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I was hit by a Geico Insured motorist who was speeding and ran a red light in Atlanta, GA. (Three reliable witnesses, the other driver received a citation, we are waiting for the court date). Geico has admitted that their motorist was at fault, but is only accepting 90% of the liability, saying that I am 10% liable for "not being able to stop in time to avoid the collision". Kind of like saying it is partially your own fault for getting shot, because you didn't duck fast enough before getting hit by the bullet.

My insurance company (Allstate) has determined the other driver is 100% at fault, but seems unwilling to take the matter to arbitration because I did not have collision insurance on my vehicle. I think they'd rather do a 10% payout to cover the other driver's damages instead of fighting for my full payout from Geico.

I have heard that Geico uses tactics like this to delay decisions and avoid payments (they have already delayed the court date an additional two months, and have undervalued my damages by 60% compared to an independent estimator).

My current issues revolve around towing and storage fees for my totalled car... since Geico has only accepted partial responsibility, they are only prepared to reimburse me AFTER I pay the tow lot. I can't afford to take the car out of storage, and have been advised that I can't sell the title to pay these charges which are accumulating daily. I think Geico is hoping to wait this out until the car is declared abandoned... but I simply don't know what to do next. Any suggestions?


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      Nov 09, 2009
    Geico - bad claim service
    United States

    One of Geico's customer hit a car behind me in the right side of her car and rearended me. The customer was sited for wreckless driving and had very little damage to his truck. On the other hand my car was destroyed as was the lady's that was behind me. Geico wants to put both cars on one claim and split the claim between her's and my cars. I am not rich and do not have the funds for a new car. I still had 4 years to pay on the one he wrecked. The other lady is in the same shape. Now I am having to claim the wreck on my insurance and hire a lawyer. Geico needs to spend a little less money on their advertisments and more on their moral responsibility.

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      May 21, 2010

    Well sir it sounds like your situation is what is called an "excess insurance issue". it sounds like the damages of both your car and the other person's car is more than what the at-fault party had available in insurance coverage. It doesn't sound like an issue with Geico themselves. All insurance policies have limits, and the insurance company cannot pay over whatever those limits are, so they normally sit the insurance between the innocents parties. Normally it is best for the innocent parties to file thru their own insurance policies and let their Insurance company work it out with Geico later.

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      Jun 01, 2010
    Geico - they suck
    United States

    Well I switched back to Geico from Country insurance 6 months ago. What a mistake. I got a call last week saying they are raising the rate on my policy cause the call center rep who sold me it put me on discounts I was not eligible for. I was paying 440$ at Country and now I would be paying 540 at Geico. That was issue 1. Issue two was I had roadside assistance and they wouldn't tow my new vehicle home as I was not added on my policy for more than a day. WTH? They also would not tow my car that was on storage even though I was told when I signed up it could be. Dealt with 2 call center reps and both were extremely rude and basically told me to screw off.

    I switched back to Country Insurance today and will never be going back to GEICO cause they suck.

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      Oct 08, 2010
    Geico - window repair
    United States

    After 22 years of never missing a payment with GEICO, and never filling a claim, I asked what could be done to fix my cracked windshield. They said they couldn't do anything since I had a $500 deductible. After 22 years and more than $33, 000 in paid premiums, they couldn't cover a $300 windshield! But they did thank me for being a loyal customer. How thoughtful.

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      Nov 09, 2010

    You chose to carry a $500 deductible on your comprehensive coverage which is what covers glass replacements. Geico is honoring that choicce because they legally have to. You chose to pay a lower monthly payment by having a higher deductible so you chose to not have any loss under $500 4ollars covered. Geico can not make any exceptions because the state could pull their license since making an exception like this is illegal and it violates the agreement they have with your state which indicates how business will be handled.

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      May 22, 2011

    Read my complaint of today on Capital One and Geico and sue them.

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      Jun 29, 2011

    I feel your pain!! I switched to Geico at the beginning of this year. The problem I had with them was that I was set up for automatic drafts and they never took the money out and canceled my policy every month. Every month I would have to call them and ask why they didn't take my payment, and every month they gave me the same old story!! I hear about them taking more than 1 payment from several people but I couldn't even get them to take out mine! It was ridiculous!

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      Feb 02, 2015
    Geico - adjuster made unnecessary repairs - affects my premium + record
    Los Angeles
    United States

    My family and I have been auto and home policy holders for over a decade. This treatment and inability to resolve the situation is unacceptable.

    I called Geico claims to see if my premium or account be affected in any way if I made a claim about some minor damage that had occurred to my passenger’s side door. The representative ran their “Accident Evaluation Tool” and deduced that my premium would not change and that no accident would be placed on my insurance record.

    I went ahead and filed a claim and took the car to the collision center. The claims adjuster told me that a sealant would fix the issue, but he decided to replace the door and the side mirror as well. I honestly do not understand why he replaced the side mirror as there was absolutely no damaged to the mirror. He failed to tell me that by doing all this work, the cost to repair door would become over $1000, resulting in placing an "at fault accident" on my insurance record and Geico charging me roughly $240 more to my premium.

    The claims adjuster made unnecessary repairs to my car, chose a more expensive option when there was a cheaper alternative available without an explanation as to how it would affect me, and as a result, I have been unfairly charged for the past year and an at fault accident has been placed on my insurance record preventing me from getting a better deal at another insurance agency.

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