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Good day, for your information gdex courier services is the most poor services among others i've tried before. There has been sooo many complaint all over the internet but i dont see any remedies at all. My experience with gdex twice is enough in a month. They dont deliver my parcel due to reason it is big to be fitted into the van while its just a baby rocker. I have to call them and pick the parcel myself at the centre. The second time is during when i was at home all day long anticipating the parcel but no one came. When i checked the status turns out it is undelivered due to sorry card where in fact i never receive any card at all nor do i heard the gdex van coming to my house. Being late is one thing but deceiving and bluffing your customer is another thing. It tooks longer for the parcel to arrive when it should have arrive sooner . All of these are totally absurd. Please do something. I had never encountered such a bad courier service as yours. Definitely very dissappointing with tonnes of comments all over the internet yet no improvement had been done. I am done with you gdex.

Nov 17, 2017

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