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Gamestop / fraud and scam

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Please explain your "reserve" policy. you state by putting money down on a game a. k. a reserving it! that when the game comes out you will be guaranteed a game that day. then those who didn't will have to wait until all those who had reserved it got theirs. thats how I thought it worked. today after I had my game on reserve for a couple weeks I stopped in to pick it up, and you told me, that corporate told you to sell, sell, sell and forget about the people on reserve cause and I quote"we`ll get more in later". really? [censored] ng really? thats how we`re treating our customers these days? bull s#@!.

Lets hope the bbb can b#@h slap ya.

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  • Mh
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    I agree this place sucks!!! Look at the letter I just sent to them yesterday and have still recived no response!


    My name is Melissa Woehr. I recently placed an order by your online shop. The game was Madden NFL 08. After filling out all the billing and ship to information. I received a conformation # of 4081218095249472 for my order. The next day I noticed it had not been withdrawn from my Account. I then called your online help # and spoke with a gentlemen that informed me that he had no record of my order and to reorder and the game would be shipped to me. As I was trying to get the game the week of Christmas I was very frustrated. So I went elsewhere. So as far as im concerned I NEVER made a purchase from your site. I NEVER received product nor did I receive a withdraw form my account. UNTILL now. I am showing a $12.00 withdraw from some Reservations Rewards Company. Naturally I call the bank get the phone number for this company (1-800-732-7031). They inform me that it was due to a purchase from your site on 12/18/08. I AM IRRATE. I did get the $12.00 refunded today but I am still very appalled with these hidden charges you are letting people withdraw without the customer knowing! I have my complete receipt from your site right here in front of me and it says nothing of any extra membership fee or anything. As a regular customer of your Richmond locations, I have to tell you I will never use your company again! I am also planning to let everyone I know of this and I do plan to write the local paper. I am outraged that a company would do this. It is immoral and to think that a company I have dealt with for years would find a loophole in the legal system to steal from me is OUTRAGIOUS!!!

  • Ga
      16th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Try Game Crazy, They hold Games 72 hours...

  • Wh
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    Are you [censor]ed? A couple of weeks?

    The receipt states reserves are held for a 48 hour period. If you don't come in by then, they're allowed to sell the game. Besides that, your money and reserve are still in the system, it's not like you drop off the face of the earth to them.

    [censor]ing idiot customers and their "NOW NOW NOW" attitude and [censor]. Why not cancel the reserve and have them call another GameStop and see if they have any? Not that hard and it's a polite, nice thing to do. Instead, I bet you sat there and screamed at the person behind the counter for just following the rules passed down from above.

  • Wh
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    Paying in advance usually ends up being the $5 that most people put down. It's $5 off the game and the minimum reserve amount. However, even at full pay, the policy for the company as a whole stands as a "48 hour hold."

    Now, if it's a smart manager and the customer did a full pay off, then yes it's generally held for longer and if it's not picked up they'll call the customer to let them know. That doesn't happen much though because a lot of managers just blindly follow corporate and corporate's rules. It also helps too when the employee actually talks about the 48 hour hold. While I can't say that happens everywhere all the time, I still feel the OP is a little overboard.

    They won't die without the game and it will be there, along with their reserve money, when it gets there.

  • Fa
      6th of Jul, 2012
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    Game Stop - Full Of It
    United States

    Went to gamestop and asked them how much would they give me for my old used xbox.They said 95 dollars.Went back home to get it and it was in great shape and still had the box for it.I get to the store and the jerk goes oh I will give you 65 dollars for it...WHAT!!!..You just told me 95 30 min ago.I told him what model it was and how old and only used it for 1 month..I took it to a pawn shop and they gave me 100 because it was in great shape.I guess you have to be an ex used car salesmen to work at Game Stop...

  • Ih
      6th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    You wouldn't happen to have a slightly-used Atari 2600, wouldya?
    I got a hankerin' for some Air-Sea Battle.

  • Be
      23rd of Oct, 2015
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    I believe that PCH is running a scam on their sweepstakes. I get an email saying that someone with the intials BG from the Tupelo, Columbus MS area is going to be the big winner on Oct 23. Well nothing of the sort happen. Why would they say something like this and not produce. They are running a scam to get people to buy product they sell. This needs to be reported. Thank You Becky Guthans

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