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Gilbert, AZ, United States

I have a 9000k fridge came with our home. We live in Gilbert AZ. 2 weeks ago we had the fridge stop cooling and dripping ice. We called for GE repair service and the guy Rick came in all huffy in a hurry. Said it did not look good... compressor and some other stuff. Will cost us 2000k for repairs a two man job. We called him and asked if he would mind telling our home warranty the diagnosis and he said no I don't have the time. Called the next day Friday and again said no I don't have the time! So the whole weekend we had gross food rotting and smells. No FRIDGE. So we called again on MONday need him to talk... he would not call us back. so we had to use the Customer service GE people to talk to our warranty. finally got approved for ordering parts... they came a week later. Repair was to take place on following MOnday!!! The Rick repair guy suddenly calls at noon to say our fridge was TAMpered with and it will not be fixed. hes not coming . He then calls our warranty to tell them this same thing! now he suddenly has time to call them... and not fix a DAMN thing.!!! I have never been treated so rudely in my LIFE. This is not how a man shoulde deal with customers . He is never allowed near my house again! I think he should be fired. I will spread the word in Gilbert AZ and my clinic to all my patients. We moved here one year ago and had never touched this fridge. Why should we be punished for his lack of wanting to work. Lazy man Rick!!!

Sep 25, 2017

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