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Gateway Laptop / Poor customer service!

1 6600 22 Ave NSt Petersburg, DE, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 727-381-5223

Walked into Best Buy in St Pete Florida on 66 to pick up 2 LCD tv's we purchased on line for store pick up. My girlfriend was given a hard time by an assistant manager named Crystal, said the order wasn't in the system even though we had a confirmation email and order number from corp Best Buy. She said everything from we didn't place it to we didn't give them enough time to pull it! I advised her that a sales associate in another best buy that as out of stock placed the order for us thru the internet and selected for cust in store pick up! Then told her we got the confirmation order in our email! Also told her that I called her store head to have them pull it and they told us that they get the email at the same time we do and they have a 25 min guarantee to have it ready for pick up. I then told her we placed it over an hour and a half ago! Well, Crystal now suggested we repurchasing it and when we get home cancel our first order. Crystal was very rude and I guess the christmas rush was taking its toll on this very young and immature assistant manager. My girlfriend refused as she didn't want to be double charged on her credit card. Meanwhile I went looking at laptops. I inquired about a $399 compaq which was sold out. The guy behind the counter told me that they were out of stock but told me that tomorrow (Sunday) they were going to have another $399 laptop ($599 minus an instant$200 off hence $399), a gateway on sale. I asked if I could see the floor model, he got someone to show it to me as he was busy setting up some laptops that were just sold. Well, the guy showed me a Gateway that was on sale for $599 from $799 and said this is the model. It was a Gateway T1616 AMD powered. I spoke to him for about 15 minutes about the features. I told him that the guy in the back told me that it was going to be a black sales even and was going to drop another $200 to $399 and then said "What if I buy it now and come back for a price match once the sale starts tomorrow?" He said not a problem so long as I do it withing the 7 day sales event. I said I would think about it and walked away to see what was going on with our LCD tv's we were trying to pick up. Finally that was straightened out and I decided to go back for the laptop wireless printer and router. I got a different salesman this time as the first one was busy. He was ringing up the order and I told him what I was going to do about the price match. He wanted to see which one as he said it was a great price, then they realized they made a mistake about the model number! They realized that they showed me the wrong Gateway! Then they showed me the correct model which I did not want and he said sorry. I backed out of the laptop. Just after we left, my girlfirend she said I should have spoken to the store manager as it was their mistake and it was not right so I called. I asked for the store manager and was connected to Crissy, I asked if she was the store manager and she said yes she was. I then explained what happened and she said what can she do to make it right? I said give me what you offered me even if it was your mistake. She would see what she can do and call me back, which she did in about 20 minutes. When I told my girlfriend what was said, she said thats the same girl who was rude to me and she isn't the store manager but an assistant and her name is Crystal! I waited for her call, when she did call back she told me that she was very very sorry but there was nothing she could do except offer to hold one of the laptops that was going to go on sale at $399, it was a very cheap model and I said no. I said it was not right and would call corporate to complain, she got rude and said fine and hung up. I called corporate and filed a complaint afterwards they advised me of the store managers name, Charles and said Charles could mark it down if he wanted to. I called back and asked for Charles, was asked what it was about and I said a laptop sale problem, guess what? Crissy came back on the line ruder than ever. I asked again if she was the store manager Charles, she said there is no store manager, there are 5 managers and they are all equal! I then said I was in there and saw her name Crystal and it said assistant manager which means there is a store manager and I would like to speak with the store manager. She said again she is it. I finally said look, why don't you guys meet me half way on YOUR mistake of $200, say $100 . She said no, that she was NOT going to LOSE $100 even if it was their mistake. I again asked to speak with the store manager Charles and she said again she was it! I said fine , I will walk in there and ask for him, she then told me if I went back to the store, she will call the POLICE and have me escorted out! I hung up.

Now doing a search for Best Buy Complaints reveals a lot on line, including a site which seems to me that Best Buy took control over it (no doubt thru lawyers and who knows how else) some time ago and is now run by Best Buy as it only says good things about Best Buy but there are still a lot of other sites which reveal the truth about Best Buy.

Well, I didn't buy the Gateway T1616 $599 laptop that they incorrectly showed me. It was an AMD Turion 64x2 dual core 1 Gig ram, 160 gig HD 14.1 screen built in Web Cam blah blah blah. Reg price $799, sale priced at $599, I wouldn't have bought it at $599 as Vista needs 2 gig ram ( an extra $50 bucks total $649) and I am not a fan of the very hot running AMD's especially on Laptops. Every AMD laptop I have seen gets very hot underneath it, uncomfortably hot. But it was a good performer and had a built in web cam and a HDMI connection and for what I thought would be a $399 price as I was incorrectly advised by Best Buy sales associate told it would be reduced to, it was a great deal. At $499 I would have still bought it but no more, heck it wasn't my fault they got it all screwed up. You know, if I would have kept quiet,bought it, then come back for my price match and then figured they made the mistake. They would have two options, eat the $200 or give me a full refund with no 15% restocking fee. They would have had to reduce it as an open box special so 15% or 20% of the $599 is $100 which was what I asked Crissy to meet me half way on for their mistake!!

