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Ge Money Bank / Charge / Bad Business Practices

1 United States

GE MONEY BANK IS A COMPLETE SHAM! I have a credit score over 850 and yet I was denied a simple Amazon.Com charge card today. I was excited at the prospect of having 24 months to pay for an LCD TV along with a few extra components. After I applied, I received a web page stating I would be notified by mail. I thought there must have been some mistake as I have NEVER been denied credit...EVER. So I call up and reach INDIA of course, and some lady says that something must not have matched my credit report on the application. We run through what they have in their system and it all matches what I put on the application. I'm so concerned that I run THREE bureau reports and everything is fine on all three of my credit reports. I call GE MONEY BANK back and get nasty service, hung up on, and then finally someone willing to help. They tell me that they are trying to push the application through and keep me on hold forever. In the meantime, I'm reading all these negative reports about them and growing more concerned. When they finally came back on the phone, I almost cancelled the application, but thought I would give it a try. They said it needed to be forwarded to application research and to call back in an hour.

I did so and to make a very long story short, after half an hour, the lady helping me said I need to answer a few questions taken from public record to verify the account. The first question? "What is the color of your hair you put on your driver's license?" I have NEVER been asked this before and it caught me so off guard, I actually answered. Until the next questions..."What is the height you stated on your driver's license?" That was it. I was finished. I asked to have my application cancelled right then and there. Seemed WAY TO FISHY TO ME! Has anyone ever been asked this before??

Now I'm seriously concerned that through all this hassle, they have somehow screwed something up and I fear idenity theft. So I'm going to run my reports in two months and every two months after that for six months. I have no idea what these people are doing. I'd say, STAY AWAY!!!

My opinion, if you have the a credit card with a low APR or if you can negotiate, buy stuff that way. All these people on here have been screwed over so bad, they would have been better off putting there purchase on a normal credit card.


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