GE Applianceswasher not functional after 2 months from purchase.

M Nov 20, 2017 Review updated:

I purchased a washer Sep 8th
Got it delivered Sep 10th
Everything was great! Loved the washer; until it locked up and powered down.
Called Mabe's service dept on Friday Nov 17th. They arranged to have a tech out on Tues Nov 21st. Long story short - according to technician 120v is entering the washer but only 90v is distributing throughout the washer. The entire washer head needs to be replaced.
I called the service dept back and explained that this machine is 2 months old. I did not pay for a refurbished product; therefore would like this washer to be exchanged.
It took me 2 days to get to a manager to talk to me. (Thursday)
She was polite; and seemed to be helpful. Said that she was going to arrange the exchange as long as I can provide proof of purchase via email to her. She provided me her direct line; as well as her email and I, immediately provided the information she asked for. She asked me to call her back next day (Friday) as its almost 5pm (end of her shift) and she will look after it.
Friday came and gone. I left a message with her with my cell# - got no call back.
Another weekend without a washer.
Today is Monday - I've called and left a message in the morning, still no call backs.
I feel like I'm not going to get anywhere. I'd like to escalate; but I don't know where. I'm frustrated with the lack of communication and this coming from management.


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      Nov 20, 2017

    So the technician it's/was scheduled for tomorrow but has already provided you the information?

    I've got a great deal of experience within the industry and can tell you that, overall, I like G.E. appliances. Unfortunately they can't make a decent washer to save their so-called life. You will not get one that runs without issues; that's just bluntly the truth. It's almost easier to have them address the problem this one has versus going to an entirely different unit. One of the issues on many of the units invokes damaging laundry, so don't wash anything you don't want to risk in it.

    As long as it's covered under warranty, and you're willing to put up with the inconveniences, then I suppose you're okay with the unit. When you replace it (and you will), anything but G.E. in a washer. If you want high efficient, I like L.G., If you prefer traditional, Speed Queen all the way.

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