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I was talking to a representative who told me I had to pay 213 for my bill and got charged 230 and got an overdraft bill from the bank, called to talk to a rep again was extremely nasty gave us to her higher up and she was even more nasty trying to trip up what o was saying and questioning me when I was talking and I tried to explain what was told to me and she goes well we didn't make a mistake on paper do you have prof you need prof I need prof so I said what about the recording don't you record the conversations and she goes well there's nothing I can do and I had asked can you just write a letter saying there was a misunderstand and that we didn't mind paying but the over draft was more than 50 dollars and she had said no we can, now they tried 2 more times after that to take the money out and that caused another over draft fee and now, the insurance company wants to charge me a 20 dollar fee for it not going threw the first time, I was told the company was very good and all Iv gotten if charges and frustration, if there's any way to fix this please because I don't have the money to be paying all these over draft and another 20 dollar fee.

Jun 13, 2017

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