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GE Money Bank / Overcharged

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I accepted the Care Credit to pay my vet bill for my kitty and dog bill. At first it was very timely with my payments and Care Credit book keeping. Then, the book keeping began to turn very bad the closer I was to paying the total bill off.

For three years I have been battling with the increases in payments due to Care Credit saying in print and via telephone calls from them at all hours of the day/night any given day of the week that I have'nt made a payment. I went to the BBB of the Southland . And I received a phone call from a BBB in what the caller identified as being in Florida; saying 'you have paid-off Dr, Shinn's dental bill in full., I shouted good.

Then I started getting letters and phone calls. Someone from 'G E Money bank' stating You owe on acct no. and the animal vet account . Well; this acct. was down to $300 .Now They say, I owe Care Credit over $700.00! And, G E money bank $613.51... for both dental ans animal vet bills. The company's Care Credit and GE money bank are both addressed thus: PO Box 960061- Orlando, Florida. and it came-up as a hotel. not an office building. I am so tired of making payments on both bills, and the bill keeps going UP. I believe this is a fraudulent business.

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  • Au
      8th of Jan, 2009
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    GE Money Bank Continues to charge $50 plus in interest to my account and refuses to take it off. I have called several times and they say it is not a no interest promotion account. The store scanned it, the receipt shows the promo card. The store manager has called and asked GE Money Bank to change it.

    I have called and asked them to change it. The refuse to change it and say they have no record of anybody calling from the store or me every time we call. This happens every time when using stores that do there financing through GE Money Bank. Sam's club every time, Bass Pro Shops once so far and Big R, this one, once so far. What can I do?

  • Al
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    GE Money Bank lowered my WalMart credit from $400 to $100 for no other reason than my age 76. I pulled a report CSC Credit Services that show all credit cards and revolving account were all paid on time. GE Money Bank fails to give a legitimate reason for their action.

    I am boycotting WalMart, Lowes and any other company or product they represent. I encourage other to do the same and also join in a Class Action law suit against GE Money Bank for discrimination.

  • Lo
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    On July 29, I was called by a GE Money Bank rep that informed me that they had not received my July payment. I immediately made a payment by phone, for which I was charged a 10.00 fee for the trouble.

    Upon checking my bank statement when I got home, I found that they had received the payment and GE cashed the check on July 9. I called them back and was told to fax the statement to 866 260 0767. I checked with them two weeks later and was told that “these things sometimes takes 3-4 weeks" and to call back the following week.

    I called on Aug. 20 and was told that they had never received the fax and to refax. I confirmed the number, refaxed the information and asked for a confirmation call, which never came. I called on Aug. 28, and was told the fax machine was “down" and I would have to send it by mail. I did a search and found an account of this same scenario from 2007 along with tens of thousands of other complaints about this company.

    I mailed the information on Sept. 2 and it was signed for on Sept. 8. I spoke with a rep on Sept. 15 and was told that the payment would be applied on the Oct. statement. When it did not appear, I called yet again and was told by an “Escalation Specialist" that it would take 1-2 billing cycles.

    I called on Oct. 20 and Chris #7099 confirmed that my July payment had been applied to a different account due to a scanning issue (the scanner misread the account number that a GE employee had recorded on the check). He said it would be put on a priority status and would appear within 30 days.

    I paid off the entire balance on Nov. 4 and sent a letter stating that the final payment had been made and the account was paid in full.

    I called on Nov. 12 to check the progress and was told by Pam #71549 that the processing of research had JUST been started on Nov. 11. with no explanation for the delay. On Dec. 1, I spoke with Steven #74202 to check progress and was told it would be another 1-2 billing cycles and that nothing could be done to rectify the mistake they made. I reminded this rep that the balance was paid and the only outstanding was money they already had. He said that until they resolved it, I would be charged with late fees and possibly reported to a collection agency.

    On Dec. 12, I spoke with Barbara #BFA who guaranteed the payment would be posted by midnight that night. I called on Dec. 15, and not only had it not been applied, I now had a 39.00 late fee attached. I spoke with Nate #74227 who informed me that they had just sent a letter to me requesting a front AND back copy of the check along with a letter from my bank. When I asked why this had not been the request back on July 29, there was no reason given. I reminded him that GE confirmed back on Oct. 20 that they knew they had the money and even knew the account to which it had been applied. It made no difference to this company.

    I got the “proof" they requested and sent it with a four-page letter from my lawyer threatening legal action if they didn't get their act together. I finally received a letter on Dec. 30 with the resolution and a half-hearted apology for “any inconvenience this may have caused."

    This company is expert at lying and giving its customers the runaround. It would seem that there is a script they follow to make the process of correcting their mistakes as long and as frustrating as possible. It took five months, over 20 phone calls, research and a scathing letter from my attorney to get them to correct the mistake they knew they made.

    This letter was also sent to three CEO;s, Mark Begor, Jeff Immelt and William Cary. I have not had the courtesy of a response from these three gentlemen. Judging by the amount of online complaints, I can only assume that they have too many to respond personally. I was never allowed to speak to anyone in the Research Dept. Their customer reps were rude and condescending. I am recommending that the physician who set me up with this Mickey Mouse company find another bank to provide credit to his patients. I would suggest that anyone with a dispute, get an attorney on board immediately, keep records of whom you speak with and what you are told.

