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Gamestop / intergrity

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On 3/25/09, I went to GameStop to pick up my copy of Sacred Fallen Angel for the Xbox 360. The company the day before contacted me by phone and stated the game would be in stores availble to those who had reserved the game. Upon entering the store I spoke with the Asst. Manager to retrieve my copy of the game. The Asst. Manager informed me that the release date had changed to the month of May 2009. To make things right the Asst. Manager gave me a 15% dicount on my next reserved game, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena due on 4/01/09. On 4//01/09, I arrived at GameStop to pickup my copy of Chronicles of Riddick I was informed by the same Asst. Manager that due to weather conditions the shipment would be delayed to 4/2/09. I returned to my home and at 7:00 pm. I received a phone call from GameStop stating that Chronicles of Riddick would be availble at 12 noon for all customers who reserved the game. On 4/02/09 at 12 noon I returned to GameStop to collect my games Chronicles Of Riddick. This time I spoke with a store associate who informed me that the game date hade been move to 4/07/09. I explained to the store associate the situation about being contacted by the GameStop Company and notified of arrival dates of games, only to collect the games on the due date to then be notified that the dates have changed at the last minute. I asked the store associate how to rectify this problem. The store associate could not answer the question or give any suggetions as to what to do. I attempted to make contact with the Corprate Office only to find that the do not take messages. I was refunded my money but it is the lack of intergrity and customer sevice that bothers me about this company.
I suggest that you avoid conducting business with GameStop due to it's questionable business practices with customers.


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  11th of May, 2009
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I've found myself on the other end of the last-minute-delay bull that GameStop pulls-- and I used to work there! Unfortunately for you, Will, many times GameStop will hire absolute ###s who think "customer service" means just talking about the games. Sales Associates receive almost no training on how to deal with frustrated customers concerning corporate screw ups or information lost as it translates from website to store.

  13th of Aug, 2009
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News Flash: Despite their outrageous claims, GameStop cannot actually control the weather.

Or release dates for that matter. Also, after the first time this happened to you, why didn't you simply call them before making another trip up there? It would have saved you a lot of time.

  27th of Sep, 2009
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While I agree that they probably were incompetent in handling the situation correctly, I also have to say it's not their fault that the release dates were changed, or that the weather was bad. The calls that go out to customers informing them the game is in is all automated and set to go out at a certain time. If it was last minute, they wouldn't be able to stop this. A good store manager would call his/her customers and tell them the call was incorrect (It's what I would do anyway, unless it was Call of Duty, then screw you, I'm not calling 500+ people :p). Whenever we have game delays or shipping delays, we normally let our customers know the situation and call them when it's in. Not all of Gamestop is ###ed at the store level, just most of them.

  13th of Dec, 2010
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...You're seriously complaining that the release dates on two games got changed?

This should be obvious, but Gamestop doesn't choose when games come out. Release days and delays are all handled by the game companies themselves. It's not Gamestop's fault that your games were delayed, nor are they exercising any "questionable business practices."

In addition, as Dan87 pointed out, you could have also called them before making a trip.

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