Geico / auto claim

Cayce, SC, United States

My claim number is [protected]. I had reported property damage by one of your customer on July 9, 2017. I have talked with adjuster few time regarding claims. Adjuster Perry Jason had received the estimate repair from me on July 19 for the Storage Container damage. But he never updated the online estimate. When i called Geico Customer services regarding that they told me that the estimate is $1489.50 which was for repair of container. But Mr. Perry had forgotted the damage of 2 LG Pro TVs. So I called Mr. Perry few times and left voicemessage no Reply. So i called Customer services again and next day i got call from Mr. Perry saying that his boss like to check those tvs out. So i said Ok. They came out on August 9, 2017 to check em out. They told me that they will update the claim soon and i should be paid soon. Today is September 13, 2017 and guess what the Adjuster Mr. Perry still havent updated the estimate. and still havent received the payment on the damages. "Its like if you my customer hits you you pay for it" what kind of crap is that. while i was talking with customer services today she had told me that she had send the email to Mr. peery and his supervisor regarding this matter. So lets see when this issue get resolve maybe within 3 years!!!

Sep 13, 2017

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