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I have had the worst possible experience with Gamestop Customer service. I placed an order during black Friday. The order was then canceled a week later without me being notified. I then was refused the promotional price when I called to re order since it was canceled. I've spent a total of 10 hours or more on hold trying to see why my order was canceled. I've also sent 2 emails with no response.
I ordered an Xbox one S Battlefiled 5 deluxe bundle for 229$ that came with a free 50$ gift card. I also ordered Red Dead Redemption 2 for 59$. My order number was [protected]. Afted countless hours on hold I was able to get approved to re order the same order I place that was canceled and recieve the bundle for 229$ but no gift card. I was ok with that but still furious I wasnt receiving the gift card. I spoke with a lady who was very nice. The only one I must add. She was able to send a review to her supervisor and I was finally approved to re order and get the Xbox at the 229$ for my troubles. She said to call back after I placed my order and they will be able to modify my order to ensure I got the promotional price. I spent 3 more hours on hold only to be told I cannot get the discount and nobody could explain why. The lady who approved it said all I had to provide was my billing phone number .it didnt work and I am very angry. If this doesnt get resolved I will no longer shop at gamestop as I have always shopped here for any gaming need for my son and I. This product was supposed to be here for my sons birthday and now he is upset because it didnt come. I'm very disappointed I understand your busy but something has to be done.
I hope to hear from you soon. My number is [protected] call anytime. My email is [protected]

Dec 01, 2018
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      Aug 21, 2019

    No answer?
    Email receipt is on the bottom.

    Good afternoon

    My name is Malcolm Richardson. I own Beat That Guy Gaming (BTGG), the only traveling indoor/outdoor eSports/gaming company in Alabama. We are looking to get some information about sponsorship, affiliation, or support for our local gaming communities. BTGG has had great success in working with your stores in the past 2 1/2 years. It has been mutually beneficial for GameStop and BTGG (examples: Birmingham Bowl, Vulcan Birthday Bash, etc.). Store managers and associates in District 807 are very pleased with the stores' performance on the days we hold events. On these days, the stores see an increase in foot traffic as well as sales increase. It also gives the GameStop motto "Power to the Players" meaning.

    We have been working together now for one year to make sure our performance is our best and with little to no compensation. Numbers don't lie, but 807's District Manager, Andy Harper, has not been honest with us. Mr. Harper has given BTGG verbal promises during this time of passing our information up to his supervisors to get BTGG into more stores. BTGG was also promised by Mr. Harper connections with outside entities so that we may begin invoicing people for our services when we do joint events with GameStop. We are a gaming company coming to our local stores, helping bring in business and boosting sales on release dates. We have done these events for free with the promise of future pay outside of GameStop. BTGG has recently been told by Mr. Harper that we are no longer allowed to work with the local stores. This severance is due to an event coming up at the University of Alabama where I asked for contact information to send an invoice to so that BTGG would receive payment. I was told by Mr. Harper that I was angry in asking for this information and that he never promised BTGG contacts for payment. BTGG asks that we are allowed to continue working with the stores. BTGG also asks, if contracted to help with an event, that we receive payment for said event.

    We are not trying to bill GameStop for our services.

    Thank you for your time.

    The links below are for our social media as proof of events we've done with GameStop as well as BTGGs own events.

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    From: Beat That Guy Gaming
    Date: Sat, Aug 10, 2019, 1:44 PM
    Subject: GameStop Mobile Feedback

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