  • Qu
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    I was a day late for the month of Dec. for the first time and it went from 46.00 to 61.oo, so I paid it, but now I have to pay a late fee again when my payment was recieved on time for the following mo. The operator said I will have to pay a late fee anyway in order to get it out of the system and she can not do anything about that. I like to have good credit and I like paying my bills on time. I try to be very responsible, but I will not pay for a penalty that doesn't exist. My email is if this needs to be discussed further. A letter will be written soon if I am charged for it.

  • Ch
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    With all the complaints against GE Money, is there anything that can be done to stop this from happening to yet another person??? I just read complaint after complaint, and can also add my experiences along with those posted all over the internet. WHAT CAN A PERSON DO??? Other than complain???? I too have been a victim of their unfair billing practices, fees, late charges etc...The latest one I found out today about is that I have been charged a $39.00 return check fee I paid from an online payment because I entered my account information in error, and it didn't post correctly. Bull****! NEVER have I ever been charged an insufficient fund fee for paying from my checking account online. That wouldn't happen as I not only had funds, but also overdraft protection. They are all about stealing your money. ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS??? I am amazed that this "bank" can get away with fraud.

  • Be
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    u no u never pd late or del but u might still be a risk due to debt ratio or the amount of time accts have been open there is more to a credit report then just del. and yes u paying all that off is great but u no i always get a letterf rom the company stating why and then on top of that they can only go by what the credit report says so pull ur credti report to make sure everything is correct and if not then u no they will prbaly fix it due to ge getting the wrong info

  • Be
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    well it matters if u were eligable for the promo or not just because the store scans the ticket dosent mean u qualified for it u always have to read the small print and if u didnt qualify for the promotion then no they shouldnt removed the fc but i would read the ticket the store scan just to make sure the purchase was right

  • Un
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    All credit line decreases are based on information obtained from Equifax, and can be from anything on your credit report, not necessarily just the Wal-Mart card but anything that appears on it. If the information is incorrect, you have to dispute it through Equifax...age does lower a credit score.

    Also, typing bank information incorrectly online gives an invalid account number, which is providing an account number with no money in it, which is insufficient funds, which results in a nonsufficient funds fee due to customer error. Overdraft wouldn't work if the account number was incorrect the credit company was never provided the correct account to even attempt a withdrawal of funds. Don't blame others for your error.

  • Un
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    My mistake...I did mean to say age does NOT lower a credit score.

  • Me
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    My son's girlfriend went to a dentist office for a check up and was given the details of work required. It was more than she could afford and they set her up to apply for a loan. She did not qualify on her own and so she added me as a co-signer without my permission. She entered my SS# and all other information. No one from GE or the dentist office every called me to asked me to sign or verify my co-signing of this loan. GE has told me the only way to fix this is by filing a police report against the mother of my grandson and a resident alien.

    I don't believe that I should be put in this position as GE accepted co-signing information without confirmation or my signature! I find this practice of securing a co-signer without calling or verifying involvement highly suspect and criminal.

    Please advice!!!

  • Co
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    They are correct.
    GE has no way of knowing you didn't actually co-sign.
    Why did she have access to your SSN in the first place? You're careless for letting her or your son have access to it.
    Good parenting btw, you must be so proud that your son is making good decisions like getting girls pregnant. Sounds like a whole family of winners.

  • Mi
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    I worked for GE in Australia. We should spread the word! Thier bonus structures are based on ripping people off. Get the fat cats fatter and have all of the workers get nuthin. ### GE fraudsters, should be shut down and given no federal funding.

  • On
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I had a few hundered $ left to owe. They now say I owe 545.oo. This is my wife's Card. I told them I wanted to pay it off right now and since I'm not on the account and I'm the one who pays for the thing every month they will not tell me. So I told them to put on their computer... Husband will not pay for remainder and Wife will claim Bankrupt!!

    They can kiss my A...

  • Ms
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    I got the GE money card last fall for chiropractic care. I thought it was a o% interest rate at first. I pay double the amount every month and I get whammed with a defered interest charge once it was 75.00 another, last time it was 95.00. I had just given them 40.00!! I think there should be some legal action we could take against this ruthless company!! How can anyone ever pay it off??? Lissa S from NH

  • Go
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    I was approved for a loan for a $8, 000 motocycle seven years ago. The original loan that I got sold what was left of it to GE money Bank about 5 years ago. I called in my payments every month and at the end of my loan, I was contacted by their collections department because they claim that I still owed them $615 for interest on late charges. If I didn't pay their late charges, I wouldn't get the pink slip to MY motorcycle that I so happened to pay for every month!!

    On Tuesday, I sent them a payment of $215. I contacted them 2 hours ago because they said I was late on a payment for the late charges. As soon as I hung up the phone with GE Money, I called a family member to see if I could borrow the rest of my "late charges" from them to pay off GE Money, and since this person agreed to help me, called GE Money to give this stupid place one last payment. Only to find out that in 5 minutes, the finance charge on my "late charge" went up $4! Are you kidding me?!?!

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