Well, Best Buy and Crissy or Crystal, you did save $100, BUT you lost a customer for LIFE ! Yesterdays $1000 shopping spree is my last one. As for a laptop, I found another Gatway At Curcuit City, MT6916 has an Intel Duo Core 2 Centrino latest 1.5 ghtz, 2 gig of ram, built in webcam and mic, 160 gig HD a 15.4 Hi Def screen , Wifi a/b/g and a much better built in video with more video memory 384 megs as opposed to 256 megs. Oh yes, DVD writer has CD/DVD labeling capabilities. The processor is intels latest, runs cooler than the AMD and much longer battery life even with the larger screen. All for $649, yes $49 more than the Gateway AMD but I do have 1 more gig or ram, a real processor and again better video card. Oh yes, I can get a free usb Lexmark printer and Netgear wireless router after mail in rebate. I am glad I didn't get my way at Best Buy!! Oh yes, they saved $100 on me, lost a customer for life, that rings in my ear a lot!!

Best Buy, NEVER AGAIN!!! I WILL shop around more!

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  • Jp
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    I agree with you on the runs hot, false opportunity given, etc. Best Buy was in the wrong and led you to believe it was a wrong model. I understand they couldn't mark it down, but bear in mind on these sales Best Buy is already losing out on laptops pricing, they're merely trying to make room for new stuff, (usually comes out 2-3 days after new-year's day hits. They should have offered it to you at cost, an assistant manager means there is a higher up manager, you need to research and call the corporate office complaint number, instead of trying to call the store. My reasoning for this is the manager has to see this person everyday, and they're going to side with their own, whereas, the corporate office is going to push the complaint through on a much more rough level then any store manager can ever think of.

    I speak form the runs hot as I have it and am typing on my t-1616 which I thought was a little under value for the cash, but its the first $600 laptop I've seen do this job. Yes 1GB is too low for ram, however, also buying a 14" screen vs a 15" screen cost more in most cases believe it or not. I'd rather carry around a 14" that weighs 6-8 pounds with all my accessories case and all then a 15" taht weighs 8-10 pounds. Last time I bought a laptop that could run 3d Studio max it cost me $1200 for an end of life unit, (usually $1600,) that could barely do the job. As far as your claims to the better video card, well neither my model nor yours have on board memory, and your vid card is well, crap compared to a radeaon x1280, The catylist diver series that AMD?ATI offer is only 2nd to specific model Nvidia lines, and can't do the #D capabability to a proper extent. Hate to burst your bubble, In fact I have yet to see a laptop that has on board memory that cost less then $8000 on special, (wasn't even an AMD Turion 64, was only an Athlon.) Both my laptop and yours steal from the system memory, In fact the only laptop video cards I've seen with on board in the current sales release are the Nvidia go 78000 or better, and the Amd 2400 HD. The rest steal system memory. I was trying to plan my next laptop to get the best system, but my current one died, and left me in a pinch, and surprisingly i found this one. I feel all pc's are currently overpriced, and the clear outs for new models are the only way to get a good deal IMHO. You sound liek your consumer smart and value oriented, but have no true technical knowledge. I happen to have a BA in Science and Technology, and I think you need to rethink somethings rather then type in anger. Maybe you don't need a true 3d capable card, and if that's the case, you buying an Nvidia go or Radaeon is a significant waste of cash for you anyway. Have fun stealing 384 MB of system ram in the mean time, and running on 1.756 GB of ram for the OS.

    I shop everywhere these days, as it doesn't matter in 2-3 years on anything other then a CRT TV you're going to be replacing most equipment anyway. LCD's go dim, (too expensive for replacement panel,) Brand new Plasma's might last 5, and in three years your PC is too slow anyway. If you bought an extended warranty, and the company gets bought out, (not naming any names but a ton of consumer got bent over on that one,) no one is left to honor the warranty any way. I shop for my best deal, fact is not going to a specific store you're possibly hurting yourself on pride alone.

  • Tr
      1st of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thanks for putting this stupid page here, now I can't find gatway's site via a google search "gateway t1616" all I find are tools complaining about their stupid girlfriend and how they can't do anything because they don't know how to operate a computer!!!

  • An
      8th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    You're a stingy, selfish egomaniac. Grow a conscience and stop using mistakes as an 'opportunity' to steal from others. This biggest problem with our current form of capitalism is its tendency to reward 'squeaky wheels' like you, which has yielded a world overflowing with selfish, self-centered ### by inverting natural ethics to let the lowest of the low feel pride and acquire 'social capital' amongst their peers for selfishness and egomania. No one owes you anything, other than maybe a good round of laughter, a few choice insults, and subsequent exile from the land ... if only it could be so.

  • Mi
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    all the big corporate chains blow

  • Ma
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    On a scale of 1 to 10, Gateway scores a -8 in customer service. One of my customers, a docter brought me a Gateway C-140 tablet pc to check out, I checked it, found that the dc jack on the motherboard is bad, if you stand on your head just right the ac adapter would make contact, the laptop would power on and charge the battery. I checked on Ebay, found many companies that repair dc jacks and ship the computer back within a day or two. Like an idiot, I checked and found out it is under warranty. BIG MISTAKE . I found out the "service center" is within 30 miles on my house. They will not accept a computer being delivered, if you have the repair order or not, it must be shipped at customer cost. It has been 5 weeks now, Gateway claims they are still "waitng for parts" to fix it. The standard answer is " we are waiting for parts. Contact us in another 3-5 business days for further updates. In 5 weeks they have not contacted me once to let me know that apparently the whole line of laptops has the same problem so there is no such thing as a working motherboard for this laptop. They will not replace it, they absolutely do not care about anybody stupid enough to purchase one of their products, or anybody stupid enough to actually think they will honor a warranty.

    Just a word of advice to anybody thinking about sending a computer to Gateway for repair... DON'T !
    Pay to have it fixed. So what if it violates your warranty, the warranty is useless anyway.

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