after the accident. I telephoned Geico and Platinum Collision who both informed me that they were not responsible for the destroyed front suspension or the repair for it. Their response: The problem was typical for cars. I had not had a problem with the vehicle prior to the accident and subsequent repairs by Platinum . After the accident, Platinum claimed they inspected the car. They replaced the hood and bumper and repaired the right front fender. The suspension should have been checked given the sight of impact. The repairs that were made indicated damage to the suspension, but apparently the vehicle was “fixed” for show. Platinum Collision, when faced with their error, turn their backs on their work.

Nov 23, 2010 2:10 am EST

Pobar, everytime we watch that commercial together, I'm always having to remind her not to get any bright ideas. Still doesn't stop that tinkle in her eye that's so cute, I want to run right out and buy her something pretty and expensive and then I remember I'm broke (lol) so I'm back to telling her to fo'get about it. :-P Someday though, I'll be her very own Old Spice guy, even if I have to win the lottery to do it.

Nov 23, 2010 12:43 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I LOVE the Old Spice Guy. "The tickets are now DIAMONDS."

Nov 23, 2010 12:09 am EST

YES the sponge monkeys. I'm with you Dawn, bring 'em back!

I can't believe I'm spending my afternoon talking about geckos, cavemen and sponge monkeys. Feels like I should go out to the garage and hammer something or rake some leaves (lol) I would but its fricken eh cold out there, so here I am.

My girl also likes those new Old Spice commercials and even though I won't let her know this, I think they're pretty funny. "Look at _____, now look at me", too funny. But if she ever buys into that marketing scheme and gets me grocery store cologne and we may be over. J/k

Nov 22, 2010 10:35 pm EST
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Brenda, you are absolutely correct. Just the simple fact that we all remember the commercials means they are doing some right. We don't have to like them, we just have to remember them and (even better) talk about them.

Nov 22, 2010 10:34 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

When commercials come on I use that time to do some cleaning or other side jobs.

Nov 22, 2010 10:29 pm EST

Dawn, yeah they stopped running those. Every once in a while I'll see one but its pretty rare.

I loved those caveman commercials! I hate commercials for the most part and will FF through them but those I always stopped to watch the caveman ones. Wish that the sitcom based on those ad spots would have worked out, there was a lot of potential there but they just tried too hard. My gf loves the gecko's accent and sometimes they're even clever.

Dude pobar's right, most of the free-ish world has DVR's or Tivo, skip them if they bug you that much or flip the channel.

You have way too much time on your hands man but if this is what you have to complain about, I'll trade you lives in a hot second!

Nov 22, 2010 10:10 pm EST
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There is this amazing piece of technology (you might not have heard of it, it's only came out decades ago) that allows you to change the channel or turn off your television or radio when something you don't like comes on.

Jul 13, 2010 3:51 pm EDT
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i called for a quote with GEICO because my son was thinking about moving back in with me.they said we can not give you a quote unless he lives there i said just assume he does i just want a quote. they canceled my insurance, added my son and charged me $234 for less than one month. when i told them he did not live with me they wanted proof. the only proof i could get was his state ID since all the bills were in his girl friends name they would not accept this as proof I WILL NEVER BUY INSURANCE FROM THIS COMPANY AND DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE TO DO SO

Jun 13, 2010 9:56 pm EDT

i cant wait for you to have another accident and need doctors - i would love to see you comments about AAA -

May 26, 2010 9:00 am EDT

I am interested in finding out why Geico spent the money to send me a check for exactly 2 cents! This cost 35 cents to mail let alone the amount of time in employee salary to process the request. Why does Geico not credit my account like other companies unless I request the refund of such an insignificant amount? Couldn't such a savings in processing fees be utilized to reduce insurance costs? We appreciate the honesty, however this check is hardly worth taking to the bank.?

Concerned about waste,

Martha Bratcher
Customer since 2005

Jul 10, 2009 9:06 am EDT

You're not telling us everything. Geico has to take a statement from you before they decide you are either at fault or partially at fault. We take your statement and if its different from the other person, we look into it and investigate. If you do not answer your phone or return your calls, we have to go off of what info was provided to us by others. You may want to call in and ask for someone to explain how they came to that conclusion.

Jun 12, 2009 2:15 pm EDT


I have been an Allstate customer since 1993 and have had numerous drivers in and out of my home, some disclosed to Allstate and some not. Not once...EVER have I heard of such a ### policy. I have never had a general rate increase until this year of $20 a month. You slamming probably one of the best companies shows what kind of company you work for and the integrity of you as an agent and the knuclehead who commented before you. I have made a few claims towards my policy over the years 2 with uninsured motorist a couple of windshield claims and a hit in run while we were in a department store and not with one of these claims did I have a rate increase or a hassle from the agent or company paying it. My daughter, whom we added after she was a "licensed" driver, got in 2 accidents and I had a rate increase of around $30.oo a month for 1 year and it came off at the end of the period with out any request to do so on my part. My girlfriend has recently ran into this guys same problem with my youngest daughter she wanted a "quote" and they pulled the same BS with her. This is my daughter not hers. My girlfriend and I split all the bills, I care for my kids and she cares for hers and my kid is not her responsibility. So for all who read this, read all the complaints about this POS company matter of fact do your research on any company, do it for days, weeks.. as long as it takes for you to make the right decision and don't listen to the fools above look up the laws yourself. A law or requirement in one state is not necessarily a law or requirement in another state and if Geico follows state laws or rules then they can't hassle you if your state does not have a problem with it. TADA. In your face .

Oct 17, 2008 2:07 am EDT

That person is correct. I am an agent with GEICO. Read your contract, it clearly states that if GEICO is given new information they have the right to update your policy, this includes change of address, the way you're driving your vehicle, and household members. Geico doesn't add kids on for money...teenagers are not a preferred risk. Insurance companies do this to ensure the claim is covered with no problems. If someone is a resident in your house with a license, suspended or not, they need to be on your policy...even if they have other insurance. If they have other insurance then they are listed as such and not rated for. State of Florida encourages this. Geico is one company that follows the state regulations, whereas other companies such as Alstate get their license pulled every year and are given a probation period to validate their rate increases.

Dec 19, 2017 2:55 pm EST
Replying to comment of Liz


Aug 27, 2008 3:00 pm EDT


Mar 11, 2008 8:56 am EDT

Wow, you are so stupid. This is standard procedure with almost all insurance companies, you've probably just never encountered it before. Geico's methods are all sent to the state for approval, meaning it's all been reviewed and accepted by the state. YOUR STATE says "yes, it's okay for your to conduct business in this way, here is your license." If Geico did not follow what your state agrees to, they would lose their license. Plain and simple. Also, it's disclosed quite plainly in the terms and conditions.


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